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The Killing Season 1 Episode 6 - What You Have Left

Friday, 5 August 2011

Day six of the investigation and main suspect Bennett is still the center of police attention, the pressure is beginning to mount as Holder and Linden question his wife and neighbours.  Where has Bennett lived before, Seattle maybe?  Last night we saw Linden looking through a load of photo's of people on the missing persons register, all of whom seemed to be young women and probably students from the Seattle area.

I think this episode probably provided us with only the second laugh that I can think of, we saw Holder being told to get smarter the other week.  Last night he turned up in a suit, not a good luck for Holder who looked as if he had just borrowed Chuck Norris suit from the set of Walker Texas Ranger.

A few door to door enquiries and the cops now have an eye witness who says he saw Rosie going into Bennett Ahmed's apartment, turns out he ain't the most popular guy on the block and talk about direct questioning.  Holder to Bennett "so did Rosie Larsen pop by here last Friday".  The cops may as well just tell him we think it was you.  Whilst I'm on the subject of holder I knew he was up to something, drugs I thought.  I still think he's probably into drugs but he is also passing info out to someone (pictured right), not sure who they are yet but I'm sure we'll find out.

The guy Holder met up with did give us some info though.  Remember last week I was saying I don't think Stan Larsen has been the nicest of guys in the past, yeah?  Turns out I was right Stan Larsen was the muscle for someones gangster outfit, when Holder inquired that he didn't even have a criminal record the guy just said "dead men don't press charges".

Onto a nosey neighbour now, their a pain in the ass right?  Not in this case.  They do tend to be older people but in the Killing it's just a guy (loner) who has nothing else better to do than watch his neighbours with his telescope, he has got major info though and is now the second eye witness.  Police now know that Bennett's wife was not away the night Rosie Larsen went missing and that she was at the house helping Bennett put what looked like Rosie into a black car.

Finally at Rosie's funeral Stan's friend gets the call we have all been waiting for since last week informing him that Bennett (pictured above) is the person the police are looking at.  Stan Larsen offers him a lift home, it's a dark rainy night and you just know this guy is going to get the beating of his life.  Luckily for Bennett the end credits rolled before we got to see that but, we did see enough to know that's what will happen next week.  Back at the Larsen family home that nanny I was telling you about last week is acting awfully strange, I still think she knows more than she is telling.

Another great episode of a show that is really getting my interest more every week.  I would still like it better if they planned to conclude it in one series though.
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