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Britain's Got Talent Semi Final 2

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I know you were expecting  a review of the second episode of Geordie Shore this morning but, I did not get time to watch that last night mainly due to the fact that BGT is on for two hours by the time we get the results, I had to catch up with the last episode of the Event also which will be reviewed some time this week.  I will watch Geordie Shore tonight and report tomorrow, promise.

I don't know if this is just me but I feel like BGT is just on TV to much now and I'm getting bored, maybe it was just last night did not really entertain me that much who knows?

Up last night were New Bounce, Jean Martyn, David and Karen, Enchantment, Lorna Bliss, Herbie Armstrong, Up and Over and Two and a half Men.

Remember Lorna?
I'll start with Lorna Bliss the girl who has devoted her life to looking like Britney Spears, why?  Well that's what I thought, she did not even get through to the semi's originally straight No's from all the judges.  Then Hasselhoff goes and argues her case and they bring her back, again why?  Other than the fact she wore no clothes in the first audition she was not impressive.  Last night she managed to get two buzzers and really bad comments from the judges, note to self Lorna wear less clothes next time.

Herbie Armstrong was quite good last night, I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it that much.  You would expect him to be good as he was a set musician for years before he ran pubs, last night he sang Mandy, it was ok but it is not good enough to beat either Ronan Parke or New Bounce.  Herbie did not get through to the final.

Two and a half Men now, they were quite good their dancing act told a real story kind of like watching an old Laurel and Hardy sketch, enjoyable to a point but I got a bit bored of it half way through.  Up and Over also featured last night, they are Irish dancers formally part of Riverdance, they do Irish dancing with their hands.  Simon Cowell was not impressed and neither was I to be honest, they are out to.

David and Karen are the magic act who do some great illusions, the one they done last night was pretty impressive and I have no idea how it's done, unfortunately they did not make the cut last night.  They got into the top 3 but where pipped to the post by Jean Martyn.

Jean now, she is the 59 year old retired school teacher, my wife and I were sitting talking about her.  You would want this lady to be your kids school teacher, it would be the best class in school I'm sure.  I said last time that at times she looks like she is not playing the keyboard and is simply pressing pre set buttons.  She did prove last night that was not the case and she does in fact play, it was great and she was in the last two winning the judges vote against the magicians.

Now to the winners of the night New Bounce, I was not to impressed with them in the first audition.  They made no real impact for me, their performance last night was by far and away the best they won the public vote, and they are now favourites to take the competition.

That's the latest, hope you enjoyed the post.  Don't forget I'm here everyday this week giving you the low down on each of the semis and then the final, want to read more then why not subscribe to the RSS feed the button is on the top right, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook, thanks for dropping by, whilst you are here why not check out the first semi final.

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