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"Poll Results" And Your Favourite Superhero Is

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Following an extensive week long poll here on Movies Music & Television a whole 5 people voted as to who their favourite superhero is.  Turns out no one likes Captain America he didn’t get one single vote, no one likes Superman either.

Votes went to Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Iron Man and The Hulk.  They all got one vote each.

I was expecting to have a little more to write about in relation to the poll but I guess no one saw it on the right sidebar, and it seems that superhero polls are much of a much ness on the net.  For that reason I’ll talk about one of the superhero’s who got your vote.  It will be brief as there really isn’t much to say.

The Hulk who received one vote from someone, I’ll presume either Glen or Ruben just happened to be on TV here Saturday night.  It wasn’t the Edward Norton version either it was Eric Bana, quite possibly the worst superhero movie I have seen.  I watched the movie in full sometime back and on Saturday decided to switch it off after about 15 minutes, why?  Well like I said above it’s bad.

A mini movie review of Hulk (2003)

I like Eric Bana, movies like Munich and Chopper are great, but for me his version of Hulk was a awful.  I actually enjoyed it the first time I saw it but having watched part of it again at the weekend it’s more like a kiddie adventure than a feature film.  I did like some of the casting in the movie Eric Bana of course, then Nick Nolte as Hulk’s father was also a good choice, Lou Ferrigno the original Hulk from the TV show also plays a canny little cameo.

It’s just a shame really that none of that reflects in the movie, I am yet to see the Norton version but have seen plenty of reviews and can only imagine that it’s better than this one, maybe someone can enlighten me.  I think looking back on the movie now my favourite part was actually the end when Eric Bana is in the Amazon working as a Doctor, some guys try to steal some medical supplies and he mumbles “me haces, no me gusta cuando estoy enojado” which is Spanish for “you’re making me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”.  No I can’t speak Spanish that is courtesy of Google Translate, the only Spanish I pick up is usually courtesy of Dora The Explorer.

Since the Poll was effectively a draw I suppose I get the casting vote.  I going to say that it’s a draw between Iron Man and Spider-Man.  Thanks for the votes and maybe I’ll run another poll sometime.
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