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Worlds Craziest Fools

Thursday, 9 June 2011

"A PITY DA FOOL", the tag line made famous by Mr T IN 1980'S TV show the A Team where he played B A Baracus.  He has not been up to that much lately I think the last time I saw him was on a show called searching for Mr T or something like that, the guy is pretty secretive these days.

He is now back with TV show Worlds Craziest Fools on BBC3, it premiered here on Monday night.  To be honest it's not the sort of thing I would normally watch but since Mr T was hosting and there was nothing else on TV I thought I would give it a go.  Like I say a lot of the time maybe I just like crappy TV.

The show is a bit like the worlds dumbest criminals and other shows to that effect, T is trawling the world for video clips and segments of phone calls from the worlds craziest fools.  There were clips of people calling the emergency services, people attempting to park their cars and some dumb cops and criminals.  A lot of the videos were old and you have seen them before, I can't believe they are going to stretch this show for 10 episodes.  To give you an idea of the show take a look at some of the clips below.

My wife got attacked by a Warthog, yeah that is what this guy has rang the emergency services for, now I don't really think this guy is crazy.  If your wife was attacked by a Warthog then it would probably be advisable to call an ambulance.  The problem here, this guy lives on Eucalyptus Avenue, when asked to spell that for the operative on the end of the phone he tells them he is going to drag her across to Oak Street and they can pick her up there.  So not that crazy he just can't spell.

Parking fools, as Mr T calls them this is a clip from Finland called "man drives into puddle".  Now to be honest looking at this CCTV footage you can't even tell that their is a puddle there it just looks like a car park.  I would be pretty depressed if this was my Range Rover, and its not a puddle more of a decorative pond I think.

I could not get the video embedded for this clip so if you want to see it then go to YouTube with the link.  Onto some other crazy fool now, I'm not sure where this parking fool is from but are they asleep at the wheel or something, check it out below and let me know what you think.

So there you have a few from the show which also included an American cop who has pulled someone over and was going to give them a ticket, instead he goes back to their car and explains that he will write them out a warning if they take him to the police station, why?  Because he has locked his keys in his patrol car.  What a crazy fool.

Am I going to watch this show every week?  Probably not, lets be honest it's not the greatest TV show in the world and like I said before how are they going to stretch it for 10 shows.

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