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Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 8 - What Hides Beneath

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ok so even the title of this episode freaks me out, why?  Well have you ever seen What Lies Beneath?  No.  Well The movie which stars Harrison Ford has a particularly freaky scene which sees a face appear in a bath full of water.  That was enough to put me off watching that movie again.  Of course in this show the title means something totally different, whats that?  Well that something will be revealed soon, so keep reading.  Following last weeks conclusion to the two part episode Sanctuary I really wasn't looking forward to watching the show last night, fifteen minutes in and I was starting to get bored not with the characters but the storyline seemed to have just stopped, forward the ad break and it's back 30 minutes of good gripping storyline with lots of revelations.

Ok I give up I may as well tell you as I had the surprise ruined when I read something and wasn't warned about the spoiler, there are some new aliens this week very tall aliens called Slenders, they would appear to be the bosses of the alien world, or maybe the only aliens in this show at all.  We know that the mechanical Mechs aren't really aliens, they are built by them but are only used as bodyguards, the biggest reveal of the night came from the 2nd Mass Dr and her assistant.  They have been secretly operating on one of the dead Skitters discovering that they have muscle and respiratory systems just like Humans, any guesses why?  Well that's because they haven't always been Skitters.  The Skitters would appear to be harnessed also, could this mean that they have previously been harnessed children?

The 2nd Mass where out on some snooping duties this week as they are planning an attack on the alien base, during their efforts they ran across a survivor called Sonia.  She was initially captured by the aliens but was allowed to leave, why?  Because they only want the kids and the people they let go are working for them, I think we have all figured that one out by now.  She is the only one who could know who the Slenders are at this point as she clearly has a deal with the aliens, what that deal is remains to be seen and I have a feeling that Sonia's part in this show isn't over with just yet.

Rick is the creepy kid who I have mentioned for the last couple of weeks now, he was harnessed by the aliens and has not been the same since his return to the 2nd Mass.  He was drawing some pictures this week which seemed to get Commander Weaver riled a bit, that's because they were of his house.  We have seen in the last couple of weeks that something was bothering the usual hard ass image of Weaver.  His daughter Sophia was taken by the Skitters and he found her and tried to remove the harness himself, we all know what happens when people have tried to do that in the past, he is left with some hope though.  Following the attack he turned his house upside down and found nothing left of his wife and daughter, on returning last night he found a pair of his wife's glasses which weren't there last time around giving him hope that his wife and older daughter may still be alive.

How may weeks have I been saying that Pope was going to play a big part in this show?  I was right, for once.  Turns out he is a demolition and explosives expert he is now going to help the 2nd mass and the rest of the resistance launch an attack on the alien ships which have taken over the cities, he will be helped by Commander Weaver who also kept a little secret back, when he left the military he set up his own construction company.  Pope has also figured out a way to beat the Mechs, he has designed a bullet which can penetrate their outer shell giving the 2nd Mass hope for their planned attack on the aliens base.  Is the resistance finally making an in road?

Like I said at the top I really wasn't to crazy about watching this episode but thought I have gone this far I may as well see the rest, there are now only two episode left and from what I saw last night those remaining two installments should leave us dripping at the mouth for a second series of the show.
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