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TV Review: GEORDIE SHORE: Chaos In Cancun Episode 1, Mexicombe Over anyone?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

"Should we just get Pi**ed and see what happens?" - James (Geordie Shore)

Quite satisfied that he has earned his HND in pulling women from Newcastle's university of life Gaz and the rest of the Geordie Shore cast are back with a new challenge, courtesy of MTV and their local boss Anna the self styled Geordie tashing experts have been sent all expenses spared to Cancun, Mexico, there they meet their new err, boss Cancun Chris, an American who introduced himself with the line "there is a special bottle of Tequila on the top shelf, touch it and I will f**k you up" ok, cheers Cancun Chris, but you do realise that you have just given a handful of Geordies very good reason to p*ss you off and drink your prized bottle of Tequila which is capped off with a sombrero. Personally I hate Tequila but as a fellow Geordie and fan of Geordie Shore I'd let my hatred of the dreaded Tequila slip in order to p*ss of Hitler's distant cousin Cancun Chris, it didn't take this guy long to show that he ain't messing around with the antics of anyone in his very expensive villa, breaking the rules and daring to go out were Rebecca and Charlotte who thanks for their efforts were dumped from the villa during this first episode for breaking Chris' "rules". Look Chris, I'm pretty sure they locked the door, but hey at least he called them most people just get dumped by text these days.

For those of you thinking that Geordie Shore would be taking a slight different angle during this third season of Chaos in Cancun, I'd say your guessing wrong. Vicky and Ricky are back in the house all loved up as you'd expect, though I'm sure it won't be long before alcohol lightweight (especially for a Geordie) Ricky will get totally s**t faced, take something Vicky says the wrong way and try to start a fight with someone, which he'll probably loose. Then you have Sophie who is back and loved up with Southern pretty boy Joel (Joey Essex wannabe), who by the way Sophie (if any of you read this) only goes out with you because he wants to be on the telly. Jay is also loved up this season, will he stay faithful to the girl back in Newcastle who has threatened to rip off his balls should he do any Mexican tashing? I actually think Jay will, but certainly wouldn't put my mortgage on it. As for the rest of the cast James, Gaz, Charlotte, Rebecca and Holly, they all remain single however if Holly gets her way she will end up back in bed with James and we all know Charlotte just can't resist Gaz's parsnip.

As you would expect with a bunch of Geordie's who have become immensely famous, they are trendsetter's and whilst in Mexico James has put his creativeness to good use inventing a new hairstyle. During last season James styled the comb over, a hair style which proved rather popular around Newcatle's Diamond Strip especially with the women. Now, it's the Mexi Comb Over, or Mexicomb Over, however you want to spell it (James?). Wasting no time with his new Barnet James and the Shore crew hit the town searching for in James' words "Mexican Muff", landing in Coco Bongo (I believe) Cancun's biggest nightclub, crammed full with 6,500 people James partook of the Ale and merriment on offer doing Vodka shots off some American students breasts, B**tard, that never happens to me but, great work if you can get it my opinion. I actually think James is a pretty cool guy, most of them are but seriously this guy could be a stand up comedian and I look forward to watching him trying to find some "sexico in Mexico".

Charlotte is also very funny, did you catch the bit at the beginning when she pulled the b0ndage (I have to spell that wrong on purpose) gear out the wardrobe in front of her mother? Ha, hilarious, I bet Charlotte has best selling book Fifty Shades of Grey packed for her holiday to Mexico, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she has the whole series of Mr Grey books with her. Rebecca and Holly trying to find their way? Anyone? North Shields or South Shields? Of course they are in opposite directions Holly, hence North and South. Then, In England we have a roast dinner on Sunday's what do you think Mexicans do? Nachos? Possibly but I doubt it Rebecca.

The Playlist

Kelis - Bounce

Snoop Dogg - Sweat

Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo - Let's Go

Rihanna - Where Have You Been

Pitbull - I Gotta Feeling

David Guetta featuring Usher - Without You

Chris Brown - Beautiful People

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It

Rihanna - Only Girl In The World

Swedish House Mafia - Miami To Ibiza

Emeli Sande - Heaven

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

So, there you have it Geordie Shore is back, Cheryl Cole will be able to sleep again and here at Movies Music & Television we will be on it like a car bonnet every Tuesday night 10pm on MTV for the next five weeks. Want the weekly playlist and gossip? Then make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, click to "like" on the right for Facebook updates and click HERE to check us out on Twitter. Bosh.
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