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This Week At The Cinema..... Matthew McConaughey Whacks Someone's Mom For The Insurance Money

Thursday, 28 June 2012

It’s a lame title I know but you may have noticed I’m trying to give everything a suggestive title these days as that’s how Google want us to roll, and since they practically own the Internet I’ll go along with it. Nothing much to report at your local cinema this week, it’s all pretty crap really apart from McConaughey attempting to whack someone’s mother the rest is just cannon fodder which I’ll attempt to shed some light on further down the page.

I’ll start with Killer Joe starring Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple and Thomas Hayden Church. I’ll be honest I’m not really McConaughey’s biggest fan he really should stick to romantic comedy’s for me. At the same time I think Killer Joe looks like it may be McConaghey’s best effort for a while, fair enough it’s not original and the story’s been done before but I think this movie may just provide you with a few laughs this weekend. In the movie McConaughey plays…. You guessed it Joe, well Killer Joe Cooper actually. Joe is as you’ve guessed again a contract killer for hire, he is approached by a young kid (I’m presuming Emile Hirsch) who has got himself into trouble with debt, be it drugs, money or indeed both. The kid is in such quandary with money that his life is now in danger, being nice and all he decides that Killer Joe should be paid to whack his mother in order for him to collect the insurance money. Something tells me Killer Joe's plot won’t be quite that simple, check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

Killer Joe has had a pretty good write up on the things I’ve seen with people even bigging up romantic lead Matthew McConaughey as a pretty convincing ruthless killer. Warning though, I won’t say to much but from what I’ve heard this isn’t the sort of movie to go see on your first date thanks to the behaviour of Joe your date may opt to walk home and refuse to ever text, speak or even see you again.

Let’s just presume that it is your first date on Saturday night and I’ve just ruined your idea, what are you going do now? Well, like I say the rest of the selection is not great but I think Your Sister’s Sister starring Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosmarie Dewitt may well be your best option. To sum it up, it looks like a soppy chick flick which you probably won’t enjoy but it will ensure one thing. Your date will be more than happy to leave the cinema with you as apposed to making some toilet excuse and having one of her friends come and pick her up without you knowing (honestly that’s never happened to me). In the movie Emily Blunt plays Iris a girl who invites her friend Jack (Mark Duplass) to stay at her family island retreat (must be nice), whilst there Jack gets himself rather drunk and cheers himself up with Iris’ sister Hannah (Rosmarie Dewitt) which as you can imagine causes a few problems for the rest of the holiday. The trailer is below for you to check out.

Now that’s first date appropriate wouldn’t you say? Remember if it just happens to be your second date and your immensely comfortable with each other already then McConaughey’s offering may not be out of the question.

That’s pretty much all there is to talk about this week, there are other movies released of course but most of them are just fillers, although Friends With Kids does come with a pretty Hollywood A-List cast including Megan Fox (Transformers), Adam Scott (Step Brothers) and Kristen Wiig. Mind you, on IMDB when you have this movie page open one of the suggestions “you may also like” is Bridesmaids, which if you read my review know already is a terrible movie, so for that reason I’m going to give Friends With Kids a miss. Also released this week is Joyful Noise, now unless you like Opera music or musicals I don’t think this will be for you. A movie named Dark Horse which I’ve never even heard of and finally there is some new scary ass Horror movie which I definitely won’t be going to see.
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