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Falling Skies To Aire on FX UK

Thursday, 23 June 2011

For those of you who read this blog often you will know that I'm a fan of good American TV shows, unfortunately the last two I have decided to follow have ended up being cancelled after the first series.  The two I'm referring to are FlashForward and The Event, ok I'll give you FlashForward but I think The Event would have been worth another run.

I have been thinking the last couple of days about what I'm going to watch now, of course we have the great British drama Luther starring Idris Elba but that is only running for four week's.  Today though my question has been answered when FX UK has started to really promote their new show Falling Skies, which they have bought from American network TNT.  They have the rights to show the series in the UK three weeks after the stateside version goes out.

Along with the new TV show comes a pretty impressive cast headed up by Noah Wyle who you may remember from ER, also starring is Moon Bloodgood from Terminator Salvation, and few others are thrown in their to that I haven't heard of.  The show is produced by Steven Spielberg and Robert Rodat who jointly where responsible for hit movie Saving Private Ryan.

The show is set after an Alien invasion and follows a group of Human survivors known as the second Massachusetts, the band of survivors are bound together in order to fight back.

It seems I have found the answer to which show I'm going to be watching from now on and you can expect a review of the first episode and everyone after that providing it captures my interest.
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