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Britain's Got Talent Final 2011

Sunday, 5 June 2011

So here we are the final of BGT 2011, we have been here for the last two and a half months giving you the lowdown on every show and most of the acts.  As you know some have been good, some have been bad, and some have been truly awful.  The show as always has been a massive hit with the public but for me this year I found it a bit boring, not because of the acts (well some of them) but just due to the fact that it has been on for two hours every night, I think they over played it a little.

So to last nights show the finalists were, Michael Collings, Les Gibson, James Hobley, Ronan Parke, Jean Martyn, Jai McDowall, Razy Gogonea and New Bounce.

First up then Michael Collings, a guy who has majorly impressed in this competition, and Simon Cowell loved him in the semi final.  A great performance from Michael in the final, he sang Driving in My Car again by Tracy Chapman, unfortunately it was not good enough on the night though.

Les Gibson now, you know the guy who does the impressions.  My favourite act if I'm honest.  A really likable guy and I hope he goes on to do really well out of his performances on the show.  Hilarious last night and topped it off with impressions of all the judges apart from Amanda Holden.

James Hobley, I really thought this kid would have done better than what he did, I think the Queen would probably love this type of act.  He is a ballet dancer and a pretty awesome one at that especially for an 11 year old.  A great job last night and he should do well following the show.

Now Paul Gbegbaje the pianist, everyone has been impressed with this guy and I was looking forward to see what he could do in the final.  Again another act that was very impressive on the night and a shame he had big voices to compete against.

Onto Ronan Parke now the favourite to win the final this year.  Remember yesterday in the press it came out that a blogger had published something about this kid being coached by Cowell for the last two years, yeah.  That was not me.  The blog has now been taken down, and it's not true.  There were a couple of moments when I thought his voice was going to go last night but, he pulled it back and gave an incredible performance.

To Jean Martyn now you know the lady who plays keyboard and organ, with a massive cheesy grin on her face, it may not be your favourite act but you can't help but like this lady.  Last night she was full of smiles as always but, it wasn't for me.

Razy now, the Matrix dancer guy who saw off the challenge from French dancer Michael Moral in the semi final after Simon Cowell brought him back.  This guy is an amazing dancer no doubt but, can he step it up in the final.  He was very impressive last night especially with the fire.

New Bounce now the boy band who really stepped it up in the semi final and were tipped to win by a couple of the judges.  Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone is a pretty big song to pull off especially for a bunch of teenagers.

I know you have noticed that I have not mentioned this years winner Jai McDowall yet, well that's because I thought you could go check him out on his very own post here and find a little more out about the guy.  Go to the home page and you will find it there.

Thanks for dropping by, and sticking with me on what has been a massive week for this blog.  Views have gone through the roof here in the last week with all the BGT and Geordie Shore readers, so thank you again.  Remember I report on all things entertainment so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and keep dropping by to leave your comments.  Cheers.
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