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AC/DC Live In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I ran by this concert the other week when my brother brought it home from work, he’s a bit of blues guitarist in his spare time so I usually watch concerts he points me in the direction of.  I like the music that these guys put out, I wouldn’t say I was a massive fan but I have some of it in the car.   This was one concert  I was really happy about watching, AD/DC need no introduction from me I’m sure.  Just in case you don’t know who they are here is a quick introduction.

AC/DC are Australian, Ha there is something I didn’t even know.  They were formed in 1973 and there speciality is Hard Rock.  The band has five members Brian Johnson (lead vocals), Malcolm Young (guitar), Phil Rudd (drummer), Angus Young (lead guitarist) and Cliff Williams (bass guitarist, backing vocals).  They have sold over 200 million albums and are considered one of the best rock & roll bands of all time.

This concert was filmed in 2009 at River Plate’s stadium in Argentina, and man am I impressed at how a bunch of pensioners (almost) can rock a full capacity of almost 60 thousand like this.  Of course like anyone there were songs I didn’t like but posted below are the videos which I enjoyed the most, funnily enough these are the most watched ones on YouTube.

*Want my advice on this one, turn your computer speakers to the max sit back relax and have a beer*  Trust me, if you don’t start tapping your foot to this I will be very surprised.

I’ll start it like they did, Rock N Roll Train was the opening song to what was a pretty impressive opening to a concert.

The one I enjoyed the most now and it wasn’t just for the music but the build up to this one, I’m surprised Brian Johnson could still sing following his Olympic sprinting and bell ringing, this one is Hells Bells.  Remember TURN it up to the max.

Shoot to thrill one of the songs I have in my car is here for you now.  The look on the backing guitarists face at the start of this song, I don’t know what he’s trying to do.

It really wouldn’t be worth doing this if I was going to leave out the next song.  Back In Black is one of the bands biggest hits, the music was used in the movie Iron Man and the original video featured on the review of that movie last week.

I don’t know about you but I think that was worth coming to check out wasn’t it, that is of course just a snap shot.  The show goes on for about two hours, if you head over to YouTube you can see them all there.
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