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Luther Series 2

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Now to that British Drama that I have been promising you all week.   I know this is not exactly breaking news but I first heard it last week right in the middle of the BGT posts so I couldn't squeeze it in then.
So Luther well if you saw series one, you will know this show stars Idris Elba, you know.  The guy from the wire.  He is a great actor probably one of the most underrated one in my opinion.

Idris plays Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in the dark gritty psychological police drama, the first series consisted of only six episodes and not only was it shown in the UK is also went to BBC America and ABC1 in Australia. 

Luther is a troubled man who lets nothing stand in his way of his job allowing it to even cost him his marriage.The battle between Idris Elba and Ruth Watson, who carried out the seemingly perfect murder on her parents was fascinating and the first series was a massive hit.  A show that I loved and can't wait for the second series.

Luther Series 2 starts BBC 1 HD, on Tuesday 14th June 2011 and will be in two parts each lasting two hours, cant wait!  Check out the trailer below.

Want to catch up?  You can buy series 1 here.

Hope you enjoyed the latest, lets just hope that the Event gets a second series.  There are a few Internet rumours going round about that but, we will have to wait and see.

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