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TV Review: DEXTER - An Inconvenient Lie 2.3 Dexter Get's a Sponsor

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ok, it’s been a little while since I put out any Dexter reviews, I know hopefully they will be becoming a little more frequent now as some other shows are ending and I have nothing to watch. In “An Inconvenient Lie” it would seem that Dexter’s period of awkwardness towards killing other killers has somewhat disappeared as he lines up his next victim, Debra joins the FBI (sort of) and we meet Lilia (Jamie Murray). Roll all this together with Sgt Doakes in the middle and your left with a very dark humoured and good (not great) episode of Dexter.

You’ll remember in the last episode that Rita had forced Dexter in to a twelve-step recovery program with Narcotics Anonymous, Dexter has tired his hardest to side step the move after his half truth “lie” to Rita, but she insists that if he doesn’t take part in the program that their relationship is over. This is where we meet Lilia, of course I’ve not seen this season of Dexter but from what I’ve read Lilia plays a pretty integral part throughout, its obvious that’s going to be the case as she does seem a little creepy, wired up a little Dexter maybe just without so many morals or even a code. This is one story
I’m looking forward to seeing develop, what’s she up to? And how much does she know about Dexter?

Luckily for all us fans Dexter does manage to let out his “Dark Passenger” during this episode when he goes after killer car salesman Roger Hicks, as I’m writing this quite some time after watching the episode I really don’t remember to much about how Dexter dealt with him, I do however remember something about his wig.

As you know from the season premiere “It’s Alive” all the bodies Dexter had hidden have been uncovered and now FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy is in Miami to hunt for a serial killer named The Bay Harbour Butcher. Lundy has set up a joint FBI and Miami Metro task force in order to help hunt for the killer and now he’s found a pattern, or at least that’s what he calls it, Dexter would say the reason they are all criminals is “code”, his fathers code which he instilled in him making sure that he was taking a persons life for the right reasons unlike his savage brother during the first season. Now Dexter has an added complication though, not only are the FBI crawling up his ass, Lundy has now invited his sister Debra to join the task force and wouldn’t you know it? She goes and finds some pretty good evidence pretty quick.

Sgt Doakes is still cracking me up, seriously this guy should still be in the show, although once again I did read a spoiler (by accident) which lead me to believe that he will have no further involvement following this season, I wonder why! For now though Doakes is still pretty happy to keep following Dexter and try to dig some dirt amidst all the pizza and bowling nights. Dexter even tells him “you should take the night off sergeant” Doakes's come back “On pizza night, no way”. However Doakes actually follows him to Narcotics Anonymous, the last place you think you would like Doakes to see him, although he does take it pretty well and shows an understanding to Dexter’s situation, thinking of course that’s what he’s been hiding, if only he knew. Doakes “Oh and by the way, you owe me a Michelin mothf**ker”. Away from Doakes there is still the weekly laugh at Masuka to be had;

Masuka: The boss’s melons look bigger on TV
Laguerta: Show some respect
Masuka: I thought I was

“An Inconvenient Lie” is one of those episode’s which you really don’t want to miss, nothing much really happens, its all based on the build up to what will be the task force’s hunt for Miami’s Bay Harbour Butcher.
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