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Upcoming Movie Trailer: Coriolanus Starring Ralph Finnes

Saturday, 20 August 2011

*A lazy post tonight, this should be Dexter episode 10, you will get that tomorrow when I'm sober, as for now Newcastle have beat Sunderland in the local derby so you can guess the rest*

You’ve seen 300, right?  Well you really don’t need to see this movie then, only kidding this has nothing to do with 300 other than the fact Gerard Butler is in it.  The movie is not what I was expecting at all when I rolled past the trailer a few days ago.  I was expecting loin clothes at the ready but that’s no the case in what appears to be a very modern take on a William Shakespeare script.

Coriolanus (Ralph Finnes) is the once hero of Rome who is banished after his extreme views ignite a mass riot which Rome fails to handle, he is even disowned by his own mother Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave).  He joins forces with Tellus Afidius (Gerard Butler) and agrees to march on Rome intending to destroy the city.  Volumina tries to talk her son around initially rejecting her attempts his resolve finally breaks and he leaves Afidius feeling betrayed.

The movie also stars Brian Cox (the Bourne Movies), Jessica Chastin (The Help, The Tree Of Life) and James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, British TV) and is due to be released in December in US cinemas then January 20th in the UK.
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