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Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 6 - Sanctuary (Part 1)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

First off who is that jumped up extra in the opening scene trying to loot the pharmacy, isn't there enough of that going on right now.

Lt Terry Clayton showed up this week, don't worry I hadn't heard of him either, he is in charge of 7th Massachusetts another group of survivors.  I say survivors he has shown up to tell us that the alien Skitters have taken most of his people leaving only five.  2nd Mass now have a decision to make do they ship their kids off with the seemingly trustworthy Clayton or do they keep them at the high school and try to keep them safe whilst they fight off the latest attack of Skitters.

"They weren't monsters they were our family", that is what we were hearing from what appears to be a fully recovered Ben this week.  "They loved us" is what he told his youngest brother. Imagine your dad knew everything you wanted before you even knew yourself, what do the Skitters want with the kids?  Ben of course still has the remnants of the alien harness on his back but he seems to be recovering a lot better than the kid who was rescued the week before him.  Time with the aliens really didn't seem to do Ben much harm, he can now do 100 press ups without breaking sweat, imagine the six pack!  (I mean for yourself, not his).

I liked the scene where DR Glass (Moon Bloodgood) was being trained how to fire a gun by the new girl in camp, I don't remember her name.  Does anyone else notice the women in these shows are always pretty, perfectly presented?  It's never the one from the local trailer park that wants to kick some alien ass.

Since the Skitters where coming to attack the John F Kennedy school where the 2nd Mass are holed up, they thought it would be best to try and barricade the school a little.  This had two of the figters sitting on a bus situated at an outpost playing chess, kinda reminded me of Jeff Goldblum in Independence day.  They got attacked by a Skitter and Mech making the rest of the fighters leave their posts in the school to come to their aid, that of course leaves the school wide open, will anything get in?  The Skitter that attacked the school is by far the worse looking CGI one I have seen so far, the Mech's usually look pretty fake but for a TV budget the Skitters usually look pretty good.

The Sanctuary, refers to a place two hours up the road where Lt Clayton wants to take all the kids for their own protection apparently, I would say this was the point I was having my doubts about this guy but thought I would give him a chance.  Tom's (Noah Wyle) son Hal who is one of 2nd Mass's best fighters decided to go with them so he isn't entirely trusting Clayton yet, especially when he took them a different way to what he was expecting.

If you hadn't seen it coming by now it's all then revealed, Clayton is dirty.  He has been working with the Skitters and has clearly been ordered to deliver the children to them.  I read a review of season 1 over at Hubpages which involved a spoiler that I won't reveal here, but it makes the spoiler more clear now and gives me a inkling as to why Tom goes and does what he does.

I wouldn't say this is one of the best episodes I have seen, I think Part 2 may well be better.  I do think this one provided a good part of the storyline though, like Clayton working with the Skitters, what does he get out of it?  Probably nothing, but we'll see.

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