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Worlds Craziest Fools Episode 4

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I really should have given this show a little more time, the New Mr T extravaganza goes out on BB3 every Monday night at 10.30pm for a half hour, I watched the first show and laughed a bit and then have not managed to catch any since.  This weeks show was the fourth episode of the ten part series and I thought I’d give it another go, if you remember from the last post it’s kind of like Worlds Dumbest Criminals and Worlds Craziest Fools rolled into one show, what makes it even better is the dead pan commentary you get from T, if you have not seen the show yet then get watching.  In the mean time here’s a recap of last night for you.

There were jumping fools, who think they can jump off roof and through other roof without hurting themselves, maybe that’s an Internet craze or something, who knows?

There were fools on wheels, mainly consisting of Skateboarders, Scooters and Roller skates, again these guys were jumping of roof, CRAZY FOOLS.  Others were into the usual tricks you jumping down hands rails or off high ramps you know stuff that looks pretty good if it works out, unfortunately for most of these crazy dudes they just ended up hurting there nuts.

Criminal fools, one of my favourite topics.  Nothing wore than criminals especially ones who are no good at it, really just give up you go to jail every time you should be getting the message by now.  Last nights Criminal Fools included some robbers who didn’t do to much in the forward planning department when they got stuck between the double doors going into a bank, some other idiot who decided to rob the local liquor store, not being successful he fell through their roof in his drunken state then tried to climb out with a step ladder, all before sitting in the store and drinking booze before the cops got there to arrest him.

Believe it or not there ain’t any video’s from last nights show that have gone viral yet, I’d imagine that if you looked hard enough that you will find them all on YouTube, if you can’t be bothered with that then you can watch Worlds Craziest Fools episodes online at the link below.

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