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Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 7 Sanctuary (Part 2)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Well we picked up this week pretty much as we left off the week before, everyone round at Clayton's house pretending to be one big happy family.  We the audience know of course that is not the case we saw Clayton cutting a deal with the Skitters last week a deal we now know involves him trading children in return for the safety of his soldiers and their family's, the only reason he has helped out the 2nd Mass is they are running out of kids.  I was kind of puzzled as to why they had armed guards on the house, I mean they are in a deal with the aliens anyway so they know there not going to attack.  The armed guards were not quite enough to fool Hal though who noticed they only watched the perimeter of the house and would fail to see any attack coming from a longer distance.

I forgot that Clayton was holding Pope hostage too, we got that right at the end last week and now know where Clayton got his info on the 2nd Mass from.  I said right in the very first episode that Pope appeared in that he would have a big part to play, want to know what?  Well I'll get to that in a minute.

Mike (Martin Roach) went with Clayton last week having known him from the military, Mike has it all figured out now though he knows Clayton ain't shooting straight and knows about the deal with the skitters.  Offered to join the fold he agrees but is the whole time concocting up a plan to get himself, Hal and the other kids back to the 2nd Mass.

The escape from the house really couldn't have been less dramatic, there was plenty shooting don't get me wrong but the kids were all well into safety by then.  Mike agreed to be a one man band and stand and fight, you know what's coming right?  Mike of course leaves his ever more creepy son behind who will now have to fend for himself, or not as he seems willing to join back with the Skitters, there his family apparently.

I was a little worried when Ben offered to go and get help he may be going to get one of the Skitters and have all the kids thrown into the ranks of slavery they seem to enjoy so much, luckily that didn't happen he did go straight back to the 2nd Mass and organised the firing squad to meet back up at Clayton's for a sting which was the only real surprise on the night.

Holed up in the house were the rest of the kids who only had Hal left to fight for them whilst Ben was off looking for help.  Pope to the rescue then, I said he would play a big part and it now seems he's going to be the kinda bad guy come good, well sort of he's still not everyone's favourite but believe me this would be a boring show without him.

All in all I really wasn't to impressed with last nights episode, if it had been Lost or Prison Break, Clayton's plot would have been a lot more in depth and gripping to watch, this situation was resolved far to quickly and gave things away just as the mystery was starting to get you tense.  There are still three episodes left in this series and I hope they get better than this one was otherwise this may well be one of those shows that just loses my interest.
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