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The Killing Season 1 Episode 7 - Vengance

Friday, 12 August 2011

I have to say first off that this has got to be the most tense start to a TV show I have seen for ages now, the acting of Brent Sexton (Stan Larsen) and Brandon Jay McLaren (Bennett Ahmed) was amazing, the episode picked up at the exact point we left it last week with Stan driving Bennett down a dark lonely road.  Eventually they pulled up in an abandoned car park and Stan got out to look over what I guess was a river or estuary.  Bennett is left fumbling around in the car you would think probably looking for a gun at this point.  Stan Larsen is a reformed mobster remember, he acted as a heavy for the Polish Mob before leaving that life behind to start a family.

I'm thinking Bennett is in for the beating of his life off Stan, this has got to be the most gripping start to an episode yet, right then Stan walks away again I'm thinking there is a plank of wood going over Bennett head any minute now, just watch.  But no the reformed hard man doesn't do that anymore it's not the person he wants to be, he just quietly gets back in his car.  Oh man that was that disappointing I thought some vigilante justice was about to be handed out but, would it have been to the wrong man? 

Just as all of that finishes we switch straight to detective Linden (Mereille Enos) who is sitting with Bennett's wife frantically trying to get in touch with either Stan or Bennett.  Mrs Ahmed is telling Linden a story of just how special Bennett is and that he loves his job and the kids, yeah we got that already Mrs Ahmed.  I think the problem is he or someone he knows very well likes high school kids a little to much.
Did Bennett kill Rosie Larsen?  It would now appear not following the meeting with Ahmed's wife Linden was told about a guy named Mohammad who comes round the house to study with Bennett, she doesn't like him very much and has put him in the frame for being at the house the same night Bennett had Rosie round.  We don't know to much about this guy right now and the leader of the local community wasn't helping either.  Not that you can blame him, one of the young girls who he knows is missing and as yet police have done nothing about it.  What we do know is that Mohammad has been making regular visits to the Bennett household lately.

Talk about bad timing here, I'm on late shift this week and watched this show at 2am having recorded it earlier, there is never much in the way of lightness in the show and this week just as Council man Richmond is going to get it on with his lady friend my satellite box loses signal and the recording goes all funny, a little disappointing if I'm honest but you probably wouldn't have seen much anyway.
The nanny who I have mentioned as being a possible suspect that no one has thought about for the last couple of weeks has even left my suspicion of her behind now.  She is Mitch Larsen's (Rosie's mom) sister and if she has been involved then she is acting way to cool for my liking.

Also going on this week was the ongoing saga of Detective Linden, she was meant to be leaving to get married but once again she missed her flight, who cares?  no one not even Linden to much, the rest of the story is far to gripping.  This Council man Richmond is all just a little to clean cut also, he went over to some lady's house this week, whats he got to feel guilty about?  The lady he went to see, who is she?  Obviously her daughter was killed by a drunk driver but whats that got to do with Richmond?  It may not be involved in the main story at all but we will see.  Finally Detectives Holden (Joel Kinnaman) and Linden get a lead on Mohammad which takes them to what looks like a butchers, just as the episode started it finished in the same way, another tense moment with them creeping through the dark with only torches.  They break into a big refrigerator, and the looks on their faces tells you what's in there ain't good.  Just then the FBI burst in guns and all pinning them to the ground, have they just messed up a major investigation?  Another fantastic episode of the Killing this week and I cant wait for the next installment, only three episode left now.

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