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New Movie Release: Green Lantern

Friday, 17 June 2011

On with this weeks movie releases now as promised, you got the first one earlier today in relation to Bad Teacher, the new Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake flick.  Now we take a look at the latest offering from Hollywood leading man Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds will need no introduction from me I'm sure but just in case, he has been in some pretty good movies lately some equally bad one's to but I won't mention those.  I first caught him in Blade Trinity as kind of a funny quirky vampire slayer who teams up with Wesley Snipes to take on Dracula.  The movie also stars Blake Lively, to be fair I have heard of her but have not seen any of her movies.  She starred in the Town along side Ben Affleck I have it on good authority from a work colleague that is a pretty good movie.  Also in the movie Peter Sarsgaard, a very well respected actor who has starred in a lot of movies.  I first saw him in Garden State with Zach Braff, he has also starred in Flight Plan with Jodie Foster, Jarhead with Jake Gyllenhaal, and most recently Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

This is of course a superhero movie based on the DC comics story's, it follows the Green Lantern Corps a brotherhood of intergalactic warriors sworn to keep the peace.  A new threat called Parallax now threatens to destroy them and their only option is to take on their first Human.  Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is that man, he is a cocky test pilot (sounds like Blade Trinity).  Hal soon proves to be the missing piece of the puzzle and before long looks as if he is the answer to the new enemy.  All he has to do is quickly learn his new powers and get over his fears to become the greatest Green Lantern of them all.

This is a pretty big blockbuster movie which weighs on a budget of about $150m so you bet the special effects are going to be good, if Sci-fi is your thing then this will probably be for you.  If like me your not the biggest fan of the genre then I would go see Bad Teacher.
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