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Movie Review: JUST GO WITH IT Starring Adam Sandler

Saturday, 28 May 2011

So onto the second movie review for the week, Just Go With It.  I was actually looking forward to watching this as I had been told that it was quite good.  You may tell by the review that the person who told me that may well have been referring to a different movie.

Who Is In It? Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker and Nick Swardson

The Plot

Sandler plays Danny Maccabee a Doctor who is about to marry his high school sweetheart, that is before he hears her talking about another guy she is sleeping with and is only with him for the Doctor's wages.  Maccabee walks out of the wedding and becomes "fake married" wearing the ring in bars for years to come and telling women a story in order to get them to sleep with him.

Maccabee eventually meets Palmer played by Brooklyn Decker (extremley hot) at a friends party, sleeps with her on the beach then she finds the wedding ring.  Maccabee decides to go after her and tells her that he is married but soon to be divorced, she of course wants proof of this.  His idea now is to get his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his wife and takes along her children with him and Palmer to Hawaii.  He of course falls in love with his assistant and not Palmer.

The Verdict
The best bit of the movie.  Andy Roddick is a lucky guy.

This has got to go down as one of the worst movies I have ever seen, yeah really!  About ten minutes or so in I thought lets give it a chance, there were a couple of good gags and yeah I laughed but mostly it was just stupid I would expect this type of thing from Adam Sandler but not Jennifer Aniston.

Don't get me wrong I really like Adam Sandler movies they are all pretty stupid but they make you laugh and I like them.  This was stupid and did not make me laugh other than the couple of gags at the beginning.  I really found it hard to take seriously that any woman would be that stupid to beleive the blatant lies that Maccabee is telling her.  I know it's not real and Brooklyn Decker is not stupid but her character plays a teacher in this movie, come on.

I even got up to get myself another beer at one point and said to my wife this movie is shit, guess what.  She agreed with me and she loves this type of movie.  I know it's a rom com genre movie and the story is typical of that.  It does not take you long to work out what the story will be.  Maybe I was just expecting to much.

Would I Watch It Again?

I don't think so, I don't even think my wife would watch it again.

Star Rating: *

If you like this kind of movie then watch it why not, maybe you will agree, maybe you will disagree let me know in the comments section below.  If you want to look at a more positive movie review then check out The Mechanic review from earlier this week.  Thanks for dropping by the latest post and dont forget I'll be back tomorrow for the weekly music post.
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