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This Week At The Cinema..... Matthew McConaughey Whacks Someone's Mom For The Insurance Money

Thursday, 28 June 2012

It’s a lame title I know but you may have noticed I’m trying to give everything a suggestive title these days as that’s how Google want us to roll, and since they practically own the Internet I’ll go along with it. Nothing much to report at your local cinema this week, it’s all pretty crap really apart from McConaughey attempting to whack someone’s mother the rest is just cannon fodder which I’ll attempt to shed some light on further down the page.

I’ll start with Killer Joe starring Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple and Thomas Hayden Church. I’ll be honest I’m not really McConaughey’s biggest fan he really should stick to romantic comedy’s for me. At the same time I think Killer Joe looks like it may be McConaghey’s best effort for a while, fair enough it’s not original and the story’s been done before but I think this movie may just provide you with a few laughs this weekend. In the movie McConaughey plays…. You guessed it Joe, well Killer Joe Cooper actually. Joe is as you’ve guessed again a contract killer for hire, he is approached by a young kid (I’m presuming Emile Hirsch) who has got himself into trouble with debt, be it drugs, money or indeed both. The kid is in such quandary with money that his life is now in danger, being nice and all he decides that Killer Joe should be paid to whack his mother in order for him to collect the insurance money. Something tells me Killer Joe's plot won’t be quite that simple, check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

Killer Joe has had a pretty good write up on the things I’ve seen with people even bigging up romantic lead Matthew McConaughey as a pretty convincing ruthless killer. Warning though, I won’t say to much but from what I’ve heard this isn’t the sort of movie to go see on your first date thanks to the behaviour of Joe your date may opt to walk home and refuse to ever text, speak or even see you again.

Let’s just presume that it is your first date on Saturday night and I’ve just ruined your idea, what are you going do now? Well, like I say the rest of the selection is not great but I think Your Sister’s Sister starring Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosmarie Dewitt may well be your best option. To sum it up, it looks like a soppy chick flick which you probably won’t enjoy but it will ensure one thing. Your date will be more than happy to leave the cinema with you as apposed to making some toilet excuse and having one of her friends come and pick her up without you knowing (honestly that’s never happened to me). In the movie Emily Blunt plays Iris a girl who invites her friend Jack (Mark Duplass) to stay at her family island retreat (must be nice), whilst there Jack gets himself rather drunk and cheers himself up with Iris’ sister Hannah (Rosmarie Dewitt) which as you can imagine causes a few problems for the rest of the holiday. The trailer is below for you to check out.

Now that’s first date appropriate wouldn’t you say? Remember if it just happens to be your second date and your immensely comfortable with each other already then McConaughey’s offering may not be out of the question.

That’s pretty much all there is to talk about this week, there are other movies released of course but most of them are just fillers, although Friends With Kids does come with a pretty Hollywood A-List cast including Megan Fox (Transformers), Adam Scott (Step Brothers) and Kristen Wiig. Mind you, on IMDB when you have this movie page open one of the suggestions “you may also like” is Bridesmaids, which if you read my review know already is a terrible movie, so for that reason I’m going to give Friends With Kids a miss. Also released this week is Joyful Noise, now unless you like Opera music or musicals I don’t think this will be for you. A movie named Dark Horse which I’ve never even heard of and finally there is some new scary ass Horror movie which I definitely won’t be going to see.

TV Review: DEXTER - See-Through 2.4

Dexter Morgan: I refuse to believe that Vince Mauka is the man who single-handedly brings me down

m rolling on with Dexters second season and again with See-Through I feel a little deflated as I did with An Inconvenient Lie, it was still a good episode but for me there were two stand-out moments both of which relate to the main story of the Bay Harbour Butcher, and both involve Dexter and Vince Masuka. So, this week, Masuka finds some new evidence, Ritas mother comes to visit (for some reason) Deb gets it on with the guy in the gym and Doakes is taking on another responsibility which has nothing to do with him, but it gets him off Dexters back. Oh yeah, and Rita doesnt like Lilia (Jamie Murray) to much.

I’ll start with that I think, Dexter’s NA sponsor Lilia, who just happens to be very attractive, word to the wise though I think maybe she is a little psycho, but we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. Dexter goes running to speak with her for support this week, and no it’s not because he had just fell off the wagon and jacked up in a back alley, it’s the fact that Agent Lundy’s net on the Bay Harbour Butcher seems to be closing in on him, he’s paranoid and needs to speak with someone who quite possibly has their own dark passenger to deal with. Rita meets Lilia this week too, well rather she sees Lilia from the car and guess what? Rita is not to happy about the fact that Dexter’s sponsor is such a hot girl, although she wants Dexter to get help for what she thinks his addiction is, she doesn’t want that help to be from a very attractive young female who may steal her boyfriend. Luckily for Rita, Dexter is having his own doubts about the suitability of Lilia as a sponsor, but luckily for us the audience Dexter's doubts are soon washed away.

Now onto to Masuka the funny man of Miami Metro who whilst usually dishing out the jokes quite often finds himself the butt of them, turns out that Masuka is quite a clever guy after all and he's quite possibly on the verge of solving the Bay Harbour Butcher investigation. Masuka approaches Agent Lundy with an idea that the algae on the rocks could be the evidence which wraps up the investigation, the rocks are likely to be from the same marina where the Bay Harbour Butcher keeps his boat, the search is narrowed down to three marina's one of which just happens to be the one where Dexter keeps his boat "Slice of Life". For me this is really the biggest development in this season so far, Dexter has remained one step ahead every time thanks to his impeccable cleanliness, but has he now left one shred of evidence? The one thing that maybe he can do nothing about?

Masuka invites a bunch of marine biologists along to Miami Metro to help him trace the algae found in the body's to a specific marina, this leaves Dexter with only one option he must sabotage the giant refrigerator and ruin the evidence. Unfortunately for Dexter his attempts achieve nothing more than a very smelly fridge come the next morning, the algae is fine and leaves Masuka and Lundy with an angle to work on whilst Dexter must start plotting another way to hide his identity.

As always with Dexter "See-Through" has plenty more going on, this episode in particular focuses on Sgt Doakes and his investigation into a murdered housewife. Doakes knows the male responsible and tracks him down to a boat where he shoots the guy dead. I feel like season two hasn't really got going as yet, it's been dealing with a lot of the fall out from season one's Ice Truck Killer investigation. I'm really not worried though (I have seen to episode 8 now so I know it get's a lot better), if you remember season one was a little slow to start building to the story then the sixth episode "Return to Sender" hit and Dexter arrived with brillaint episodes every week, right now I'm kind of thinking that season 2 will take a similar sort of arch.

TV Preview: DEXTER Season 7 Trailer and Gossip, The Truth Is Out

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The final two seasons of cable TV's biggest show Dexter were announced following the wrap of the disappointing sixth season, since that tremendous season finale audiences have been awaiting a little sneak peek of just what we can expect when Dexter's seventh season starts on Showtime September 30th. Go back and check out my review or just cast your mind back to those final scenes in "This is the Way the World Ends" when Debra walked in just as her serial Killer half brother Dexter Morgan sunk a knife into the chest of Travis (Colin Hanks), there is simply no other way the seventh season could start than with that scene being picked up exactly where it left off. What we do know for definite now is something that has always been suspected, well known but never said. Debra Morgan is in love with her brother and the big question on everyone's lips is will that love force her hand into covering up her brothers murderous ways or will she grass him up. You would have to go with the first one, lets face it if she tells her fellow cops that Dexter is locked up and the last two seasons turn into a court room drama with Dexter finally being revealed as Miami's most prolific serial killer. Take a look at the sneak peek video below and let me know what you think.

I saw one rumour on the Internet a while ago that Debra never actually discovered Dexter at all and that Dexter was just having a dream, I suspect that rumour is not true thanks to that little clip, fair enough it doesn't give away much but that would just spoil the fun wouldn't it? Now of course Debra catching Dexter in the act is not going to be his only problem during the seventh season, remember the new creepy intern at Miami Metro, Louis? yeah, well he had the hand from the Ice Truck Killer investigation in his apartment before sending it off to Dexter, does he know that Dexter Morgan is The Bay Harbour Butcher? I guess we'll have to wait and see huh. Producers on Dexter had said when the announcement of two more seasons was made that season eight would probably be the last, that has now been confirmed by executive producer Sara Colleton told the following;

"We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender. We have worked that out and know where it's going to end. Next year will definitely be the last year of Dexter. Absolutely"

For me it's disappointing that Dexter is coming to an end, it is after all the best show on TV, but on the other hand at least they have a plan on how the story is going to go. I'm currently catching up with Dexter's second season, I will be watching episodes nine and ten tonight, you may have noticed the reviews are only up to episode three "An Inconvenient Lie", don't worry I'll be catching up with that, just be assured that Masuka is cracking me up with all the shemale stuff. I'm looking to get to the season two finale in the next couple of days as I'm currently waiting on the season three Blu-ray dropping through my door.
Dexter season 7 starts on Showtime 30th September 2012 at 9pm and will be followed by the season two premiere of Homeland.

Now to a picture which I found whilst hunting around for the ones above, It was apparently tweeted by Jennifer Carpenter herself. The picture bears no relevance to the seventh season of Dexter but I thought it was pretty funny and just had to include it for Dexter fans enjoyment everywhere.

TV Review: GEORDIE SHORE: Chaos In Cancun Episode 1, Mexicombe Over anyone?

"Should we just get Pi**ed and see what happens?" - James (Geordie Shore)

Quite satisfied that he has earned his HND in pulling women from Newcastle's university of life Gaz and the rest of the Geordie Shore cast are back with a new challenge, courtesy of MTV and their local boss Anna the self styled Geordie tashing experts have been sent all expenses spared to Cancun, Mexico, there they meet their new err, boss Cancun Chris, an American who introduced himself with the line "there is a special bottle of Tequila on the top shelf, touch it and I will f**k you up" ok, cheers Cancun Chris, but you do realise that you have just given a handful of Geordies very good reason to p*ss you off and drink your prized bottle of Tequila which is capped off with a sombrero. Personally I hate Tequila but as a fellow Geordie and fan of Geordie Shore I'd let my hatred of the dreaded Tequila slip in order to p*ss of Hitler's distant cousin Cancun Chris, it didn't take this guy long to show that he ain't messing around with the antics of anyone in his very expensive villa, breaking the rules and daring to go out were Rebecca and Charlotte who thanks for their efforts were dumped from the villa during this first episode for breaking Chris' "rules". Look Chris, I'm pretty sure they locked the door, but hey at least he called them most people just get dumped by text these days.

For those of you thinking that Geordie Shore would be taking a slight different angle during this third season of Chaos in Cancun, I'd say your guessing wrong. Vicky and Ricky are back in the house all loved up as you'd expect, though I'm sure it won't be long before alcohol lightweight (especially for a Geordie) Ricky will get totally s**t faced, take something Vicky says the wrong way and try to start a fight with someone, which he'll probably loose. Then you have Sophie who is back and loved up with Southern pretty boy Joel (Joey Essex wannabe), who by the way Sophie (if any of you read this) only goes out with you because he wants to be on the telly. Jay is also loved up this season, will he stay faithful to the girl back in Newcastle who has threatened to rip off his balls should he do any Mexican tashing? I actually think Jay will, but certainly wouldn't put my mortgage on it. As for the rest of the cast James, Gaz, Charlotte, Rebecca and Holly, they all remain single however if Holly gets her way she will end up back in bed with James and we all know Charlotte just can't resist Gaz's parsnip.

As you would expect with a bunch of Geordie's who have become immensely famous, they are trendsetter's and whilst in Mexico James has put his creativeness to good use inventing a new hairstyle. During last season James styled the comb over, a hair style which proved rather popular around Newcatle's Diamond Strip especially with the women. Now, it's the Mexi Comb Over, or Mexicomb Over, however you want to spell it (James?). Wasting no time with his new Barnet James and the Shore crew hit the town searching for in James' words "Mexican Muff", landing in Coco Bongo (I believe) Cancun's biggest nightclub, crammed full with 6,500 people James partook of the Ale and merriment on offer doing Vodka shots off some American students breasts, B**tard, that never happens to me but, great work if you can get it my opinion. I actually think James is a pretty cool guy, most of them are but seriously this guy could be a stand up comedian and I look forward to watching him trying to find some "sexico in Mexico".

Charlotte is also very funny, did you catch the bit at the beginning when she pulled the b0ndage (I have to spell that wrong on purpose) gear out the wardrobe in front of her mother? Ha, hilarious, I bet Charlotte has best selling book Fifty Shades of Grey packed for her holiday to Mexico, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she has the whole series of Mr Grey books with her. Rebecca and Holly trying to find their way? Anyone? North Shields or South Shields? Of course they are in opposite directions Holly, hence North and South. Then, In England we have a roast dinner on Sunday's what do you think Mexicans do? Nachos? Possibly but I doubt it Rebecca.

The Playlist

Kelis - Bounce

Snoop Dogg - Sweat

Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo - Let's Go

Rihanna - Where Have You Been

Pitbull - I Gotta Feeling

David Guetta featuring Usher - Without You

Chris Brown - Beautiful People

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It

Rihanna - Only Girl In The World

Swedish House Mafia - Miami To Ibiza

Emeli Sande - Heaven

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

So, there you have it Geordie Shore is back, Cheryl Cole will be able to sleep again and here at Movies Music & Television we will be on it like a car bonnet every Tuesday night 10pm on MTV for the next five weeks. Want the weekly playlist and gossip? Then make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, click to "like" on the right for Facebook updates and click HERE to check us out on Twitter. Bosh.

Blu-ray Review: TERMINATOR SALVATION Starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

This review has been on hold for a while now, for some reason its just sat in my draft list, I guess I just didnt get round to it for some reason. Luckily there is not much on TV right now so I have little else to write about other than what Ive seen described by many as a pretty lame effort at a fourth Terminator movie from a director who has won awards for music video direction and also made Charlies Angels.

Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Common (the Rapper), Helena Bonham Carter and Bryce Dallas Howard

The Plot

Starting off in 2003 we see Marcus (Sam Worthington) currently imprisoned in Longview State Correctional Facility, there he is sitting on death row and is convinced by the prison doctor (who must secretly work for Skynet) to donate his body for her research. After he agrees to that we jump forward to 2018 where John Connor (Christian Bale) and his Human resistance have just staged an unsuccessful attempt on Skynet, Connor is the only survivor and discovers that a new T-800 is being developed, not long after this an Amnesic Marcus wakes up naked in the middle of nowhere and meets teenager Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) before later bumping into Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) who convinces him to meet with John Connor before heading to Skynet.

The Verdict

For me Terminator Salvation failed on any level to come up to scratch of its James Cameron counterparts from 1984 and 1991, the latter 1991s Terminator 2 stands in any list as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, changing CGI in Hollywood to what we expect to see these days, Salvation doesnt bring anything new and exciting like that to the table, yes there is lots of CGI used to good effect but as far as Terminator and its story goes this movie really done nothing for me. As a stand alone action movie with a name other than Terminator attached then I think this may well have been better received when released back in 2009.

If you like action movies then believe me you will probably enjoy Terminator Salvation, but I would imagine hard core Terminator fans panned this for ruining their beloved franchise. I wouldn’t class myself as a hard core fan of the series, yes the movies are brilliant especially the two mentioned above but I’m not a massive sci-fi fan. Action is a plenty in this movie and it isn’t let down by its two main cast members Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, there is no great dialogue between the pair but in a movie with so many gun battles and explosions you rconcentration really isn’t on that side of things. What hard core Terminator fans may have enjoyed (if anything) in this instalment is the amount of futuristic gadgetry on display courtesy of Skynet, those little motorbike Terminators provided some excellent chase scenes through the desert, we even get a guest appearance from a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger (I think this was CGI though) who has been confined to the Terminator processing plant for this movie.

I read a couple of reviews myself once Id seen the movie and thought Id put into this review a question that they posed there, is Terminator Salvation just an average movie in a franchise which demands greatness? Personally I wouldnt pass Salvation off as an average movie, I enjoyed it, there is after all plenty of action to be had but as far as Terminator movies go I think this would be better treat as a stand alone summer actioner where director McG gets to blow up loads of technologically advanced buildings.

All in all I dont think Terminator Salvation was that bad, not great as a Terminator movie admittedly but good enough to sit an watch with a beer whilst not having to think to hard about what is going on.

Blu-ray Special Features

Extended Version - Watch the move in it's extended format rather than the theatrical version, you get this option from the main "Play" button and this is the one I watched.

Maximum Movie Mode - Watch the movie hosted by Director MCG via "Walk On" don't ask me what that is I didn't watch it.

Chat iQ - Watch the movie whilst attached to a social network with a whole load of other people from around the world, you can comment at any point and people can reply.

Reforging The Future - This is an extra which has hidden extras inside, a nice little look at how the idea was thought of, how much work went into thinking of how the Terminators would look. Some great interviews including that of Christian Bale who I'm really not all that crazy on. This wasn't the best Terminator movie made of course but when you see this you see that was not what they were trying to do, their idea was to start a whole new story and they done a pretty good job with that.

THE MOTO TERMINATOR - A look at how the motorbike Terminators were designed, they were pretty cool in the movie and that coolness continued into the extras.

FOCUS POINTS - A great one for super massive movie geeks, you can watch a whole array of extras here. I'm not even going to mention them, why? Well, if I got the comments to warrant it or maybe the movie was a little better then I may have been more interested.

TRAILERS - You know this one by now, all the theatrical trailers which were released for the movie plus some trailers from the company who released the Blu-ray. Again, I didn't watch it, saw the movie that was enough really.

Would I watch it again?
I really havent decided yet, I suppose an extra viewing before the release of Terminator 5 (whenever that is) would probably be quite handy as you could re-cap where they left things off in the fourth movie. Thats how good it was I dont remember.

MM&T Rating: MM

NOEL GALLAGHER B-Sides: Do You Think There Better?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I was on YouTube the other night and got to watching Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds live in Buenos Ares, Argentina. Noel performed a song there which I haven't heard before, it's not on the album and is named "Let The Lord Shine a Light on Me", the song is a B-Side and is something I should have expected as even when Oasis were together their B-Sides generally became bigger hits than their main releases most notably of all would have to be "Half The World Away", a brilliant track especially when performed acoustically by Noel himself.

It got me to thinking are Noel Gallagher's B-Sides better than the originals all the time? Noel clearly doesn't think so, as he would probably include them on the album. I ended up on YouTube most of the night amazed by some of the B-Side releases that are coming our way from the debut album. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds literally have a whole album of B-Sides each one as brilliant as to what it plays second place to. I went to see Noel live in Newcastle and was lucky enough to see one of the B-Side performances in "The Good Rebel", I would say out of all the B-Side tracks this one is probably my least favourite, still brilliant but not as good or engaging as the others. My favourite would have to be "Let The Lord Shine a Light on Me" which I mentioned above and I'll start with the video below live.

Quite a fitting song really as Noel was recently awarded NME Magazine's God like genius award, one fan on YouTube felt it necessary to point out "How can Noel shine a light on himself?"

Moving on to an eary favourite of mine now, it's a track named "Alone on the Rope". You really have to listen to appreciate just how good this track is, not only are the lyrics brilliant but that creepy backing music wouldn't go a miss in horror movies. In fact it sounds familiar to me, tell you what. Pop over and watch the Prometheus trailer and tell me the music in the video below doesn't sound the same.


I never thought I would associate Noel Gallagher with Country music, but that's exactly what I'm going to do with the next video of "I'd Pick You Every Time", this is one of those songs where weather you like Noel Gallagher or not you will simply fail not to tap your feet.


Noel Gallagher is often referred to as a genius, rightly so as he is considered by many as the best songwriter of his generation and it's only fitting that he writes something to go in line with that. "A Simple Game of Genius" is the last B-Side video I have for you now and just listen to this track and tell me it doesn't remind you of "Everybody's On The Run", one of my favourite tracks from the main album . "A Simple Game of Genius" is simply genius.

I'm Back From My Holidays

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I was in there somewhere!
I thought I would put out a very quick post tonight to let you know I'm back from my holidays, yes even I go on holiday and for the last week I have been sunning myself in beautiful Majorca, I've also been eating loads too, but most importantly we were all inclusive and you know what that means.... FREE BEER. Yeah that's right FREE BEER, back to normality tonight as I have to go to the shop in the rain and buy my own, for the last week I've worn nothing more than shorts and T-Shirts but currently I'm wrapped up like Kenny from South Park. But never mind enough of my wining and back to FREE BEER, no sorry Blogging, as you can probably imagine I haven't done any blogs in the sun or with my beer but I had done a couple in advance which should have self published, for some reason they didn't do that, one is now wasted as it was last weeks movie releases, over 700 words long (funny too) and they don't auto publish for me, cheers Blogger. The other is a Noel Gallagher post which I'll put out over the next couple of days, I may or may not get tomorrows movie releases for you (loads of washing to do) and the rest will depend on how much catch up TV I get done over the next couple of nights with the beer I have to pay for, hey I'm still on holiday till Monday so it's fine.

I'm glad to see that my being away didn't effect viewing figures to much, there have been around 5000 hits whilst I've been lying in the sun not worrying about it at all, taking the total to nearly 150,000 hits for the year and a half we've been going. Regular commenter Ruben is also back so I need to get round to replying to those and remind all of you guys that it's FREE to comment here and I always reply.

So to cap off it's getting late and I'm off to the shop for that beer which I need to pay for, I'll be back tomorrow, if not then definitely Saturday, see you then.

TV Preview: BREAKING BAD Season 5 Were Done, When I Say Were Done

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Just a couple of days ago now I posted my review or rather recap of Breaking Bad's first season, if you caught that then you'll know I really love the show and I'm looking to get on with the other box sets before Season 5 premiers on AMC July 15th. Released today or at some point through the night is this very short preview of what we have to look forward to in season 5 as Bryan Cranston's Walter White continues to break bad. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Personally I was torn weather or not to watch this, I'm pleased I did as it didn't give away to much and considering I haven't seen the second, third or fourth season yet I don't want to spoil anything. Season 5 of Breaking Bad will be the last with sixteen episodes and will be split in two with the first half airing this year before being followed in 2013 with the remainder of the episodes. One good thing there for me is that I have plenty time to catch up with box sets.

I have the official Breaking Bad season 5 Trailer here for you too, you can check that out in the video below. This one, I haven't watched as I think the length of it is bound to spoil something that I don't want to know about, check it out.

Movie Review: Denzel and Reynolds Play It Safe In SAFE HOUSE

Monday, 11 June 2012

Hold up. A movie review, Yeah I know you haven't seen one here for a while reason being I haven't watched a movie for quite some time, not a new one anyway. That's not helped by the fact that Euro 2012 has just started and you know me I just can't pull myself away from the Football. Any how I go to it on Saturday night as there was nothing on TV and the game that night didn't take my interest to much, I turned to my Blu-ray player for support and switched on Safe House an enjoyable but predictable movie which won't do you bad as a popcorn flick.

The Cast: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Patrick, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson and Liam Cunningham.

The Plot

Ryan Reynolds plays Matt Weston a CIA operative who has just finished his training, his first post is based in Cape Town, South Africa where he is the controller of a CIA Safe House. The job is generally mondaying and Weston is desperate for a more front line role hassling his so called mentor David Barlow (Gleeson) for a move to the Paris branch. Things change for Weston with the ring of a phone, the Safe House is required for a prisoner who has just handed himself into the US Console in Cape Town, the prisoner is no ordinary one though, it's Tobin Frost (Washington) a former CIA agent who went rouge selling secrets to the enemy he has now been on the run for years, complications arise however when Weston and the CIA "briefing" team learn that maybe they aren't the only ones after Tobin Frost.

The Verdict

Safe House is what it is, an enjoyable action flick which doesn't require to much of your brain power, in fact it probably wouldn't stand up as just that if it wasn't for the efforts for the afore mentioned Washington and Reynolds. Washington can roll safe all day long playing the tough guy we've seen plenty examples of that in previous movies. Thing is Safe House has been done before many times in fact, how many times have you saw the plot of a CIA agent going rouge selling secrets and having more people than he cares to after him? I think it was about thirty minutes in and I had pretty much guessed what the outcome would be, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment.

Action is a plenty in Safe House, loads of guns and loads of kick ass fight scenes, as always a nod is thrown in the direction of all decent action movies with a car chase through Cape Town, which oddly enough ends just as you would expect it too. Don't let that put you off though Ryan Reynolds proves during this that he's no slouch and can dispatch plenty people on his own weather it be using his brilliant driving skills or just his brakes to thrown Washington into the dashboard before apprehending him.

If you've seen the Safe House trailer then you'll remember that the line ringing through from Washington "I'm already in your head", we learn in the movie that's because he was the best in the business at talking to and turning people in order to provide him with info, for want of a better word he was very good at recruiting snitches, he does try to get into the head of Reynolds and does to a certain extent especially where Weston's shady CIA counterparts are involved. For me the psychological battle was not all that intense I preferred seeing and hearing Denzel get into loggerheads with Travolta in The Taking of Pelham 1.2.3.

It's probably fortunate for that reason that Safe House does not rely on that side of the movie for your entertainment, the action tips the scales of balance here some of it more kick ass than others. Undoubtedly you are glued to the screen when both Washington and Reynolds are centre of attention, as for the rest of the cast... Well they weren't all that entertaining there attempts at the let's talk a lot and try to dramatise this a little were not up to that much and it's probably good for that reason that the focus is not really on them here. But, all said and done I enjoyed Safe House, it's the perfect Saturday night movie to sit down to with some popcorn and beer.

The Music

Safe House doesn't really rely on music throughout the film, if there was any music I don't really remember all that much about it, the enjoyment comes from the action sequences. As you would expect though, the credit music for a movie which is trying very hard to be uber cool comes from non other than Jay-Z and Kanye West featuring Frank Ocean, it's titled "No Church in the Wild" and you can check the official music video below.

Would I watch it again?

You know what? I think I would, there would be nothing to see that I missed first time round but I'm pretty sure Safe House can provide me with another two hours of quality entertainment.

MM&T Rating: MMM

BREAKING BAD Season 1, Wanna Cook?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Due to their not being much on TV right now I have been diving into my box sets, you know the ones? They sit there for ages before you get round to doing anything about them, yeah? Well one of those box sets just happens to be Breaking Bad's first season, at seven episodes you would consider it a breeze and it was, I started watching the set a while back now and done some individual reviews for the first, second and third episodes I then decided that I can probably do a show like Breaking Bad a little more justice if I just sat, watched and enjoyed it before delivering a review to cap off each season, so here you go.

I was never really into Breaking Bad, not because I watched and didn't like it, it's just the scheduling of the show here in England, it airs late at night and really wasn't advertised that well but never mind at least in the box sets I don't have to put up with the adverts which channel 5 would offer up. After watching the first season I now find myself eager to get on with watching the second, third and fourth, it's not exactly a secret that Breaking Bad's fifth and final season starts on AMC July 15th and I would like to be caught up with the show by then.

If you don't follow or have never seen Breaking Bad then it concerns Walter White (Bryan Cranston) a family man who works as a chemistry teacher, he scrapes a living whilst also working part time at a car wash. Right in the very first episode Walt finds out that he has Lung Cancer, stuck in a dilemma of having no money already, let alone to pay for the treatment, his medical insurance won't pay out and his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) is expecting their second child. Walt's brother in law Hank (Dean Norris) is a DEA Agent and takes him on a drive along, there Walt sees one of his former students Jesse (Aaron Paul) who is a young drug runner. We soon find out that Walter is no ordinary chemistry teacher, he's quite the genius in fact  and approaches Jesse with an idea. Walter will cook the most pure street crystal meth ever seen and Jesse can use his contacts in order to have it distributed. That is the real crux of the show, a hard working honest individual who is trying to make his way in life finally Breaks Bad.

If you have read the first few reviews which I linked to at the top then you'll already have heard of Crazy-8, the drug dealer who Walt is forced to deal with in later episodes, I'm conscious that I will cover things that I already have so won't go into to much but basically they have to kill Crazy-8 and his pal (don't remember his name) from there they fall out and their crystal meth cooking operation is called off, that pretty much where I picked up with the show again. If I'm honest I think Breaking Bad is quite slow to start off with, that's probably why it took me a while to get through to the final three episodes. I would say that episode 6 "Crazy Handful of Nothing" was where I sat up and said ok, this is great, just simply brilliant TV.

The episode started brilliantly with Walt approaching Jessie once again and simply saying "Wanna Cook?" From there he goes on to lay out a few ground rules, he is the cook and wants nothing to do at all with customers who buy their product and ends the conversation with the words "no more bloodshed", just then it jumps to another scene of a shaven headed mean ass looking Walt walking away form a local drug boss he has just set straight, a position he found himself in thanks to Jesse's lack of sales experience. Selling their brilliant crystal meth street level was simply not profitable enough, $1300 each didn't cut the kind of money Walt new they could make, hence their decision to approach a distributor. The show really just got even better from this point with the very un-streetwise Walt realising that if he is to become a supplier of crystal meth then he's going to have to toughen up a bit, silent partner simply won't work. What you end up with is Walt becoming the boss of the operation whilst Jesse (who is supposedly a tough guy) taking a back seat for want of a better word.

I said it in previous reviews that Bryan Cranston does an absolutely phenomenal job as Walter White, it's no surprise this guy has won so many awards for this show. But, not only is Cranston great Aaron Paul also puts in an impressive performance, Walt's oldest son Walter White Jr (RJ Mitte) is brilliant along with Dean Norris who plays Hank. Seriously, you can go down the entire list of actors and actresses and none of them would disappoint. I will be rolling on with the second season soon which is a full thirteen episodes, but if the same pace is kept up in that season then I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

TV Trailer: GEORDIE SHORE Is Back With Chaos In Cancun

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Finally it's back, Geordie Shore will return to our screens on 26th June 2012 with Chaos In Cancun. Not satisfied that the drunken Geordie's had caused enough trouble in Newcastle and then in Magaluf producers of the show flew them 5000 miles to Mexico for one massive party holiday. Here at Movies Music & Television I have covered Geordie Shore right from the very beginning, being a Geordie myself I'm able to give info on all the bars featured in the show but more importantly I keep you up to date with all of the music featured in the show, with Chaos In Cancun that will be no different so make sure you join me for a recap / review of every single episode of the latest season of reality TV's biggest HIT. Make sure you don't miss a thing from the latest season by following us on Facebook or Twitter, like to do it the old fashioned way? Then you can subscribe via Email by just entering your Email address in the link down on the right of the page. Right now enjoy the trailer for Geordie Shore: Chaos In Cancun.

Excited? Much, even the most famous Geordie of all (apart from Alan Shearer) our very own Cheryl Cole is looking forward to the show, helps her sleep apparently. One thing is for sure when the Geordie Shore guys and girls are in there like swim wear or on it like a car bonnet, Movies Music & Television will be following them every step of the way.

As promised the music, featured in the trailer is DJ Fresh Featuring Dizzie Rascal - The Power.

New In Cinemas This Week..... Plan B's ILL MANORS and RED TAILS

Friday, 8 June 2012

Not great cinema this week. That, of course is my opinion maybe yours is different so, just in case I'll give you a quick run through of Cuba Gooding Jr's new movie and the most popular movie of the week on IMDB, which to be honest I haven't even heard of.

I'll start with that oh so popular movie, its named Ill Manors and stars Riz Ahmed, Ed Skrein, Natalie Press and Danielle Brent. Ill Manors may not have been heard of by many people but I have to be honest and say that after watching the trailer I'm pretty impressed with what it has to offer. Ill Manors is a British movie written and directed by Ben Drew, now you will have heard of Ben I guarantee that, only you will know him as recording artist Plan B who is a pretty cool guy and I've no doubt that coolness will shine through in this movie. Ill Manors follows the story of several different people and is based in London's Forest Gate area, it's a gritty crime drama showing that we are all products of our environment and everyone's stories cross over at some point with each individual one being represented by a different rap song. Take a look at the trailer below and let me know what you think.

Want to see more of Plan B? Then check out this POST which includes one of his hit singles Writings on the Wall from the album Defamation Of Strickland Banks.

Now let's talk about that new Cuba Gooding Jr movie Red Tails which also stars Gerald Mcraney, David Otelowo and Terence Howard. Red Tails will have a much bigger budget than Ill Manors no doubt but I honestly think the movie up top is the better option this week. I am a big fan of Cuba Gooding Jr, really like the guy actually but since winning his Oscar for shouting "Show Me The Money" his movies have tended to be more on budget straight to DVD side of things, don't get me wrong sometimes those movie are better than the one which go to cinemas, they just don't get the eyeballs they deserve. Red Tails is a war movie set in Italy, 1944 and follows a group of African American pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen who have been kept segregated before finally getting the chance to display there talent in the air. Check out the trailer below.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, personally I have heard a little about the movie and found out a bit more when Cuba was on Graham Norton a while back, that reminds me, remember when Cuba done some break dancing on The Graham Norton Show? I'm sure he was just trying to impress the very leggy Elle Macpherson.

Like this post? Then please feel free to spread the word on Facebook and Twiter via the links below, like this site? Then you can follow us in a number of ways including Email at the bottom, "Like" us on Facebook (we just got a new Facebook page, it looks great) or follow us on Twitter.

Sevigny Is More Of a Hit Than a Miss

Thursday, 7 June 2012

If you haven’t heard of Hit & Miss then you can catch it Tuesday nights on Sky Atlantic at 10pm, don’t let the channel name put you off however as this is not another American drama to be added to your list, this is Sky Atlantic's first jump into home grown TV. The only thing remotely American about the show is the fact that Indie film star Chloe Sevigny (that's svenyay) plays the lead role, but not to worry she does manage to put on a fake Irish accent and she has happily dragged her arse to a very windy and remote West Yorkshire in order to shoot the six part drama, well she did, I’m sure there finished that bit now.

We have just seen the third episode here in England and the show is due to be aired in the US at some point. Sevigny plays an assassin, but she’s an assassin with a difference, she is a pre-op transsexual who previously had children (that she didn’t know about) with her female partner. We are introduced to Sevigny’s character Mia in great style with the opening scene being her creeping across a car park roof before killing someone. Then, it got a little weird as the seemingly super assassin makes her way back to clean her gear, change her car plates etc, etc. She gets changed and totally naked (which if I’m honest looked good from the back), she then however turned around and well I don’t really need to descried to you what pre-op means do I? Let’s just say I’d rather she hadn’t turned around.

Pretty much from there Mia learns that she has an 11 year old son, and her ex-partner has died. Mia heads to there West Yorkshire farmhouse in order to help out and be part of her sons life, however her sons older siblings who have been left to fend for themselves are not so welcoming and she is given a pretty rough ride. Not only does Mia have the kids to deal with but also the local bully farmer, who if I’m honest is a complete dick, or at least he is good at acting like one, he likes to push around kids and bully them for money whilst having the oldest sister in the back of his car for “favours”, you get my drift this guy isn’t nice.

Like I said above we are now three episodes in and I have to be honest I’m really enjoying the show, admittedly some scenes do make me cringe, especially the bully farmer and the eldest sister, I actually find it incredibly uncomfortable to watch, it reminds me of that British 80’s movie Rita, Sue and Bob Too, if you’ve seen the movie then you’ll get the comparison I’m sure. Hit & Miss has a very British feel to it, there is nothing glossy, a wind swept farm in the middle of nowhere looks nowhere near as cool as Dexter’s apartment in Miami harbour but it works and the show has a real genuine feel to it. The acting is good from all involved including the kids.

The story has also been handled well, I can’t help but think if this was an American show (which I love) that more emphasis would be put onto the assassin side of the story. However, here the story has concentrated more on family matters and Mia is slowly bringing the kids round to her. I’m not saying that the assassin in Mia may not become a more prominent feature as the series continues, maybe that side of her life will catch up with her as juggling a family and an assassin career would be quite difficult I imagine.

One thing is for sure Hit & Miss is more of a Hit than a Miss and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story pans out, maybe we’ll even get a second series of the show as American networks went into a bidding war over the rights, normally they would buy the rights and remake the show but they are going to show you the gritty original that we have been treated to in the UK, so that’s great as is Hit & Miss make sure you tune in or try in some way to catch up with the show. Watching it? Then let me know what you think so far in the comments below.

TV Review: DEXTER - An Inconvenient Lie 2.3 Dexter Get's a Sponsor

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ok, it’s been a little while since I put out any Dexter reviews, I know hopefully they will be becoming a little more frequent now as some other shows are ending and I have nothing to watch. In “An Inconvenient Lie” it would seem that Dexter’s period of awkwardness towards killing other killers has somewhat disappeared as he lines up his next victim, Debra joins the FBI (sort of) and we meet Lilia (Jamie Murray). Roll all this together with Sgt Doakes in the middle and your left with a very dark humoured and good (not great) episode of Dexter.

You’ll remember in the last episode that Rita had forced Dexter in to a twelve-step recovery program with Narcotics Anonymous, Dexter has tired his hardest to side step the move after his half truth “lie” to Rita, but she insists that if he doesn’t take part in the program that their relationship is over. This is where we meet Lilia, of course I’ve not seen this season of Dexter but from what I’ve read Lilia plays a pretty integral part throughout, its obvious that’s going to be the case as she does seem a little creepy, wired up a little Dexter maybe just without so many morals or even a code. This is one story
I’m looking forward to seeing develop, what’s she up to? And how much does she know about Dexter?

Luckily for all us fans Dexter does manage to let out his “Dark Passenger” during this episode when he goes after killer car salesman Roger Hicks, as I’m writing this quite some time after watching the episode I really don’t remember to much about how Dexter dealt with him, I do however remember something about his wig.

As you know from the season premiere “It’s Alive” all the bodies Dexter had hidden have been uncovered and now FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy is in Miami to hunt for a serial killer named The Bay Harbour Butcher. Lundy has set up a joint FBI and Miami Metro task force in order to help hunt for the killer and now he’s found a pattern, or at least that’s what he calls it, Dexter would say the reason they are all criminals is “code”, his fathers code which he instilled in him making sure that he was taking a persons life for the right reasons unlike his savage brother during the first season. Now Dexter has an added complication though, not only are the FBI crawling up his ass, Lundy has now invited his sister Debra to join the task force and wouldn’t you know it? She goes and finds some pretty good evidence pretty quick.

Sgt Doakes is still cracking me up, seriously this guy should still be in the show, although once again I did read a spoiler (by accident) which lead me to believe that he will have no further involvement following this season, I wonder why! For now though Doakes is still pretty happy to keep following Dexter and try to dig some dirt amidst all the pizza and bowling nights. Dexter even tells him “you should take the night off sergeant” Doakes's come back “On pizza night, no way”. However Doakes actually follows him to Narcotics Anonymous, the last place you think you would like Doakes to see him, although he does take it pretty well and shows an understanding to Dexter’s situation, thinking of course that’s what he’s been hiding, if only he knew. Doakes “Oh and by the way, you owe me a Michelin mothf**ker”. Away from Doakes there is still the weekly laugh at Masuka to be had;

Masuka: The boss’s melons look bigger on TV
Laguerta: Show some respect
Masuka: I thought I was

“An Inconvenient Lie” is one of those episode’s which you really don’t want to miss, nothing much really happens, its all based on the build up to what will be the task force’s hunt for Miami’s Bay Harbour Butcher.

Cinema Weekly: Ridley Scott is back with PROMETHEUS, Miley Cyrus LOL and SNOW WHITE'S Gone all Dark

Friday, 1 June 2012

I suppose you could liken this weeks cinema releases to when The Avengers was released, the week’s biggest movie Prometheus featured on my most anticipated movies of 2012 list back in January, and like the week The Avengers (Avengers Assemble in England) was released movie companies have decided that to play hard ball with legendary Director Ridley Scott would simply not be such a good idea. That said, there is one snowprise in the mix as Snow White and the Huntsman is also released into cinemas today. Mind you, some people (not me, probably kids) included the Snow White thingy in their most anticipated movie lists, which may or may not prove to be a shrewd move.

So, in 1979 (three years before I was born) Ridley Scott succeeded in scaring the s**t out of us all when he released Alien and introduced Riley into our lives, now Ridley is back not with another sequel to the Alien saga but a brand new movie in Prometheus which comes with a stellar cast including Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and The Wire’s Idris Elba.

Now considering that Prometheus is one of this years most highly anticipated movies I for one have noticed that the hype has not been so crazy in the last week or two. I would say there was probably more surrounding the release of its first trailer which really didn’t give to much away, just incase you missed that post I’ll quickly go over what Prometheus is all about. Prometheus is a ship (a space one) which transports a bunch of explorers to the darkest corners of the universe as they have discovered a clue to the origins of mankind, however when there they face a battle to save the human race.

I wouldn’t worry to much about the hype for this movie dropping off, I’m pretty sure that if you’re a Sci-Fi or Horror fan you will probably love this, maybe dropping the hype has been a deliberate move, maybe I just don’t watch enough adverts to catch the trailers, who knows? What I do know is this, I’ve never seen any of the Alien movies (only bits and pieces) but this does look like a brilliant movie and in my opinion it’s worth the price of a cinema ticket simply because Idris Elba stars, check out the trailer below.

Now, I suppose the fact that they have dared release another decent (apparently) movie this week I really have to mention it, don’t worry though I wont be going into to much detail on Snow White and the Huntsman which stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and would you believe it? Charlize Theron, how did she manage that one? From what I know about this movie it has nothing to do with the fairytale story we all knew growing up where Snow White eats an apple, in fact I’ll stop there I don’t even remember what the story was or any of the characters apart from Snow White herself and the seven dwarfs. This latest release is a different take on things with Hemsworth playing the Huntsman who leads Snow White into the woods in order to kill her, but he ends up becoming her protector. The leading cast above are backed up by some stellar British talent too, in Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost, enjoy the trailer.

Now I have a couple more to mention which I probably won’t watch, mainly because I’m not interested, but lets be professional and say that I simply don’t have time in my busy schedule to sit through Miley Cyrus in LOL, a very appropriate title for teenage fans who like to LOL at each other on Facebook and Twitter, no doubt they will love this but in all honesty I don’t even think young Miley is all that popular here in England, then again I don’t watch Hannah Montanna on Nickelodeon (yet) so maybe I have that completely misjudged, I’d say that Billy Ray and his Achy Breaky Heart are much cooler than Miley, LOL. Ok, last one to mention is a British movie which I think is released on DVD the same day its released at the cinema, that speaks volumes for The Angles’ Share starring Paul Brannigan and John Henshaw, the movie follows Robbie (Brannigan) who manages to avoid jail before heading to a whiskey distillery with friends who decide to do something about their hopeless lives.
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