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Britain's Got Talent Live Semi Final 1

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I'm a little late on this one been busy this morning, sorry.  The first semi final of Britain's Got Talent 2011 saw the return of Simon Cowell, he came in to the Superman music putting in his best effort not to be topped by any of the acts that where to follow.  It did not take long for Ant and Dec to knock him down a peg or two either, when Dec asked him if he could understand their accents ok.  It was probably the funniest moment of the night and only Ant and Dec would get away with that.

Now this week saw Donelda, the Arnie guy, Paul Gbegbaje, Ronan Parke, Joe Oakley and Girls Roc. 

Simon had not met Girls Roc yet and as thought he was impressed.  They came on once again with little to no clothes on, not that I'm complaining.  I mean they can't dance that great but, who cares as Simon said, are you really watching the dancing anyways.  The girls did not get into the top three on the night, and went home with no place in the final.  Maybe Simon will book them for his birthday party.

Now the Arnie guy, Stuart Arnold is the Entertainanator, or at least that is what he calls himself.  It was entertaining to the point I nearly fast forwarded it.  Maybe it's just me but where is the entertainment in a guy putting on an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask and then doing impressions of other people, he said I'll be back.  Ergh no Stu you won't bye.

I have mentioned already in last weeks post that I don't like dog acts.  Not that I don't like dogs.  I just don't find it entertaining to watch them doing tricks, they are clever no doubt but just not for me.  Donelda came on with her two dogs last night and really done nothing more impressive than what she had done in the first round of the competition.

Now Joe Oakley was also back last night to show us some more tricks on his stunt trial bike, no doubt this guy is good but other than jumping off higher platforms there is no where else balancing on one wheel can really go, so yeah pretty impressive and excellent balance but no place in the final for Joe, he did make it to the last three but went out on the public vote.

Paul Gbegbaje will be back in the final this weekend, I mentioned him in the last post also.  He has only been playing the piano for 5 years and man can he play it, I think his performance in the semi's went through about 5 songs all equally impressive.

Now to the winner of the night.  Ronan Parke wowed the judges in the first round with his rendition of Feeling Good.  He came back in the semi final with Adele's song Make You Feel My Love, I love this song and am impressed that some one as young as Adele has a voice that powerful never mind a 12 year old, the song was certainly not let down by Ronan who sang it beautifully.

That is all the latest from the show, hope you enjoyed it.  Want to stick around then why not go and check out some of the other BGT posts and don't forget leave your comments in the section below.  I'll be back tomorrow reporting on the latest from the 2nd semi final.
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