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The Killing Season 1 Episode 9 - Undertow

Friday, 26 August 2011

This was not quite the start I was expecting this week, especially after I mentioned last week that all American TV shows seem to start exactly where they left off the week before.  The Killing ruined that one this week starting in a police station with Holder and Linden listening in to the illegal wire tap they have set up on Bennett Ahmed's phone, although it's not legal it has secured what they believe to be concrete evidence against their prime suspect.

The tapping gate scandal doesn't quite go to plan though and the judge refuses to sign the paperwork allowing them to lock Bennett up on suspicion of murder.  All of this is going whilst Mitch Larsen's sister comes back into the frame, not for police, as she hasn't even been in their frame as of yet, but if you remember I have been saying for long enough now that she is more involved than we initially thought.  She returned some of Rosie's school books to Mitch this week apparently not noticing that they had been in her car for the past 9 days, just how messy is her car?

Bennett's girlfriend even thinks he is up to no good now, she has also gone to the police station to speak with Holder and Linden about a phone call she overheard between her husband and Muhammad, all we heard though was them arranging for dates on passports to arrive, still enough to arouse suspicion that they are up to no good.

After everything that has been going on Bennett has been told to stay away from the school where he teaches but he defied the head teacher and decided to go to work swaggering around like he owned the place.  No sooner had he got into the classroom he noticed the graffiti on the board before all of his class got up and walked out leaving him with no choice but to leave the school and go home, at least that's what we think is going to happen.

Muhammad was finally been caught up with when Holder and Linden attended the local shopping centre where he works.  Linden came up with a genius plan, simply call his mobile phone and watch to see who answers, back in custody it would appear wires have been crossed Muhammad and Bennett have indeed took a girl but it wasn't Rosie it's a young girl from their Mosque who they are looking to get away from her family to protect her, Muhammad has given both him and Bennett and alibi which he even went on to prove.

In the meantime we all think Bennett has gone home for the day, before the scene switches to Stan Larsen and his colleague driving their van on a dirt track, they got Bennett following pleads from Mitch Larsen that the police were doing nothing in relation to arresting him, in what is probably the most gripping part in this series Bennett is pleading that he never hurt Rosie, but it's all to late and actor Bret Sexton who plays Stan put in another stellar performance of raw emotion beating Bennett unconscious, you feel for Stan his frustration with the situation but you also feel helpless for Bennett who we now know has done nothing to deserve the beating.

It's all happening just as Mitch is back home at the Larsen's and she pulls a T-shirt out the dryer, knowing something isn't right she tries to call her husband to stop him but it's to late.  My suspicion is now back on the sister, did she kill Rosie Larsen?  Will Stan get locked up? And will Bennett live to tell his tale?  Any way this is the best episode of the show to date an it has left us watering at the mouth for next weeks installment.
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