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Dexter Season 5 Episode 9 - Teenage Wasteland

Saturday, 13 August 2011

This is the best freaking show on TV, right?  Just like the Killing did yesterday, Dexter got me from the start last night.  Thanks largely to Dexter doing some jogging with his latest target Jordan Chase "this is a way to build a new you", "a way to re create yourself".   I don't think so Jordan Dexter killed you chief of security last week and guess what?  You are next on the menu.  On that topic what is Dexter doing booking more appointments with Jordan Chase's secretary, Ruben said it all last week Dexter is starting to leave way to much evidence and suggestion in peoples way now, he must surely be close to getting caught.

Mind you asides from the occasional disturbance of his actual job and his serial killing hobby, Dexter would appear to have plenty time on his hands or abs to work out.

This was another brilliant episode of Dexter gripping from start to finish.  Dexter actually had to go to work this week leaving Lumen in the house, that presents a problem especially when someone is trying to break in via both doors.  "Who the f**K are you", err no more importantly on my part who the f**k are they!  It took me until they all woke up next morning to figure out it's Dexter's step daughter Astor (Christina Robinson) and her friend Olivia (Tabitha Morella).  I thought for a moment the night before when Lumen was stuck in the bathroom with a knife that I was watching a slasher movie and some drunken teenagers were about to be slashed up.  Maybe I didn't realise it was Astor due to the fact I'm a new comer to season 5 and haven't seen any of the others.

New or not I was pleased to see Harry (James Remar) back this week, he's had a couple of weeks off and I was kinda missing his little pep talks with Dexter, this week it was purely about how proud he was of Dexter, that was really the feel of this episode Dexter becoming a better father to Harrison ,Astor and her brother, don't remember his name.  As always with Dexter that was mixed with some true laughs and tense moments

It has been good to see Harrison back to, remember he's learning to talk.  Kids always say stuff at the most inappropriate time, don't they?  Just as Dexter is half way on convincing Astor that Lumen is only a tenant and not his girlfriend Harrison goes and says "Ma, ma", the look of awkwardness on Lumen and Dexter face was hilarious, maybe they could all grow to be one big happy family.

Did Dexter like forget that Debra was with him when he went home, he thought that Astor and her friend had been taken by Chase or one of his cronies, luckily they weren't and they all headed back to Dexter's only for Debra to come face to face with Lumen, she's like "I thought you told me nothing was new, did you forget to mention the hot blonde holed up in your house", hot blonde, make that extremely hot blonde Julia Stiles must have been majorly dressed down for the Bourne movies.

There was a good laugh to be had during the hunt for the two girls when they find them down at the Marina and Olivia's step dad Elliot (Rick Peters) says to Dexter "Teenagers they can make you homicidal", Dexter's says "tell me about it". 
Debra has been suspended remember, that means she has been shoved into the record filing room, could that be bad news for her brother?  The first bunch of files she lays eyes on where the unsolved crimes, most of which her brother is probably responsible for.  Any way after one of her finds, the girls in the barrels case has now been re opened, Dexter has got some quick work to do getting around to Chase and all his associates who have been involved.  He is going to have to work quick after his training session with Chase Dexter stole a sample of what appeared to be blood from a necklace, it would appear at this point that Chase knows a little more about Dexter and his intentions than he thinks.

This wheel of Dexter's seems to be seriously coming off during this episode, I don't think I seen as much not go in his favour all at once, he is going to have to be careful Debra now also knows that Quinn was looking into Dexter for being alter ego Kyle Butler, he insists to Debra he's an idiot (yeah) but he has still put the thought in her head.

I thought Robocop (Stan Liddy) played an excellent part in this episode, when you get him and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) together on screen it's like no contest of who is winning the battle, he is starting to find out way to much about both Dexter and Lumen.  Maybe Dexter is going to have to deal with the alcoholic looking ex cop.

We all know Dexter is like the best serial killer knocking around these days, this episode we had a bit of a twist with him handing out a major ass whooping in the alley way to Olivia's step father Elliot after finding out that he has been beating her, that was another laugh on the night not the beating up but when Dexter took her home and she said that Elliot had left telling her mother she had a fat ass just as Dexter had ordered him to do.

The episode was capped off with what was another brilliant ending, Chase calls Dexter's house looking to speak with him but Lumen answers the phone.  Chase knows exactly who she is and isn't shy in letting her know.  "Tell Dexter something for me Lumen, tick, tick, tick that's the sound of his life running out".

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