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Britain's Got Talent Live Semi Final 1

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I'm a little late on this one been busy this morning, sorry.  The first semi final of Britain's Got Talent 2011 saw the return of Simon Cowell, he came in to the Superman music putting in his best effort not to be topped by any of the acts that where to follow.  It did not take long for Ant and Dec to knock him down a peg or two either, when Dec asked him if he could understand their accents ok.  It was probably the funniest moment of the night and only Ant and Dec would get away with that.

Now this week saw Donelda, the Arnie guy, Paul Gbegbaje, Ronan Parke, Joe Oakley and Girls Roc. 

Simon had not met Girls Roc yet and as thought he was impressed.  They came on once again with little to no clothes on, not that I'm complaining.  I mean they can't dance that great but, who cares as Simon said, are you really watching the dancing anyways.  The girls did not get into the top three on the night, and went home with no place in the final.  Maybe Simon will book them for his birthday party.

Now the Arnie guy, Stuart Arnold is the Entertainanator, or at least that is what he calls himself.  It was entertaining to the point I nearly fast forwarded it.  Maybe it's just me but where is the entertainment in a guy putting on an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask and then doing impressions of other people, he said I'll be back.  Ergh no Stu you won't bye.

I have mentioned already in last weeks post that I don't like dog acts.  Not that I don't like dogs.  I just don't find it entertaining to watch them doing tricks, they are clever no doubt but just not for me.  Donelda came on with her two dogs last night and really done nothing more impressive than what she had done in the first round of the competition.

Now Joe Oakley was also back last night to show us some more tricks on his stunt trial bike, no doubt this guy is good but other than jumping off higher platforms there is no where else balancing on one wheel can really go, so yeah pretty impressive and excellent balance but no place in the final for Joe, he did make it to the last three but went out on the public vote.

Paul Gbegbaje will be back in the final this weekend, I mentioned him in the last post also.  He has only been playing the piano for 5 years and man can he play it, I think his performance in the semi's went through about 5 songs all equally impressive.

Now to the winner of the night.  Ronan Parke wowed the judges in the first round with his rendition of Feeling Good.  He came back in the semi final with Adele's song Make You Feel My Love, I love this song and am impressed that some one as young as Adele has a voice that powerful never mind a 12 year old, the song was certainly not let down by Ronan who sang it beautifully.

That is all the latest from the show, hope you enjoyed it.  Want to stick around then why not go and check out some of the other BGT posts and don't forget leave your comments in the section below.  I'll be back tomorrow reporting on the latest from the 2nd semi final.

Britain's Got Talent Auditons - Episode 7

Monday, 30 May 2011

YOU ROCK, sorry, sorry.  I was having a bit of a Hasselhoff moment there, back to the auditions, not that many to tell you about today plus I'm still a little hungover from the Bank Holiday weekend festivities, be expecting a short post. 

First up this week is Joe Oakley, a trial bike stunt rider.  I'm a big fan of cycling and don't get out quite as often as I should, this guy was great, balance, technique everything and whats more it is the first time I have ever seen anyone do bike tricks on BGT. 

This week I'm taking you from the good to the bad and then back to the good again.  Hendrick Huelsman is a German Navy Commander currently stationed in Plymouth, UK.  I have to be honest here I thought this guy was going to be quite good, I mean he has a pretty important job and you would think he would not want to make to much of a joke of himself on TV, turns out he does.  Hendrick has even performed for his crew.  I think they may have been winding him up, well either that or he was doing this for a bet.

Now back to the good as promised.  Jean Martyn is a 59 year old retired music teacher, again you are thinking she is not going to make a joke of herself on TV.  Unlike Hendrick she didn't make a joke of herself, she plays the organ and piano, and man can she play them.  There were a couple of moments when I thought is she playing or just pressing pre set buttons but, no she is actually playing when you watch close enough. and it was a lot of fun.

So that is all the latest, pretty much.  Last night also saw the judges whittle down the 270 acts put through initially to just 40 to perform every night this week on the live semi finals, a couple of surprises.  First up Grils Roc got through, a little surprising yeah they could move a bit but they are not going to win the show.  The fact they wear very little clothing may be helping their cause.  Next surprise of the night was a battle between Razy Gogonea and Michael Moral, both great dancers who I expected to get through.  Of course one had to go home and it ended up being Michael, never mind give it a week, or maybe just a day and you probably won't remember anyway.

Ok thanks for dropping by for the latest on Britain's got talent, and oh yeah do I have to keep reminding you.  Get subscribing to the RSS, follow me on Twitter and like the Facebook page, rant over.  Want to stick around then why not check out this weeks music post or take a look at the earlier BGT post's.  I'll be back tomorrow reporting on the first live semi final.

Must Have Songs For Your iPod - Week 13

Sunday, 29 May 2011

It's that time of the week again when I get to publish my favourite post, although I think Geordie Shore may be taking over just for the pure hilarity more than anything.  As always I'm here to give you the low down on both new and old tunes that you should be adding to your iPod or MP3 players.  So without further ado;

First up this week It's Pitbull again, he is back with his new single which I heard a couple of weeks back but, last Friday I went out to party it up a bit.  The nightclub I ended up in played this "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer, maybe I was drunk I don't know but I enjoyed it and figure it would be a good one to gee you up before you go out on a large one.

Next Up, now what kind of music blog would I be if I didn't mention Take That, especially when they have kicked off their latest tour In Sunderland, North East England, not where I live but it's not to far to travel, NO...I'm not going to see them.  Their new single not yet released is taken from the new X Men First Class movie and called Love Love,  it's live below enjoy.

Now remember a couple of weeks back when I told you about the locker incident at work and I managed to catch some of Radio 1's big weekend on my way home, well I managed to keep a gem back for this week.  Yeah U-Hu, you'll get it when you watch the video of Whiz Khalifa "Black and Yellow" below.

Now that was a bit of a mix up this week, right?  Hope you enjoyed the latest, I'll be back tomorrow with the latest from Britain's Got Talent.  If you want to stick around then why not check out Cee Lo Green live on the Graham Norton Show from earlier in the week when he performed "I Want You".  Cheers, see you tomorrow.

Movie Review: JUST GO WITH IT Starring Adam Sandler

Saturday, 28 May 2011

So onto the second movie review for the week, Just Go With It.  I was actually looking forward to watching this as I had been told that it was quite good.  You may tell by the review that the person who told me that may well have been referring to a different movie.

Who Is In It? Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker and Nick Swardson

The Plot

Sandler plays Danny Maccabee a Doctor who is about to marry his high school sweetheart, that is before he hears her talking about another guy she is sleeping with and is only with him for the Doctor's wages.  Maccabee walks out of the wedding and becomes "fake married" wearing the ring in bars for years to come and telling women a story in order to get them to sleep with him.

Maccabee eventually meets Palmer played by Brooklyn Decker (extremley hot) at a friends party, sleeps with her on the beach then she finds the wedding ring.  Maccabee decides to go after her and tells her that he is married but soon to be divorced, she of course wants proof of this.  His idea now is to get his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his wife and takes along her children with him and Palmer to Hawaii.  He of course falls in love with his assistant and not Palmer.

The Verdict
The best bit of the movie.  Andy Roddick is a lucky guy.

This has got to go down as one of the worst movies I have ever seen, yeah really!  About ten minutes or so in I thought lets give it a chance, there were a couple of good gags and yeah I laughed but mostly it was just stupid I would expect this type of thing from Adam Sandler but not Jennifer Aniston.

Don't get me wrong I really like Adam Sandler movies they are all pretty stupid but they make you laugh and I like them.  This was stupid and did not make me laugh other than the couple of gags at the beginning.  I really found it hard to take seriously that any woman would be that stupid to beleive the blatant lies that Maccabee is telling her.  I know it's not real and Brooklyn Decker is not stupid but her character plays a teacher in this movie, come on.

I even got up to get myself another beer at one point and said to my wife this movie is shit, guess what.  She agreed with me and she loves this type of movie.  I know it's a rom com genre movie and the story is typical of that.  It does not take you long to work out what the story will be.  Maybe I was just expecting to much.

Would I Watch It Again?

I don't think so, I don't even think my wife would watch it again.

Star Rating: *

If you like this kind of movie then watch it why not, maybe you will agree, maybe you will disagree let me know in the comments section below.  If you want to look at a more positive movie review then check out The Mechanic review from earlier this week.  Thanks for dropping by the latest post and dont forget I'll be back tomorrow for the weekly music post.

New Cinema Releases: 27th May 2011

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ok so as always the movie we put at the top of last weeks movie post Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger tides is on top of the UK box office, no surprises there really and I don't mean because I mentioned it, simply that it's a Pirates Disney movie which stars Johnny Depp would be enough.  A good opening weekend here in the UK saw it take over £11.5 million.

On with this week now and again not really that much coming out, only one really good one to mention, another that I think was a kids book turned into a movie and I'll see what else I can find that will be worth your while going to see this weekend.  First up;

The Hangover Part II

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms

I have to be honest here I have not seen the first movie I don't know why, I have heard it is very funny, maybe I just have not had the time.  This is quite a highly anticipated release following the first movie so I think I should get round to seeing it before I watch this one, I'm on it don't worry.

The guys have just finished up with Stu's bachelor party over in Vegas and head out to Thailand for his wedding.  I would imagine from what I know about the first movie, which is not a lot.  That Stu's plans don't exactly go as they should.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Starring: Zachery Gordon, Dean Bostick and Robert Capron

I would have to say that if you have kids then I would imagine this is the one you are probably going to see this weekend, I know absolutely nothing about the movie but imagine it is aimed at children or just turned teenagers, knowing nothing about it I can't tell you much either but lets try.

Basically it's about two brothers Greg and Roderick they are dealing with their parents attempts to get them to bond whilst taking the leap into middle school.

Ok so that is pretty much it for this week as I say there is not really a lot happening at movie theatres this weekend, I suppose Pirates will still be on so you could go check that out.  It will probably be a bit quieter this weekend anyway.  Enjoy the post then why not check out this weeks movie review The Mechanic and come back tomorrow for a review of Just Go With It, thanks for reading and I'll be back Sunday night with the weekly Britain's Got Talent post.

Geordie Shore

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I know I had promised you a review of Just Go With it today but, I have just managed to catch up with the latest TV show from my area.  I will get round to the review Saturday hopefully as I could not go without saying a few words about this.

This week saw the premier of MTV's latest show Geordie Shore.  England's answer to Jersey Shore a show which I have not seen so I can't compare.  The shore and its cast have had some pretty big pimping thanks to MTV and it has opened to record ratings for the first episode.  Now as a Geordie myself I can't speak for everyone but there has been some uproar over here on local radio calling for the show to be cancelled as it sheds such a bad light on Newcastle.

I watched the show and have to say I agree with the local radio, it does not shed at least in the first episode a very good light on Newcastle.  If you have not seen the show then basically there are 4 girls and 4 guys sent to live in a house and be like millionaires for the weekend.

Now the guys are not exactly my cup of tea, they are all gym boys and just a little full of their selves for my liking, with the exception of one I might add Greg a Plumber not a Gym boy and to be honest he seems pretty down to earth doing what most single guys would on a night out.  The other Guys Gary, James and Jay are the gym boys and tell a tale that this is what a Geordie should be like pumped up to the hilts and fake tanned or a sunbed worshipper, this is very different from the Geordie's that I know.

The girls again a little full of themselves attractive, no not really with the exception of Vicky.  She works in a call centre for Sky television and seems like a pretty nice girl.  Next up it is Holly the only girls in the house who has a boyfriend, although that is a little hard to believe following her behaviour in the first episode, she has hair extensions which to be honest look like she has borrowed from Amy Winehouse.  The other girls in the house well, you have Charlotte a little bit of a cutie who Gary already has his eye on and then you have Sophie the party animal mortal drunk within hours of being in the house and throwing up on the bathroom floor, classy.

Now there you have a short introduction to everyone, if you would like some more detail then a fellow blogger of mine has set up an official fan site you can check that here for me being a Geordie I will be watching the show every week, not because it's a great show but it caught my interest enough to watch it every week and write about it here.  I will be providing you with a review of every episode what was good what was bad and what was truly ugly, be sure to follow us on twitter and join the conversation I am also over on Facebook be sure to "like" the page the button is over on the right and you can subscribe to the feed here and have everything delivered straight to your inbox.

So get in there like swim wear or on it like a car bonnet and leave your comments in the section below, cheers like hoooow.

Cee Lo Live On The Graham Norton Show

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It seems like only five minutes ago when I reviewed Cee Lo Green's performance on the Later Live with Jools Holland show when he performed Bright Lights Bigger City.  His latest TV appearance over here was on the Graham Norton show Friday night May 20th he came out to perform his new track which I had not heard of, the song is called "I Want You" and it is right back to Motown roots very soulful and catchy.

We will take a look at that one in the minute, first I want to mention the other guest's who appeared on the show.  For me it had to be the best line up ever with Elle Macpherson, Cuba Gooding JR and none other than Snoop Dogg.

Just in case you don't know who they are Elle Macpherson is a supermodel currently producing and judging Britain's next top Model, a show I don't watch so can't comment on.  Snoop Dogg was of course here promoting his new single with DJ David Guetta "Sweat".  I found out on the show the single was actually supposed to be called "Wet", why? well take a look at the video here on the weekly music post from a couple of weeks back and I'm sure you will figure it out.

Snoop was hilarious and I thought he came across great nothing GANGSTA at all, very down to earth, well as down to earth as a rap superstar can be.  They had some fun talking about his difficulty getting into the UK, take a look at the video below of Snoop talking about Sweat.

Now to Cuba Gooding JR an Oscar winning actor for his role in Jerry Mcguire, in fact I think that may have been the last movie I saw him in.  Other favourites would of course include his breakthrough movie Boyz N The Hood, also Men Of Honor with Robert De Niro.

I was wandering what he has been up to of late and to be honest you did not get to find out on the show, I done some searching around and turns out he has been doing straight to DVD movies and currently has a couple in pre production.  I think I will try to get hold of one of the straight to DVD's and give it a watch.  Cuba was also hilarious on the show and gave us a great laugh turns out his actual big break was performing as a break dancer at Lionel Ritchie's Olympic performance of dancing on the ceiling, check out the video of the performance below.

Now to the headline act of the night Cee Lo Green with his new tune I Want You, I'm guessing that the official music video has not been finished yet as I cant find it on his YouTube Vevo channel, I could find a couple of recorded versions though but, they were no where near as good as this live performance he pulled off on the night, check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed the latest, don't forget get subscribing to the RSS feed leave your comments below and remember the new Facebook page, want to stick around then why not check out the review of The Mechanic starring Jason Statham and be sure to come back tomorrow for the review of Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, cheers.

Movie Review: THE MECHANIC Starring Jason Statham

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ok as promised a movie review for you now the first of two this week, I only managed to watch this one as my lady friend fell asleep early on Saturday and Match of the Day was not on.  I have been promising myself to watch it for long enough now, and I'm pleased I did.

I didn't realise until speaking with my dad that this movie was a remake of the 1972 movie which saw Charles Bronson play the part of an elite assasin, I of course have not seen that version so I can't compare.

Who Is In It: Jason Statham, Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland

The Plot

Jason Statham stars as Arthur Bishop an elite assassin who is paid a lot of money to carry out assignments, his job requires him to be ultimately professional and completely detached and he is the best in the business.  Bishop receives an assignment who needs to be dealt with for selling out the company, only problem is the assignment is Harry McKenna played by Sutherland who is Bishops mentor.

Bishop agrees to carry out the assignment and completes the job, following that he meets Steve McKenna played by Foster, he is the afore mentioned Harry's son.  Bishop agrees to train him up to be a mechanic and deploys him on assignments, before long Bishop works out that he has been double crossed by the company and that he took the life of McKenna for no reason, so he goes on the rampage after the company boss Dean whilst having to watch his own back from Steve.

The Verdict

I thought this movie was awesome, for me kinda like the Expendables.  From the start I did not really know what was happening no one speaks for about five minutes then out bursts Bishop from the bottom of a swimming pool and drowns the guy swimming in it.  We later find the guy is a drug boss and was the target of the company that Bishop works for.

The action is pretty much non stop and Jason Statham has got to be one of the best in the business right now for this type of role, he is ultimately gentleman like with the no messing attitude.  His voice when doing a talk about who he is and what he does comes across brilliant.

Teaming up with Ben Foster also made a great partnership, he plays some what of a homicidal maniac until Statham gets him trained and sends him to eliminate another Mechanic, he is supposed to off the guy by putting something in his drink instead he goes back to the guys home who tries to seduce him.  Foster then ends up in a big fight before killing the guy off the difficult way.

The story, well yeah it's predictable but then then again most action movies are.  It did not pan out exactly like I thought it would but I was not to far away.  I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend that you see it.

Would I Watch It Again?

Absolutely without a doubt, you read a lot about Jason Statham that he just runs about shooting people, beating people up and blowing stuff up but, for me that is the draw here.  The ultimate guys action movie that requires no thinking about and provides you with a couple of hours of great entertainment.

Star Rating: ****

If you liked this then why not check out my review of Limitless or just jump over to the Movie Reviews page and take a look at the list.  I am going to bleat on about it again but if you are not subscribed to the RSS yet then get on it the button is on the top right of the page, remember to like the site on Facebook to the new page there is still a work in progress.

Must Have Songs For Your iPod - Week 12

Monday, 23 May 2011

Welcome to another weekly music post, as you all know this is my favourite one of the week.  I love music working as a nightclub DJ for about 5 years when I was younger, the partying days are over now though and this is pretty much as hardcore as it gets for me, I'm a little more mellow with some of my music choices you should see that this week.

Now something you probably would not expect from a 20 something like myself is that I like Blues music.  Walter Trout and Jeff Healey in particular but, I also like modern day Blues to, I was reading a blog post on something I read Eat & Drink Music and she had a song up there from John Mayer, I did really like the song that much but it reminded me of one of his songs that I do like.  Half Of My Heart was pretty much the first song I heard by him, check out the video below.

This next song I heard the other week and have just remembered I was going to include it in one of the post's.  I figure it fits in quite well here after the first song.  Maroon 5 will need no introduction from me and their song Makes Me Wonder is great, especially if it's a nice sunny day out, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Remember this blog and this weekly post does not always relate to new music, if there is any good tunes released this week then don;t worry you will hear about them here.  Now you may remember me telling you last week about me locking my locker keys in my work locker, duh!  I had to pop home and on the way managed to catch some of Radio 1's big weekend and I heard this track, enjoy.

Thanks for dropping by I appreciate it as always, don't forget help me turn this blog into something bigger get subscribing to the RSS feed, be sure to like us on Facebook and share this with your friends.  Want a laugh whilst you are over this way then check out the latest Britain's Got Talent post released yesterday. Thanks again and I'll be back tomorrow with a movie review of either "The Mechanic" starring Jason Statham or "Just Go With It" starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. 

Britain's Got Talent Auditions - Episode 6

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back again this week with all the latest from Britain's biggest show, it was a bit of a boring one actually not that much to report on.  I did realise something this week, I hate dog acts.  No I don't hate dogs I just hate their acts.  We have known for long enough that dogs are intelligent and can be trained to a pretty high standard.  Last year Simon Cowell said he would like to find a dog act to perform at the Royal Variety performance, this year the flood gates seem to have opened and there are loads of them.  Fair enough if that is what you are into but I just don't find it entertaining, nuff said on with the show.

Now from dog acts to magic acts, these guys have had no luck at all in this show as Mr Cowell hates magic acts.  I have to admit I really don't find them to impressive myself but, if they are good then I don't mind. Que David and Karen.  David works full time as a magician and illusionist and Karen is a dance teacher.  They came on and performed an illusion first done by Houdini, how they do this amazes me and I thought it was a great act that even kept you entertained.

A couple of rappers for you now who to be honest I thought, oh here we go this is going to be terrible Eminem wannabes, I thought it even more when they said they were singing their own song.  I often get proved wrong when I think like this and this occasion was no different these two kids were really good and they gave a great tribute to their Grandfather.  Their act is called Follow The Right Path, they weren't bigging it up about how hard they are or how G.A.N.G.S.T.A they were and I enjoyed it.

Sine we are on the subject of music I will go on to mention this guy Paul Gbegbaje a Pianist.  As soon as I saw this guy in his pre performance interview I said he is going to be good, again I often get proved wrong here and they go on to be terrible.  Not this time this guy was great and he can certainly play the Piano and, oh yeah he has only been playing for five years

Last one to mention now Robbie Firmin is a little crooner, it's difficult to say anything bad about him as he is only 7 years old, so in that case I won't.  He came on in his little suit and top hat to sing Frank Sinatra's I Did It My Way, I will let you make up your own mind on what you think, don't forget to leave your comments below.

That's it for this week, I will be back next Sunday for the next episode.  Make note that is Sunday it will be late at night as BGT is not on Saturday next week.  It is the start of the semi finals so it will be on every night of the week giving me plenty of material .  In the mean time if you get bored I will be back tomorrow with the weekly music post (that has been moved to Monday this week) I also have a couple of movie reviews lined up for "The Mechanic" and "Just Go With It" midweek, now why not check out some other BGT posts (links below).

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New Cinema Releases: 20th May 2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

Welcome back to theweekly cinema post, no ranting this week.  Blogger seems to be back to it's normal self, and it's the first time in weeks where a big blockbuster movie has been released and a couple of other decent ones for you to see to.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush

Swash buckling Captain Jack Sparrow is back in the latest outing of Pirates of The Caribbean.  I have to admit and this is a little embarrasing, especially when I run a movie blog but, I have only seen the original pirates movie.  Don't ask me why it's just one of them that I have not got around to.

This insatllment of the franchis sees Jack and Barbosa going in search of the fabled fountain of youth, only for them to find out that captain Jack's nemesis Blackbreard and his daughter are also in search of the elusive fountain.  Jack does not know who to be more afraid of Blackbeard or his seemingly scheming daugheter.


Starring: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine and Aidan Gillen

Now for me this movie looks awesome and I can guarantee I will be making it my business to see it in the next couple of weeks and provide you with a review.  I did not really how cool or how much of a bad ass Jason Statham is until I saw The Expendebles, a friend of mine said recently he should have got the role as James Bond.  I don't think he is quite that cool but, maybe you think diffrent, let me know.

This movie sees Statham play a tough street wise cop who is dispatched to go after a serial killer who is specifically targeting police officers.

Age Of Heroes

Starring: Sean Bean, Danny Dyer and Izabella Miko

So Sean Bean is back in movies fresh from making all those mobile phone adverts, something new for Danny Dyer also who always stars in gangster movies.  It has been a while since I saw or new anything of a war movie being released, in fact the last one I saw was Jarhead with Jake Gyllenhaal.

This movie is a true story about the formation of Ian Fleming's 30 Commando unit which was set up during the second World war.  The unit were the original elite and the precursor for the Special Air Service (SAS).

I could not find a trailer on YouTube for this, their must be a video game or something with the same name.  If you want to check out the trailer then here is the link to IMDB.

So that's it for another week of movies, don't forget their will be plenty of news coming through the week and maybe a review if I get round to it.  Be sure not to miss any of it, subscribe to the RSS feed and read every post, leave your comments below I respond to them all and lastly remember the new Facebook page be sure to click "like".  Thanks for dropping by and catch you Sunday morning for the weekly Britain's Got Talent post.

Up Coming Movie Trailer Cowboys & Aliens Movie

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Now I’m not the world’s biggest fans of Western genre movies, for me I just don’t get it.  What is the story about? Who is he? What is going on?  For that reason I simply don’t watch Westerns of old or new, although when I think about it I probably should watch the newer ones as they tend to get good reviews.

Now I have found a one I will watch Cowboys and Aliens, not quite your conventional Western but it does look good.

Cowboys and Aliens is due in Cinema’s in August 2011 (UK) and has a pretty impressive cast including Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell.

The story is set in 1873 Arizona, the old West.  It concentrates on a town called Absolution, where a gunslinger with no memory of who he is or where he has been roles into town.  The town is run by iron fisted Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford), who does not exactly welcome the stranger with open arms.

The town is attacked by an unknown force and before long the residents soon realise that the mysterious gunslinger is their only chance of defeating the enemy as he slowly starts to remember who he is and where he has been.

Ok it’s not the best story in the world but it does mix things up a bit in the western genre with some sci-fi and action being thrown into the mix.  Check out the trailer below.

Don’t forget, subscribe to the RSS or via Email and get all the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox.

If you liked this then whey not check out the trailer for Super 8 or take a look at Johnny English Reborn, not for you then take a look at the new movies out this week.

NBC Cancel The Event

Monday, 16 May 2011

Now this is new I heard back earlier in the week possibly late last week, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed.  I have watched this show every week since it started and I'm quite intrigued.

For those of you who have not seen the Event.  It follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) who's girlfriend is kidnapped and mysteriously disappears.  It soon becomes apparent that Laila's (Sean's girlfriend) father has been hired to fly a plane into the compound of the president, that attempt fails and the President learns that a secret has been kept from him which includes a secret compound in Inostranka, Alaska.  at the compound are prisoners who are Aliens and the President decides to release them.

Like Flashforward this show does get slow on occasions but manages to leave you wanting more at the end of every episode.  Lets not forget this was billed as the new Lost, which I watched every single episode of, it got slow at times and the end of the show, well!  We all know how much of a let down that was.

I had a feeling something like this was going to happen with The Event, the show airs here on Channel 4, originally the show was on at 10pm.  Week before last it was moved to 11pm and now its not on til midnight, why?  Is it really that bad?  Am I one of the only people watching this show?

I don't think I am the only person watching this show and really I don't think it is that bad, I will still watch on a Monday night/ Tuesday morning to see where the story goes.  I can understand the cancelling of Flashforward for instance, with that show I was at the point of falling asleep half way through but. the Event has just got something different for me I enjoy the show and I'm surely not the only one.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget the new Facebook page and to subscribe to the RSS.  Thanks for dropping by and if I'm not back before, then I will see you Friday for the weekly movies post.

Must Have Songs For Your iPod - Week 11

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ok so I'm coming to you now pretty stressed out, why?  Well I'm at work I started at 4pm today.  I got here to realise that I have locked my keys to get into my locker in the locker, being Sunday the master key is locked away in an office which can not be opened at the weekend.  Everything is in my locker work clothes, stuff to take a shower when I finish at 2am etc etc, so I had to go home which luckily is not to far get some work attire then trail my ass back to work again.

Lucky for me, today is Radio 1's big weekend in Carlisle it was live on the radio Westwood v Chris Moyles (they are DJ's on Radio 1), I got some great ideas for next weeks music post, it would be this week but I already had some good ideas for this week, so here goes. 

As I have mentioned in some previous posts all you seem to do to get a hit record these days is get a really good DJ to lay out a fat beat stick a hip hop star on the backing track and hey presto it's number 1.  That rule also applies to female R&B artists Kelly Rowland to be precise, Italian DJ Alex Gaudino latest record What a Feeling is new out this week and should prove a smash in the charts, take a look at the video below.

Now as I'm talking about Alex Gaudino I will mention his previous hit record which proved a smash in the clubs when it was released a few years back.  Destination Calabria you may remember it, I heard it on the Radio yesterday and though I have to include it in this weeks post, check the video below.

One more for you this week and it comes from the Black Eyed Peas, they can't really seem to do to much wrong at the moment, unless you have read my review of their performance at Superbowl 45, no?  Then go check it out and let me know what you think.  Their new song Don't Stop The Party is out and being one of their singles will no doubt do well in the charts, enjoy.

So that's it for another week, want to stick around then why not take a look at last weeks music post maybe you want to see some talent, yeah?  Then the weekly Britain's Got Talent post is here for you also, so go check it out.

I'm going to bleat on about it again the RSS, subscribe the readers are growing so join in, it only takes one click, also don't forget the site now has a new Facebook page be sure to "like" it.  Thanks for dropping by and I'll catch you again through the week and just before you go don't forget to leave your comments in the section below, I respond to them all.

Britain's Got Talent Auditions - Episode 5

Another week of great auditions from Britain's got Talent for you now, I have managed to get past venting my Blogger frustrations on the weekly movie post hopefully things will go a little better with this one and nothing will just go on and delete itself.

This week saw a couple of great acts, one not so great but pretty impressive act and one lets say slightly crazy act who just happened to look like Britney Spears.

First up was John Evans, a 63 year retired builder who over the years developed a new way to carry bricks around the site.  18st of bricks if we are going to be precise, stacked up into buckets which he balances on his head whilst doing some belly slapping.  He did not get through, but you have to honest keeping that much weight on your head is pretty impressive.

Now from impressive to really impressive.  Two and a Half Men, yeah that's right.  I think if they are going to make it they may have to change their name.  These guys are three best friends who put on a great dancing show, needless to say they got through to the next round.  They were really good but it will be interesting to see if they can do something different or more impressive in the next round.

Now from impressive to weird but, very good.  The Circus of Horrors is not really my idea of fun, in fact a circus full stop is not my idea of fun.  This was entertaining and they are very good at what they do.  Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Now last but not least today Lorna Bliss, nothing better than a half naked girl auditioning.  This video has had almost 20,000 views on YouTube already you can imagine why.  Now Lorna does not particularly have a talent she has just devoted her life to looking like Britney Spears, why? because she is her idol.  Lorna done us a dance and singing act of the song Toxic, she did not make it through and would probably have heard the buzzer had she been wearing any clothes.

Ok so that's it for this week, hope you enjoyed the latest.  Do I have to remind you leave your comments below let me know what you think I always respond.  Join in and subscribe to the RSS feed the button is on the right and only takes one click, also we have the new Facebook page be sure to like it.

Thanks for reading the latest and remember you can check out all of the best and worst auditions right here check out weeks one, two, three and four here.  Thanks again and I'll be back tonight with the weekly music post.

New Cinema Releases: 13th May 2011

Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's that time of the week again when I give you the low down on what is worth going to see at the cinema this weekend.  Blogger has been down for a couple of days so apologies to all my subscribers, as you know this post is always published Friday morning.  Once again the movie we mention last week Thor has been the biggest box office hit taking nearly £2 million, I wonder if the people who went to see the movie would agree with my work colleague and the mini review he provided for me when we took a look at the Ugly Truth. Ok back to this week not that much happening but lest look at the best.

Attack The Block

Starring: Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker and Luke Treadaway

this movie is brought to you from British comedy geniuses Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, to be I had not heard that much about i t. I first saw an advert on the side of a bus or something and thought maybe it was some kind of British gangster movie. Wednesday night here in England was the National movie awards Frost and Pegg where giving out an award and that's when I found out that it's a comedy.

There is not really a lot to say about the plot, It's about a South London gang of teenagers who protect there block when Aliens invade. The movie should provide some good laughs, will I see it? probably not but if you do then let me know what you thought and we can put it up here.

The Way

Starring: Joaquim De Almeida, Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen

Yeah you read it right Emilio Estevez, been a while since I saw him in a movie. I probably last saw him in Mighty Ducks or Judgement Night, the latter being the better of the two movies. I have never heard of the main character since the movies is based in France I would presume that he is French but who knows?

The movie is about a guy who travels to France to look for his son who was away travelling.

Now I could have written more, I know that.  Fact is I did write more but Blogger has been down for two days like I mentioned and now it seems to have deleted half of my post.  It's nearly midnight and I'm pretty pissed off now so thank you Blogger!  There was another movie I was going to mention Holy Rollers, unfortunatly I could not salvage any of that and could noy be arsed to write it again, lazy? yeah I know.  I will be back in the morning for the weekly Britains Got Talent post.

I hate to keep banging on about this but but the RSS feed are you a subscriber? no then why not the button is on the right it only takes one click.  Remember we are now also on Facebook click to "Like", cheers see you tomorrow.

Movie Review: THE UGLY TRUTH Starring Katherine Heigl

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

So as you know I was away on holiday last week, we had ourselves a staycation which enabled me to watch a movie or two.  Now don't get to excited the movies I saw most were Dora The Explorer Saves the Crystal Kingdom and My Friends Tigger and Pooh and the Musical to, sounds great huh?  I did manage to squeeze in one adult (not porn) movie which was the Ugly Truth.

I'll get to that one in a moment I have a sort of mini review for you first which I got courtsey of a work colleague, I'll break it down to the conversation we had, here goes;

John: Marty have you reviewd that movie Thor yet?
Me: No mate not yet, don't fancy it to much.
John: I'll review it for you "It's shit, don't bother"

So, guess I will be giving Thor a miss then.  On with the movie I did see then, just my luck walking around Tesco getting in some beer for the trip their in the bargain bucket for £4 is The Ugly Truth starring Gerard Butler and Ketherine Heigl.  It's not a new movie in fact it came out in 2009, can't beleive it has took me that long to see it, never mind.

The Plot

Heigl plays Abbie Richter a morning show TV producer who's show is loosing viewrs dramatically and is in danger of being cancelled.  The company sign Mike Chadway played by Butler who is working on a late night show expressing his chauvanistic views to a very captive audience.  Richter hates the fact that Chadway's unorthadox style gets so many viewers and the pair strugle to get along, Chadway telling Richter that she is romantically challenged, he challanges her to a test, follow his ethics on how to make a man fall in love with you.  If the tricks work then Richter must allow Chadway to be as unortadox as he likes when presenting the morning show.

The Verdict

Vibrating underwear, the way forward!
Being a rom com you really know what to expect by just looking at the front cover of the DVD, if you have not figured it out by then then give the movie five mninutes or so and I'm sure you will figure it out.  That said it was not bad just your typical romantic comedy movie, which once again stars Katherine Heigl.  I don't mind that of course, for me Heigl has got to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood right now so maybe my judgement is clouded.  Gerard Butler also stars, lets not forget he is a pretty awesome actor, on screen the two worked really well together.  The movie provides you with some great laughs, admittadly the dinner table orgasm scene was by far the funniest, and Heigl falling out a tree to reveal here Bridget Jones style knickers whilst doing her best to get a look at her new neighbour was extremley funny.

The movie is predictable like I have said but if you enjoy the rom com grenre in general then this will not disappoint you.  It is not the best movie either of these have made, I preferrd Killers where Heigl starred along side Ashton Kutcher, In Butlers case The Bounty Hunter was probably better.  It is very much a movie that I was glad not to pay full price for, but I did enjoy it and if you like movies like the Ugly Truth then and you have not seen it already then I definatly recommend it.

Would I Watch It Again?

Lets say it's on TV one night and there is nothing else to watch, then probably yeah.

Star Rating: ***

So that's it for another movie review, if you liked this then why not check out the review of Life As We Know It or take a look at my review of Limitless.

I'm hoping to catch Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston this week, so you can look forward to the review on that.  In the mean time be sure to "LIKE" the new Facebook page which is now up and running (work in progress), and subscribe to the feed for all the latest posts straight to your inbox. 

Cee Lo Green Live Review

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

This is sort of another request from my regular commenter Ruben, since his last suggestion to review the Black Eyed Peas live at the Super Bowl proved to be so fruitful viewing wise.  I thought I should get on with this one straight away.  Well as near as anyway.  This is the post that should have published whilst I was on holiday, so it's a little late but never mind here it is now, enjoy.

As you have probably guessed by the title the review is in relation to Cee Lo Green or Gnarles Barkley, or maybe you know him by his real name?  Thomas DeCarlo Callaway.  I did not have to wait long for the review, as Cee Lo appeared on Later Live With Jools Holland here in the UK a couple of weeks back. 

Cee Lo as he likes to be known is a record producer, singer songwriter and rapper who started his career with Goodie Mob, no I hadn't heard of them either!  We all know him mainly as 1 part of double act Gnarles Barkley a group he created with his DJ/producer friend Danger Mouse.  The guys had a lot of success and released their first single "Crazy" which reached number 1 in both the US and UK, as well as various other countries.  They put out their first album which was well received and went to work on the second, unfortunately that did not match the first ones success.

Cee Lo decided it was time to go it alone, he released quite a lot of music through Arista which did not meet a wide audience before meeting and working with Producer Timbaland.  He released a single with the producer which was well received when performed on the Chappelle show.  Then came the big break when Cee Lo was due to release single Fuck You on 19th August 2010, the record was partially leaked on YouTube in the April and became a massive hit both prior and after it's release.  From there the music has gone up and up in popularity and Cee Lo Green is now highly regarded as one of the best Motown artists in the world.  That brings us to now and the release of his latest single Bright Lights Bigger City, check the video below.

Cee Lo then popped over to the UK to perform the song on Later Live with Jools Holland, a performance that I had to watch twice to fully appreciate.  You may remember that we talked about the new single here a while ago on our weekly music post and I love it, so to the live version.

For a Rap, Hip Hop and R&B song I was expecting most of the music to be electrical (not guitars) pre recorded, and was not sure as to weather he would sing live as some rappers and R&B artists sound terrible when they do so, check out the video below and let me know what you think.

I was wrong, the performance was brilliant with two guitarists who gave the song a exciting twist and very different sound, still allowing you to recognise the music instantly.  Cee Lo sang live and apart from the one moment when he mistimed his return to the microphone his voice came over brilliantly, his energy was excellent and for me hi is one of the few R&B artists I would go and see live if I got the chance.

There you have it, thanks for dropping by and remember subscribe to my RSS feed or via Email to have all the latest dropped straight into your inbox, or FOLLOW me through Googe or Twitter, be sure to "LIKE" the sites new Facebook page and recommend it to your friends.

If you liked this then why not check out the Black Eyed Peas live at the Super Bowl review, or check out our latest weekly music post, must have songs for your iPod.  On managed to see a movie whilst on holiday last week "The Ugly Truth" starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, the review will be out later this week, be sure to check it out.
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