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Geordie Shore Episode 5

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It's the start of another week in the Geordie Shore house and guess what....Holly is back, I know who cares right?  Not any of the lads in the house that's for sure and Vicky who has moved out of tashing pal Jay's bedroom is reluctant to give Holly her bed back in the girls room.

Let's talk about Holly first and her very understanding boyfriend, this guy genuinely seems to be  decent, maybe someone could tell me what he is doing with a beefed up version of Amy Winehouse to start with.  Anyway he got a call from an extremely drunk Holly last night "just finish is will ya" "ya deserve better man", yes Holly he does and everyone bar him can see it, including yourself even when you are drunk.  She did eventually manage to pluck up the courage to kind of dump him by the end of the night but I'm sure he is not totally off the scene.

Tashing on Vicky and Jay
We thought last week that Jay and Vicky were getting back together, after Vicky was going to leave because everyone was talking about her.  She ended up in Jay's bed no tashing just a spoon, however Jay informed her this week that was as far as things were going and he still wanted the "we can tash with anyone else" rule applied.  Psycho, ergh sorry Vicky was not to pleased with that decision but found a quick remedy with plenty of tash in TupTup Palace, I'm sure this was some sort of attempt to make Jay jealous which didn't really work, he couldn't have given a toss if the truth be known.
What a banker!
Charlotte and Gaz now, and from the off Gaz has made it clear all Charlotte is to him is a banker, not the kind that works in Barclay's.  She is simply Gaz's fall back for the nights entertainment should he not manage to pull anyone else is Newcastle.  Charlotte does not really seem to have grasped this yet and thinks Gaz is in love with her.  Reality check Charlotte he's not and the more you and him keep forking (that's Charlotte's word for ergh, you know) the more you play into his hands or Parsnip as the case may be.

As far as the rest go it was a pretty quiet one.  Greg got into a massive argument with Vicky, and Sophie was crawling around on the floor again trying to find the bathroom as James held back her hair, classy.

Well next week will be the last week of Geordie Shore, rumour has it there will be a summer special filmed in Magaluf, so we all have that to look forward to and I'm sure due to it's success it will be back for a second series either later this year or summer of next, maybe even a Christmas special.  Leave your comments and let me know what you think.  In the mean time I'll keep you posted.
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