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Wilfred Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Episode 1: Happiness Episode 2: Trust

This show has just started over here in the UK and I was undecided weather to watch it or not.  Having done so I’m really left wondering now should it get my attention every week or was it really not that good?

The show follows Ryan (Elijah Wood) a man who is suffering from depression believing that he is getting no where in life, we are introduced to him in the first episode with him attempting to commit suicide by drinking a smoothie of pills that Tommy Lee or Ozzy would have been proud of, following his unsuccessful attempt at suicide he notices his next door neighbours dog Wilfred only problem is he sees the dog as a guy (James Gann) in a dog suit who can talk to him.  The show is adapted from a hit Australian show of the same name in which Australian actor James Gann also plays Wilfred.

I wouldn’t say I was the biggest fan of Elijah Wood, I haven’t seen any Lord Of The Rings movies and as far as James Gann goes I haven’t even heard of him.  In Wilfred I’m not really sure who the lead is supposed to be, of course Elijah is top billed being the movie star and all but James Gann is very funny.

Bear in mind they are mostly dog related gags that I found funny on Gann's part, and that’s all I really remember from the two part opener which aired here on BBC3.  The actual story itself I’m just not to sure on, maybe it hasn’t kicked in yet or maybe it’s not going to be that in depth at all.  From what I have seen so far Ryan is in love with his next door neighbour Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) she is Wilfred’s owner, Wilfred is friends with Ryan and of course wants to protect his owner, yada yada yada that's pretty much it.

I suppose there are only so many gags you can do with a randy dog who likes to smoke pot and swear a lot.  The most stand out moment from me was Ryan and Wilfred’s trip down to the beach only to be met by the “no dogs on the beach” sign which Wilfred likened to racism against dogs, that was pretty funny, the laughs were there to be had for sure but I don’t think I can take an episode every week where the gags will surely become repetitive, having said that the show has already been picked up by the network for a second season so we’ll wait and see.
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