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TV Preview: DEXTER Season 7 Trailer and Gossip, The Truth Is Out

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The final two seasons of cable TV's biggest show Dexter were announced following the wrap of the disappointing sixth season, since that tremendous season finale audiences have been awaiting a little sneak peek of just what we can expect when Dexter's seventh season starts on Showtime September 30th. Go back and check out my review or just cast your mind back to those final scenes in "This is the Way the World Ends" when Debra walked in just as her serial Killer half brother Dexter Morgan sunk a knife into the chest of Travis (Colin Hanks), there is simply no other way the seventh season could start than with that scene being picked up exactly where it left off. What we do know for definite now is something that has always been suspected, well known but never said. Debra Morgan is in love with her brother and the big question on everyone's lips is will that love force her hand into covering up her brothers murderous ways or will she grass him up. You would have to go with the first one, lets face it if she tells her fellow cops that Dexter is locked up and the last two seasons turn into a court room drama with Dexter finally being revealed as Miami's most prolific serial killer. Take a look at the sneak peek video below and let me know what you think.

I saw one rumour on the Internet a while ago that Debra never actually discovered Dexter at all and that Dexter was just having a dream, I suspect that rumour is not true thanks to that little clip, fair enough it doesn't give away much but that would just spoil the fun wouldn't it? Now of course Debra catching Dexter in the act is not going to be his only problem during the seventh season, remember the new creepy intern at Miami Metro, Louis? yeah, well he had the hand from the Ice Truck Killer investigation in his apartment before sending it off to Dexter, does he know that Dexter Morgan is The Bay Harbour Butcher? I guess we'll have to wait and see huh. Producers on Dexter had said when the announcement of two more seasons was made that season eight would probably be the last, that has now been confirmed by executive producer Sara Colleton told the following;

"We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender. We have worked that out and know where it's going to end. Next year will definitely be the last year of Dexter. Absolutely"

For me it's disappointing that Dexter is coming to an end, it is after all the best show on TV, but on the other hand at least they have a plan on how the story is going to go. I'm currently catching up with Dexter's second season, I will be watching episodes nine and ten tonight, you may have noticed the reviews are only up to episode three "An Inconvenient Lie", don't worry I'll be catching up with that, just be assured that Masuka is cracking me up with all the shemale stuff. I'm looking to get to the season two finale in the next couple of days as I'm currently waiting on the season three Blu-ray dropping through my door.
Dexter season 7 starts on Showtime 30th September 2012 at 9pm and will be followed by the season two premiere of Homeland.

Now to a picture which I found whilst hunting around for the ones above, It was apparently tweeted by Jennifer Carpenter herself. The picture bears no relevance to the seventh season of Dexter but I thought it was pretty funny and just had to include it for Dexter fans enjoyment everywhere.

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