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I'm Back From My Holidays

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I was in there somewhere!
I thought I would put out a very quick post tonight to let you know I'm back from my holidays, yes even I go on holiday and for the last week I have been sunning myself in beautiful Majorca, I've also been eating loads too, but most importantly we were all inclusive and you know what that means.... FREE BEER. Yeah that's right FREE BEER, back to normality tonight as I have to go to the shop in the rain and buy my own, for the last week I've worn nothing more than shorts and T-Shirts but currently I'm wrapped up like Kenny from South Park. But never mind enough of my wining and back to FREE BEER, no sorry Blogging, as you can probably imagine I haven't done any blogs in the sun or with my beer but I had done a couple in advance which should have self published, for some reason they didn't do that, one is now wasted as it was last weeks movie releases, over 700 words long (funny too) and they don't auto publish for me, cheers Blogger. The other is a Noel Gallagher post which I'll put out over the next couple of days, I may or may not get tomorrows movie releases for you (loads of washing to do) and the rest will depend on how much catch up TV I get done over the next couple of nights with the beer I have to pay for, hey I'm still on holiday till Monday so it's fine.

I'm glad to see that my being away didn't effect viewing figures to much, there have been around 5000 hits whilst I've been lying in the sun not worrying about it at all, taking the total to nearly 150,000 hits for the year and a half we've been going. Regular commenter Ruben is also back so I need to get round to replying to those and remind all of you guys that it's FREE to comment here and I always reply.

So to cap off it's getting late and I'm off to the shop for that beer which I need to pay for, I'll be back tomorrow, if not then definitely Saturday, see you then.
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