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NOEL GALLAGHER B-Sides: Do You Think There Better?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I was on YouTube the other night and got to watching Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds live in Buenos Ares, Argentina. Noel performed a song there which I haven't heard before, it's not on the album and is named "Let The Lord Shine a Light on Me", the song is a B-Side and is something I should have expected as even when Oasis were together their B-Sides generally became bigger hits than their main releases most notably of all would have to be "Half The World Away", a brilliant track especially when performed acoustically by Noel himself.

It got me to thinking are Noel Gallagher's B-Sides better than the originals all the time? Noel clearly doesn't think so, as he would probably include them on the album. I ended up on YouTube most of the night amazed by some of the B-Side releases that are coming our way from the debut album. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds literally have a whole album of B-Sides each one as brilliant as to what it plays second place to. I went to see Noel live in Newcastle and was lucky enough to see one of the B-Side performances in "The Good Rebel", I would say out of all the B-Side tracks this one is probably my least favourite, still brilliant but not as good or engaging as the others. My favourite would have to be "Let The Lord Shine a Light on Me" which I mentioned above and I'll start with the video below live.

Quite a fitting song really as Noel was recently awarded NME Magazine's God like genius award, one fan on YouTube felt it necessary to point out "How can Noel shine a light on himself?"

Moving on to an eary favourite of mine now, it's a track named "Alone on the Rope". You really have to listen to appreciate just how good this track is, not only are the lyrics brilliant but that creepy backing music wouldn't go a miss in horror movies. In fact it sounds familiar to me, tell you what. Pop over and watch the Prometheus trailer and tell me the music in the video below doesn't sound the same.


I never thought I would associate Noel Gallagher with Country music, but that's exactly what I'm going to do with the next video of "I'd Pick You Every Time", this is one of those songs where weather you like Noel Gallagher or not you will simply fail not to tap your feet.


Noel Gallagher is often referred to as a genius, rightly so as he is considered by many as the best songwriter of his generation and it's only fitting that he writes something to go in line with that. "A Simple Game of Genius" is the last B-Side video I have for you now and just listen to this track and tell me it doesn't remind you of "Everybody's On The Run", one of my favourite tracks from the main album . "A Simple Game of Genius" is simply genius.

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