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Geordie Shore Magaluf Madness Episode 2

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Have people lost interest in this show already?  I'm just hazarding a guess as during last weeks episode the viewing figures on this blog went crazy, last night though....Not so much.  In fact not crazy at all.  Whats not to like eight Geordie's in Magaluf getting drunk?  Great TV, right?

Actually last night was probably a bit of a let down from the first episode, funny in parts but pretty much same old same old to the point that I'm struggling to say anything much about it today, don't worry though I'll try and I also have the sound track to last night for you too.

I'll start with Gaz's bank account being re-opened, and no it's not his account at Barclay's.  If you remember from the first series Gaz had a fling pretty much ever other night with Charlotte resulting in him naming her his banker, just in case you forgot what that was here's the gist, a banker is a girl or boy who if you fail to pull anyone else whilst out in town then you go back to them for some banking, get my drift?  So Gaz re-opened his account with Charlotte resulting in male hugging as a celebration and Charlotte in the bathroom crying her eyes out for letting him back in the bank with his parsnip impersonation.

So are they back together?  I guess not as the next day the guys and girls where invited on a booze cruise and Gaz was in the sea frolicking with some half naked lady whilst the already upset Charlotte watched on pretending not to care.  When is she going to realise he just uses her and does not want a relationship?  Second to that they all then got invited to a pool party and Gaz seemed to keep himself pretty busy with another half naked lady, it's safe to say that these two went home on non speaking terms.  One of the girls Gaz did pull looked like Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays, actually she was probably the most impressive one he managed.

James the banger of the year, not!  He managed to get some tashing on done on the booze cruise, unfortunately for him though by the time they got back to the villa he was to tired to do anything and took himself off to bed after kicking the girls out.  James told us he bangs all the time in Newcastle, funny that James I don't remember you doing to much banging during the first series of the show either, do we presume your a bit shy?  Or just a nice guy?  His wing man didn't do much better either Greg left Magaluf with his banging tally at zero also.  I think like Vicky said James may well struggle to pull a muscle.

Same cant be said for Jay though, who seemed to be on a mission to bang every night, with pretty much however many women he could fit in the bed.  Did anyone else notice how wrecked Jay looked during the VT's his eyes were hanging around his cheeks and he could hardly speak, he was either still drunk or tired from all the banging.

Looking after the villa at least one of them was supposed to be staying in all of the time, did they stay in once?  I don't think they did, the bright flashy lights of BCM where to much to resist, speaking of BCM to finish off the post below is a list of the music from last nights show, I think MTV obviously have a deal with some artists or labels as the music was the same as last weeks show.

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x

Britney Spears - I Can't Take It No More

Kelis - Bounce

J.Lo Ft Pitbull - On The Floor

Rhianna - Only Girl In The World

Snoop Dogg - Sweat

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party

The X Factor Episode 2 Auditions

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I know, I know this post is late again.  Just to mention again what was said on last weeks X Factor post this will normally be out on a Sunday but, as it’s been bank holiday weekend here in the UK I spent most of it in the pub watching football, good times.  Well it was until today when I had to come back to work never mind though.

I watched this weeks show Monday night, a few sheets to the wind as they say so lets see how we get on.  Not to many crazy people to mention this week I think finally after 8 seasons of X Factor the nutters appear to be steering clear allowing people who can actually sing some time on the stage.

I may as well start with someone who if I’m honest I thought was going to be one of those nutty people I mentioned above.  Johnny Robinson is a 45 year old from Harrow in London, he even left the judges staggered who I think had already formed an opinion before he started to sing.

Craig Colton, now he’s a bit of a dude turning up at the auditions to surprise his parents, did anyone else think his dad was Peter Kay’s double?  The 22 year old from Liverpool done them proud on the night singing Adele Hiding My Heart Away and sailing through to the next round.

Being in Liverpool this week, it’s only right that the judges look for some talent from the bands that auditioned.  Unfortunately for the bands being in Liverpool they are compared to the Beatles.  Then the Keys turned up, they were good but I don’t think they will compete with JLS or the Wanted.

I have to throw someone in who can’t sing, he wasn’t crazy I think he genuinely thinks he can sing.  Don’t worry though after this audition Mark Byron was reliably informed by Simon Cowell, sorry Gary Barlow that he can not sing.

Derry Mensah from Corydon next, I’m not sure if he turned up to sing or just profess his undying love for Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland.  He was pretty good and he is right Kelly is very cute but Tulisa steals the show for me.

I think we may well have seen the winner of the show during this episode Misha Bryan a 19 year old from London who has been singing since the age of 9, she hopes to make it big and on Saturday night (Monday for me) she wowed the judges with her very own re, re, reeeeemix of Aretha Franklins Respect.

AC/DC Live In Buenos Aires, Argentina

I ran by this concert the other week when my brother brought it home from work, he’s a bit of blues guitarist in his spare time so I usually watch concerts he points me in the direction of.  I like the music that these guys put out, I wouldn’t say I was a massive fan but I have some of it in the car.   This was one concert  I was really happy about watching, AD/DC need no introduction from me I’m sure.  Just in case you don’t know who they are here is a quick introduction.

AC/DC are Australian, Ha there is something I didn’t even know.  They were formed in 1973 and there speciality is Hard Rock.  The band has five members Brian Johnson (lead vocals), Malcolm Young (guitar), Phil Rudd (drummer), Angus Young (lead guitarist) and Cliff Williams (bass guitarist, backing vocals).  They have sold over 200 million albums and are considered one of the best rock & roll bands of all time.

This concert was filmed in 2009 at River Plate’s stadium in Argentina, and man am I impressed at how a bunch of pensioners (almost) can rock a full capacity of almost 60 thousand like this.  Of course like anyone there were songs I didn’t like but posted below are the videos which I enjoyed the most, funnily enough these are the most watched ones on YouTube.

*Want my advice on this one, turn your computer speakers to the max sit back relax and have a beer*  Trust me, if you don’t start tapping your foot to this I will be very surprised.

I’ll start it like they did, Rock N Roll Train was the opening song to what was a pretty impressive opening to a concert.

The one I enjoyed the most now and it wasn’t just for the music but the build up to this one, I’m surprised Brian Johnson could still sing following his Olympic sprinting and bell ringing, this one is Hells Bells.  Remember TURN it up to the max.

Shoot to thrill one of the songs I have in my car is here for you now.  The look on the backing guitarists face at the start of this song, I don’t know what he’s trying to do.

It really wouldn’t be worth doing this if I was going to leave out the next song.  Back In Black is one of the bands biggest hits, the music was used in the movie Iron Man and the original video featured on the review of that movie last week.

I don’t know about you but I think that was worth coming to check out wasn’t it, that is of course just a snap shot.  The show goes on for about two hours, if you head over to YouTube you can see them all there.

Upcoming Movie Trailer: Underworld Awakening Starring Kate Beckinsale

Monday, 29 August 2011

Not being the biggest fan of Horror movies I tend not to see many of them, however the Underworld movies are a series which I enjoy and the fourth instalment of the Vampires vs. Werewolves movies Underworld: Awakening or Underworld 4 as it’s sometimes referred to sees its trailer released this week.

There really aren’t to many details as of yet, so what can we gather from the trailer?  Kate Beckinsale returns for her role as Selene, she’s a Vampire remember.  Selene has been locked away for 12 years, she escapes to find that Humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans and are staging an all out war to get rid of the immortal species.

The movie has been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It also stars Scott Speedman (Underworld, Underworld Evolution),  India Eisley (Headspace, The Secret Life Of An American Teenager) and Michael Ealy (Seven Pounds, 2 Fast 2 Furious).  The movie is due to be released in both the US and UK on the 20th January 2012.

Strike Back: Project Dawn Episode 1

Sunday, 28 August 2011

I vaguely remember watching this show when it aired back in 2010, starring Spook’s Richard Armitage as MI6's section 20 agent John Porter.  It was only a six part show first time around and I don’t remember if I watched it all, needless to say it never really left a lasting impression.  I saw the previews for the second series aptly named Project Dawn, again starring Richard Armitage.  Unfortunately for this series though his commitment towards playing the Hobbit has got in the way meaning that within the first 15 minutes of this episode Porter’s character was killed off.  Good start.

Que Amanda Mealing (Holby City) as Colonel Elanor Grant head of fictional MI6 secret section 20, in the role she gets to boss around two new characters.  The clean cut Philip Winchester (Camelot) who plays Michael Stonebridge a British intelligence agent who plays by the book, he is joined by Aussie actor Sullivan Stapelton (December Boys) as Damien Scott a former Delta Force Operative who to be honest just likes shooting guns and shagging women, what more do you want on a Sunday night?

The second series is back with some added weight thanks to a joint production and investment from American network HBO, the show will arie in the US on the Cinemax channel.  What does this mean?  Well you would like to think an even better show than the one that was so critically raved about last year, unfortunately for me though that simply wasn't the case with Project Dawn.

Don't get me wrong it was enjoyable enough and was certainly a lot better than Jerry Bruckheimer's Chase (review coming soon) but for the added investment from HBO me and many others from what I have read were expecting more than a shoot up shagging fest.  It was of course only the first episode we are learning about the new characters Stonebridge and Scott in particular, straight laced not so straight laced I think we definitely got the picture that the new Section 20 partners could not be more opposite, but hey sometimes they attract, right?

The story is good and does look as if the 10 episode order of this series should pick up some serious steam in it's efforts to be like 24, a show which I don't think it will measure up to.  In the first episode we saw terrorist leader Latif and his team take over a hotel in New Delhi, India, holding the guests hostage and offing them one by one until they found the man they where looking for named Mahmood.  One thing Latif didn't bank on was that two section 20 operatives were already in the hotel and made an attempt at a fight back, unfortunately for them though two v eleven are not such good odds causing them to be taken hostage also.

All of this is happening whilst Colonel Grant has shipped her entire section 20 unit to New Delhi without informing the Indian government or military, only a mystery Indian intelligence agent in the form of Jimmy Mistri turns up to see what was going on.  This is TV remember but that amount of activity would surely cause some questions to be asked. 

It was a really good set up episode, cheesy in parts with one liners that will probably grow on you once you are more familiar with the characters.  It certainly didn't put me off and I even watched the first episode again midweek to re cap anything I may have missed.  I will be watching tonight and the show promises to provide us with a good couple of months entertainment.

Dexter Season 5 Episode 11 - Hop A Freighter

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Another American TV show that tricked me this week when Dexter didn't start at the exact point it left off last week.  The opening scene this week saw Debra and Quinn attempting to put the bite on Jordan Chase, after all what's he going to do with these vigilantes on the loose?  All the people connected to him are disappearing off the face of the Earth and surely he will be next.  Of course he's going to be next, did you see Dexter and Lumen plotting with Harrison's stick figures?  Concocting a plan on just how to get their hands on the man behind the operation

You think your safe in your own home these days, just as Dexter was doing some snuggling up last night he noticed Harrison's baby monitor was showing a live feed of him and Lumen in the living room together, I know it's a TV show but Harrison is away in Florida with grand parents, so why would you have the monitor on? The signals not that good!  I can vouch for the signal crossing thing though we used to pick up next doors signal, only sound though.

I said last week that I was really starting to like the Stan Liddy (Robocop) character, his role has really been stepped up a notch or two resulting in him stealing the show from Desmond Harrington's character Quinn.  Last night they met in a car park, Liddy has failed in his bid to save his job as a cop and is threatening Quinn to help him out with busting Dexter, I'm thinking right now Liddy is going to be offed by the end of this episode he is getting way to close to Dexter and Lumen.

Dexter and Lumen now know someone is watching them but who?  Looks like it's Quinn but the paper works not filled in properly, just before he gets to check that though did you see how uneasy Dexter looked in the briefing room hearing about the female vigilante on the loose who was using a trusted male friend to help her off Jordan Chase and his buddies?  At that point Dexter doesn't realise that Quinn is not even remotely suspicious of him. so they go and search his flat, sorry apartment in the US.  They don't really find much just a cat that farts and sneezes at the same time, and oh yeah the photo's that Liddy provided Quinn with of Dexter and Lumen dumping something off a boat.
Yet more signs emerged this week that Debra may join the serial killing ranks and create that link with Dexter and Lumen I mentioned last week.  According to Deb the vigilante and her boyfriend have got serious s**T, and are pretty F**ked up, but at the same time she thinks that's beautiful kind of a love story like somehow she doesn't mind at all and would rather see Jordan Chase get his comeuppance than have to arrest someone righting a few wrongs.
Is that Dexter spending money again?  His flexible friend must be really flexible noting to extravagant though just a flick knife for Lumen, what ever would she need that for?  Another question does anyone think the young Jordan Chase or Eugene as he was known then looks like Chunk from the Goonies?  And one more thing whilst I'm mentioning random stuff what kind of chat up line is "your like a guy"?  I'm no expert but I really can't see that working to well.

Ok back to the fun stuff, Dexter is way to clever for Liddy, right?  Please let me be right he will be getting it by the end of this episode.  Has Dexter ever been captured before?   If not he was pretty cool when Liddy took him.  Unlike Desmond Harrington though Michael C Hall manages to way hold his own against Peter Sellers, not looking phased at all you just know Dexter has got out the restraints or has got something up his sleeve.  Yes, about time.  He got him right in the heart his usual trademark, I'll miss Liddy but would rather Dexter continue and live happily ever after with Lumen.  In the meantime the rush is on to get to Emily's house as Jordan Chase has taken Lumen in with the help of Emily who is now no longer in the show, I really had a feeling that Lumen was going to put her new flick knife to use and stick it to Jordan Chase, unfortunately not the saga is going to roll over to next week in the season finale, which looks absolutely brilliant I can't wait.  Is Dexter's time up?

The Killing Season 1 Episode 9 - Undertow

Friday, 26 August 2011

This was not quite the start I was expecting this week, especially after I mentioned last week that all American TV shows seem to start exactly where they left off the week before.  The Killing ruined that one this week starting in a police station with Holder and Linden listening in to the illegal wire tap they have set up on Bennett Ahmed's phone, although it's not legal it has secured what they believe to be concrete evidence against their prime suspect.

The tapping gate scandal doesn't quite go to plan though and the judge refuses to sign the paperwork allowing them to lock Bennett up on suspicion of murder.  All of this is going whilst Mitch Larsen's sister comes back into the frame, not for police, as she hasn't even been in their frame as of yet, but if you remember I have been saying for long enough now that she is more involved than we initially thought.  She returned some of Rosie's school books to Mitch this week apparently not noticing that they had been in her car for the past 9 days, just how messy is her car?

Bennett's girlfriend even thinks he is up to no good now, she has also gone to the police station to speak with Holder and Linden about a phone call she overheard between her husband and Muhammad, all we heard though was them arranging for dates on passports to arrive, still enough to arouse suspicion that they are up to no good.

After everything that has been going on Bennett has been told to stay away from the school where he teaches but he defied the head teacher and decided to go to work swaggering around like he owned the place.  No sooner had he got into the classroom he noticed the graffiti on the board before all of his class got up and walked out leaving him with no choice but to leave the school and go home, at least that's what we think is going to happen.

Muhammad was finally been caught up with when Holder and Linden attended the local shopping centre where he works.  Linden came up with a genius plan, simply call his mobile phone and watch to see who answers, back in custody it would appear wires have been crossed Muhammad and Bennett have indeed took a girl but it wasn't Rosie it's a young girl from their Mosque who they are looking to get away from her family to protect her, Muhammad has given both him and Bennett and alibi which he even went on to prove.

In the meantime we all think Bennett has gone home for the day, before the scene switches to Stan Larsen and his colleague driving their van on a dirt track, they got Bennett following pleads from Mitch Larsen that the police were doing nothing in relation to arresting him, in what is probably the most gripping part in this series Bennett is pleading that he never hurt Rosie, but it's all to late and actor Bret Sexton who plays Stan put in another stellar performance of raw emotion beating Bennett unconscious, you feel for Stan his frustration with the situation but you also feel helpless for Bennett who we now know has done nothing to deserve the beating.

It's all happening just as Mitch is back home at the Larsen's and she pulls a T-shirt out the dryer, knowing something isn't right she tries to call her husband to stop him but it's to late.  My suspicion is now back on the sister, did she kill Rosie Larsen?  Will Stan get locked up? And will Bennett live to tell his tale?  Any way this is the best episode of the show to date an it has left us watering at the mouth for next weeks installment.

New Cinema Releases: 26th August 2011

There really isn't to much going on at the cinema this weekend, in fact your best bet in my opinion would be to go see something that came out last week but, as always I'll give you the rundown of what may be worth your time this weekend.

Loin clothes at the ready, it's Conan a movie which to be honest does not really interest me in the slightest, in fact I have never even seen the badly dubbed original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is badly dubbed a fair assessment?

Starring: Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang, Rachel Nichols and Ron Pearlman

A personal vendetta for Conan the Cimmerian warrior turns into an epic battle against hulky looking rivals, monsters and impossible odds.  Conan soon realises he is the only hope left of saving the nations of Hyboria.

Like I say above I’m not really that interested in the movie but even I have to admit that the trailer looks pretty impressive.

Other than Conan this week is a chick flick looking thing called One day, I may as well mention it as I have nothing much else to tell you about today.

Starring Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgees and Patricia Clarkson

On the night of their graduation Dexter and Emma end up spending the night together.  We see them each year on the same date July 15th and see where they are at in their lives, Emma is striving for success which can’t come quick enough.  Dexter on the other hand is very successful and as the two grow further apart they learn that they should be together.

Now I don’t know about you but for me that is the worst movie premise ever, I’m really not thinking much about this at all but like I say there really isn’t much else to tell you about, enjoy the trailer.

Midweek MixTape: Dappy, One Direction, B.O.B and Olly Murs Ft Rizzle Kicks

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Well would you believe it?  Actually scrap that you probably would, last week I mentioned Rizzle Kicks as they had released a song Down With The Trumpets which I had left out the weekly mix tape, only for it to become a massive hit.  So what will I do this week then as they also have a song out with Olly Murs (also mentioned last week) that has gone straight in at number 1, there are plenty new ones to trawl through first so I'll get to those then we may mention that one as the last song.

First up this week N-Dubz seem to be everywhere at the minute, not together as a band though.  Tulisa is off doing her thing on the X Factor, whilst Dappy on the other hand is pumping out more solo tunes.  Fresh from his collaboration with Tinchy Stryder on the song Spaceship he is flying completely solo for his next venture, No Regrets comes out September, let me know what you think.

Any teeny boppers kicking around this week? Yeah well just in case I have one for you guys.  Last years X Factor finalists One Direction where all initially dumped out of the competition but Simon Cowell decided that the five of them may work well as a band, they made it to the top two of the X Factor loosing out to Matt Cardle and now look set to take on JLS having been away in LA since the show finished making an album, the first song from that is What Makes You Beautiful, the video is below.

B.O.B, is a guy who seems to be pretty popular these days, not bad considering he has only released one solo effort here in the UK, other than that most of his work was in the US.  Earlier this year though he collaborated with Jessie J on the song Price Tag, which was a hit throughout Europe and now he's back with another solo offering from his new album this one is called High Life.

Now as promised at the top I will give you the video to the song that is currently number 1 in the UK charts, on the track Heart Skips A Beat, Olly Murs has collaborated with them Rizzle Kicks boys and produced what is surely his biggest hit yet.

Geordie Shore Magaluf Madness Episode 1

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Finally it's here, it's been a long couple of months without all the tears and tantrums from the guys and girls of the Geordie Shore house.  Back together for this two part special filmed in the holiday resort of Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca Jay, Greg, Gaz, James, Vicky, Charlotte, Sophie and Holly will be getting mortal, on it like a car bonnet and in there like swimwear for a two week holiday in Europe's party capital and here for you now is the low down on the first episode.  First things first though did you remember to check out the preview?  No.  Then click HERE to view it, remember at the bottom of this post is the tack listing from last nights show.

First off I'm going to have a little dig, not at women just some of them when they are driving, don't get me wrong here I certainly don't mind my lady friend driving especially when she is picking me up from the pub but, would you let your lady friend drive whilst on holiday when she has to drive on the other side of the road.  Gaz looked genuinely concerned that Charlotte who was driving at the time was getting a little to close to come of the road furniture, they were arguing before they even got to the Villa.

Speaking of the Villa, that's a pretty nice pad especially when it's free.  I'm going to Majorca myself next year and I have paid a lot more than free for accommodation that is no where near as nice as that, right on the Marina in the centre of Magaluf with one of those eternity pools which looks like they go on into the sea, I so want to be in Geordie Shore.

We have been introduced to a completely different Vicky from the one we saw in the house a couple of months back, she was a raving loony for want of a better word, the raving usually directed towards her on/off ergh boyfriend Jay who couldn't help but have a bit tash on with other girls.  Vicky seems at least for now to have mellowed a little though and is making it her business to have a holiday with no arguments, we'll see!

Did you see them knockers, no I'm not talking about the one on the door to the mansion or the knockers a plenty that where hanging about during the wet T-shirt competition at nightclub BCM, I am of course talking about Holly, you may remember she was the one with the boyfriend who she dumped on the last episode of the first series, have they grown or is it just her new red non Amy Winehouse looking hairstyle that is pushing them into my eye line a little more, who cares right?  Get a look.  Holly and James may well be banging in this series as she so delecatly put it during this episode.

James of course struggles to pull, both him and Greg at least admitted last night the reason for this, which is they like a classier bird, you know the type right?  The ones who don't dance on tables and bars with little to no clothes on, that kind of girl, refined I would say.  I laughed when Gaz and Greg offered to stay in to look after the house (someone has to do that every night remember), James was like I feel obliged to bring back three girls tonight so Greg and Gaz aren't left out, yeah I think you will struggle with that James you haven't even managed to pull one girl yet never mind three, at least you have Holly to fall back on though, she has been dreaming about you.

Didn't take Vicky to long to get those claws out did it, Jay being Jay pulled a couple of sisters and decided the shag pad back at the mansion should be put to good effect with both sisters and him in one bed, that would be the bed Vicky was lying in at the time which she wilfully gave up for Jay, whilst telling all of us he had pulled a mobility scooter bird, described by her as a girl who is good to ride but, you really wouldn't want to be seen in public with one, ha.  That's funny not so sure about the verdict on the girls though.

It was a great welcome back for us all to Geordie Shore who found their fame exceeded them when the were recognised in every bar and nightclub they entered, VIP was the only option and the gang now find themselves as celebrities.  I don't know about you but I can't wait for next weeks episode and surely there will be an official second series, maybe they could go to Jersey and live with the Jersey Shore house mates.  One last thing, being in Majorca the soundtrack was amazing last night below is a list off all the songs used in last nights episode, I will do the same for next weeks review.  All of the links on the songs take you to another post on this blog with a link to the video, enjoy.

Calvin Harris Ft Kelis - Bounce

NeYo Ft Afrojack - Give Me Everything Tonight

Rhianna - Only Girl In The World

J Lo Ft Pitbull - On The Floor

Kelly Rowland - Commander

The Saturdays - Notorious

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party

Snoop Dogg - Sweat

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

Sweedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza

There was one more song which I can't find but it featured on the original Ibiza Uncovered series, any guesses?

Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 8 - What Hides Beneath

Ok so even the title of this episode freaks me out, why?  Well have you ever seen What Lies Beneath?  No.  Well The movie which stars Harrison Ford has a particularly freaky scene which sees a face appear in a bath full of water.  That was enough to put me off watching that movie again.  Of course in this show the title means something totally different, whats that?  Well that something will be revealed soon, so keep reading.  Following last weeks conclusion to the two part episode Sanctuary I really wasn't looking forward to watching the show last night, fifteen minutes in and I was starting to get bored not with the characters but the storyline seemed to have just stopped, forward the ad break and it's back 30 minutes of good gripping storyline with lots of revelations.

Ok I give up I may as well tell you as I had the surprise ruined when I read something and wasn't warned about the spoiler, there are some new aliens this week very tall aliens called Slenders, they would appear to be the bosses of the alien world, or maybe the only aliens in this show at all.  We know that the mechanical Mechs aren't really aliens, they are built by them but are only used as bodyguards, the biggest reveal of the night came from the 2nd Mass Dr and her assistant.  They have been secretly operating on one of the dead Skitters discovering that they have muscle and respiratory systems just like Humans, any guesses why?  Well that's because they haven't always been Skitters.  The Skitters would appear to be harnessed also, could this mean that they have previously been harnessed children?

The 2nd Mass where out on some snooping duties this week as they are planning an attack on the alien base, during their efforts they ran across a survivor called Sonia.  She was initially captured by the aliens but was allowed to leave, why?  Because they only want the kids and the people they let go are working for them, I think we have all figured that one out by now.  She is the only one who could know who the Slenders are at this point as she clearly has a deal with the aliens, what that deal is remains to be seen and I have a feeling that Sonia's part in this show isn't over with just yet.

Rick is the creepy kid who I have mentioned for the last couple of weeks now, he was harnessed by the aliens and has not been the same since his return to the 2nd Mass.  He was drawing some pictures this week which seemed to get Commander Weaver riled a bit, that's because they were of his house.  We have seen in the last couple of weeks that something was bothering the usual hard ass image of Weaver.  His daughter Sophia was taken by the Skitters and he found her and tried to remove the harness himself, we all know what happens when people have tried to do that in the past, he is left with some hope though.  Following the attack he turned his house upside down and found nothing left of his wife and daughter, on returning last night he found a pair of his wife's glasses which weren't there last time around giving him hope that his wife and older daughter may still be alive.

How may weeks have I been saying that Pope was going to play a big part in this show?  I was right, for once.  Turns out he is a demolition and explosives expert he is now going to help the 2nd mass and the rest of the resistance launch an attack on the alien ships which have taken over the cities, he will be helped by Commander Weaver who also kept a little secret back, when he left the military he set up his own construction company.  Pope has also figured out a way to beat the Mechs, he has designed a bullet which can penetrate their outer shell giving the 2nd Mass hope for their planned attack on the aliens base.  Is the resistance finally making an in road?

Like I said at the top I really wasn't to crazy about watching this episode but thought I have gone this far I may as well see the rest, there are now only two episode left and from what I saw last night those remaining two installments should leave us dripping at the mouth for a second series of the show.

Wilfred Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Episode 1: Happiness Episode 2: Trust

This show has just started over here in the UK and I was undecided weather to watch it or not.  Having done so I’m really left wondering now should it get my attention every week or was it really not that good?

The show follows Ryan (Elijah Wood) a man who is suffering from depression believing that he is getting no where in life, we are introduced to him in the first episode with him attempting to commit suicide by drinking a smoothie of pills that Tommy Lee or Ozzy would have been proud of, following his unsuccessful attempt at suicide he notices his next door neighbours dog Wilfred only problem is he sees the dog as a guy (James Gann) in a dog suit who can talk to him.  The show is adapted from a hit Australian show of the same name in which Australian actor James Gann also plays Wilfred.

I wouldn’t say I was the biggest fan of Elijah Wood, I haven’t seen any Lord Of The Rings movies and as far as James Gann goes I haven’t even heard of him.  In Wilfred I’m not really sure who the lead is supposed to be, of course Elijah is top billed being the movie star and all but James Gann is very funny.

Bear in mind they are mostly dog related gags that I found funny on Gann's part, and that’s all I really remember from the two part opener which aired here on BBC3.  The actual story itself I’m just not to sure on, maybe it hasn’t kicked in yet or maybe it’s not going to be that in depth at all.  From what I have seen so far Ryan is in love with his next door neighbour Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) she is Wilfred’s owner, Wilfred is friends with Ryan and of course wants to protect his owner, yada yada yada that's pretty much it.

I suppose there are only so many gags you can do with a randy dog who likes to smoke pot and swear a lot.  The most stand out moment from me was Ryan and Wilfred’s trip down to the beach only to be met by the “no dogs on the beach” sign which Wilfred likened to racism against dogs, that was pretty funny, the laughs were there to be had for sure but I don’t think I can take an episode every week where the gags will surely become repetitive, having said that the show has already been picked up by the network for a second season so we’ll wait and see.

The X Factor 2011 Episode 1 Auditions

the new panel are ready, finally that was a bit of long intro 15 minutes or so before we even see the first act of the year.  The new judges are here Tulisa Contostavlos (N-Dubz), Kelly Rowland (Destiny Child), Gary Barlow (Take That) and of course old timer Louis Walsh is back for the ride once again, a lot has been said as to weather the X Factor will survive whilst the shows creator Simon Cowell is off launching the series in America, and then we lost Cheryl Cole for no reason at all after she landed a job on the American version but was sacked by the third show as Americans didn't understand he accent.  I really think it can survive and with all of the new judges, they were all brilliant and I for one didn't miss either Cowell or Cole.  It would seem from the evidence of the first show that Gary Barlow is probably going to play the Simon Cowell role, as he certainly didn't hold back in telling people what he thought.  Tulisa from N-Dubz, where did she come from?  She must be majorly dressed down to Chav status in N-Dubz because man is she hot, Cheryl Cole won't be missed as long as she is there.

The new judge line up and layout of the show really look as if it will be a real hit, judging by a couple of the contestants things won't change much there either with the good, the bad and the ugly all making an appearance to show us their talents, so check out the best and worst of the first night in the video's below, don't forget to leave your comments and come back every week for your dose of the X Factor.

Frankie Cacozza from Brighton the first contestant of this year, you can generally tell if someone is going to be good or bad, I thought this guy would be ok.  He was after he put his ass away (watch the video), he probably won't win but he was ok and got 4 votes to see him through to the second round.

Kitty Brucknell next I really thought she was going to be terrible, don't try and pull off Gaga when you cant sing.....Good job she can really, excellent voice, a little cocky and in your face but there may well be a reason for that.

The next contestant was throwing up before she went on stage, that's not a good impression straight off, presenter Dermot O'Leary almost threw up, honestly some people.  Having watched this Sunday night I had been pre warned about this lady and her attempt at singing.  Goldie Cheung sang Papa Bell (I haven't heard of it either), then she went Rolling On The River.

Janet Devlin reminds me of Katie Waisell from last years competition, not in attitude just her singing voice her Elton John cover was really good and she deserves the pass to the second round.

Last one for you from this week, George Gerasimou.  A contestant who auditioned a couple of years back with a group named Triple Trouble, not much has changed for little old George!  He still can't sing and he clearly forgot to wash out his mouth before auditioning.

The Monday Movie Review: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Starring James Franco

Monday, 22 August 2011

Not quite satisfied that I had seen enough rioting on TV in the past couple of weeks, I got home from work Tuesday night/morning and decided that rioting chimps would be just the remedy to send me off to sleep mixed with a couple of beers and some home made wine, I didn't make the wine but man that was good stuff, I recommend that first off.

Starring: James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow and Andy Serkis

The Plot

This movie is not a rehash or going over of the old ape movies.  It acts as a foundation for a new film series, which look entirely better than the last lot we saw.  Will Rodman (Franco) is a San Francisco based scientist working on a cure of Alzheimer’s disease, he gets a baby Chimpanzee who he names Cesar (Serkis), Cesar’s mother was one of his test subjects who is killed after going on the rampage.  Cesar has inherited her high level of intelligence due to the testing and it doesn’t take him long to start figuring things out for himself sparking an all out war for supremacy.    

The Verdict
I really should start by telling you that I have never seen any of the really old ape movies nor have I seen the more recent Mark Wahlberg version.  This being a new series of movies all together helped that and I have to say this movie was brilliant, I was a little surprised that it only lasts for an hour and thirty minutes.  Don't let that put you off though this is an hour and thirty minutes of gripping cinema that will satisfy your interest from start to finish.

This is the first of the ape movies where they have used full CGI for the chimps rather than actual Humans in costumes with good make up effects.  The effects where outstanding, I feel like this movie has been coming forever and when you see the effects you know why.  The chimps look so real and one in particular Cesar played by Andy Surkis was sublime. 

It was fast, exciting, interesting and even sad at times.  The story behind the chimps reason for rising was particularly sad, I'm not one for pets or animals but I don't like to see them hurt or mistreated and that is exactly what was happening here with John Landon (Brian Cox) the ring leader of the hovel where Cesar is holed up on a court order following his attack on a Human.

The cruelty story of course goes further back than that, to where the chimps were initially tested with the antidote that scientists hoped would cure Alzheimer's disease, with that though the story still manages to drag you both ways, yes you feel sorry for the chimps but the story of Will (Franco) the lead scientist and his father Charles (Lithgow) also allows you to see the reasons behind the testing in Will's attempts to cure his own father Alzheimer's.

I really can't say that I was bored or wanting this movie to finish at any point, but I suppose the short run time leaves us open for the sequel which I'm sure will be epic.  I really can't rate this movie highly enough and would have to say it's probably the best one I have seen this year, this is a must see movie for the effects alone with story line that will not disappoint.  

Would I watch it again?

Oh Yes, I don't need to say any more than that.

Rating: MMMMM

Dexter Season 5 Episode 10 - In The Beginning

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Disappointing Dexter is having to ship off Harrison to the grandparents house now that this pain in the ass Jordan Chase is well onto both Lumen and Dexter.  Ruben mentioned last week in comments that Dexter seems to be living a pretty affluent lifestyle, or he has a very high credit card bill nothing changed in that respect this week as Dexter is now renting an apartment for Lumen to stay in.

Due to the Barrel girls case being reopened Cole Harmens house has now been searched and DVDs with video's of all thirteen girls have been recovered and their shocking contents revealed not to us of course just the Miami Detectives, Dexter though cunning as he is has managed to swap the evidence from under the nose of his comedic partner Masuka, meaning that the thirteenth disk is going to be blank, that will surely throw up a few questions, right?

Who thinks Deb is going to turn into a serial killer?  Week before last she killed the little hoodlum who was going around chapping heads off and said she felt nothing, a feeling that she confirmed this week.  Maybe in series 6 Dexter, Lumen and Debra are going to form some sort of threesome.

That Eugene Grier is a bit of a porker, Jordan Chase really is an inspiration right?  He has lost all that weight and we found out that Chase isn't even his real name, and he likes to Poke Cole on Facebook, any one know the point of that feature?  I don't poke people on Facebook.  Following a conversation with Maria (the original girl) Lumen now knows Alex Tildon is the 5th guy in the frame, he will surely be next on the list.

I tell you what I really enjoyed this week, Stan Liddy (Robocop) he really is a great actor and I'm really looking forward to what will be an ultimate stand off between him and Dexter in the coming weeks, I really don't think he's watching Dexter and Lumen for police purposes I think he is getting way to much personal thrill out of it, he has fallen out with Quinn who continually struggles to keep this guy under control.  Liddy is putting together the jigsaw way to quickly and he is going to have to be dealt with.

Did you see Dexter's face when Lumen put those leather gloves on?  A little perverted would you say, I mean I know she is hot but there is no need you are gonna end up in bed with her by the end of the show anyway.

So little old Maria isn't the lonely little lady who she appeared when we first met her earlier in the episode she along with Jordan Chase is double crossing Lumen, maybe she will end up on the table of Dexter also.

The episode ended great as always, first off we had Jordan Chase coming to the station to volunteer his DNA sample up and count him out of anything, we know that as Dexter took the sample and has told him it will come back clear then him and Lumen will be coming for him, and secondly Lumen and Dexter fleeing human connection didn't last to long especially when Lumen got her kit off for us.  Then just when you are not expecting Dexter to kill anyone this week Alex ends up on the table as his part in the show warrants nothing more than a quick kill off, I really thought he was going to talk Lumen out of it luckily not with some great instruction from Dex she got the knife in the right spot.

**Remember X Factor started again on Saturday night that will be the normal Sunday post, I've had a hectic weekend so will get the X Facotor to you Monday**

Upcoming Movie Trailer: Coriolanus Starring Ralph Finnes

Saturday, 20 August 2011

*A lazy post tonight, this should be Dexter episode 10, you will get that tomorrow when I'm sober, as for now Newcastle have beat Sunderland in the local derby so you can guess the rest*

You’ve seen 300, right?  Well you really don’t need to see this movie then, only kidding this has nothing to do with 300 other than the fact Gerard Butler is in it.  The movie is not what I was expecting at all when I rolled past the trailer a few days ago.  I was expecting loin clothes at the ready but that’s no the case in what appears to be a very modern take on a William Shakespeare script.

Coriolanus (Ralph Finnes) is the once hero of Rome who is banished after his extreme views ignite a mass riot which Rome fails to handle, he is even disowned by his own mother Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave).  He joins forces with Tellus Afidius (Gerard Butler) and agrees to march on Rome intending to destroy the city.  Volumina tries to talk her son around initially rejecting her attempts his resolve finally breaks and he leaves Afidius feeling betrayed.

The movie also stars Brian Cox (the Bourne Movies), Jessica Chastin (The Help, The Tree Of Life) and James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, British TV) and is due to be released in December in US cinemas then January 20th in the UK.

The Killing Season 1 Episode 8 - Stonewalled

Friday, 19 August 2011

Is it just me or does every American TV show start at the exact point you left it the week before, this week that being Detectives Linden and Holder chewing the floor of some over sized refrigerator after the FBI stormed the place, turns out Linden and her evasive partner Holder  have just nearly blown the lid of a major terrorist investigation.

This really wasn't the best episode of this show, quite boring in fact other than maybe two points that I could think of.  Most of the show involved the mayoral campaign of Richardson, I don't watch this show in order to get the result but I'm presuming that it's going to play a major part in the series which is due to wind up in the next five episodes.

We know that Linden has had some severe trust issues with her partner Holder and up to now even I have been convinced that this guy has been selling info to the press or dealing in drugs or something, he is always so shifty and awkward looking.  Guess that's why I don't work in Hollywood, as usual I was wrong.  Holder has been meeting up with his sponsor and joining him to the local alcoholics anonymous meeting, now we know he is not the one leaking info to the press and also that he is a pretty straight laced guy these days.  The same can't be said unfortunately for Lindens tear away son who we have found is the person that leaked the gruelling photo's of Rosie Larsen's murder to the press.

FBI where everywhere this week so that played major hold up in the investigation with all of the case papers seized to go with the FBI's terrorist investigation, that didn't stop Linden sneaking into the back of one of the FBI vans to photograph some evidence they had seized, it really wasn't that entertaining and the best bit of it was the dumb agent that must have had someone else sit the test on the day they were learning how to preserve evidence.

I was probably with the majority in thinking that maybe Bennett Ahmed had nothing to do with Rosie's murder, I thought that right until the end last night when we heard him on the phone to Mohammad talking about passports, just what is he up to?  That is certainly the question his girlfriend will be asking him when next weeks episode picks up exactly where this one left off.

That really is all I got this week, not a great episode a little boring if anything.  The show itself is still great though and to stretch it you are going to get episodes that are not enjoyable but I hope what's left to see is better than last night.
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