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This Weeks Top Movie: Bad Teacher

Friday, 17 June 2011

I started this last week as you know, rather than giving you every movie that is released in cinemas this weekend I will mention the ones worth going to see in separate posts, and as always welcome your comments as to what you think of the new posting regime.

This week's top movie release is Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel.   I have to be totally honest here this is probably not the sort of movie that I would normally watch but, due to the fact that Cameron Diaz is in it then I think I may be able to stretch it.  Only kidding the movie does look pretty good and as I've mentioned also stars Justin Trousersnake (do they still call him that?), he has made the transition from music star to movie star really well and I think his choices in Alpha Dog, The Social Network and Black Snake Moan have been really well advised, he's just a pretty talented guy I guess.  Mr Segel well you will probably know him best for his role as Marshall Eriksen in How I met Your Mother, a show I've not seen but heard it's pretty good.

Anyway on with Bad Teacher, the title is a little bit of a give away as to what this movie is about really.  Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey a foul mouthed Junior high teacher who is making attempts to woo a colleague.  Halsey has her life pretty well planned out she drinks copious amounts of alcohol takes unbelievable amounts of drugs whilst plotting the whole time to marry her rich sugar daddy fiance.  Things of course don't go to plan Elizabeth is dumped by her fiance and starts to pursue Scott Delacorte (Timberlake) a colleague of hers who is also wealthy, problem being he is also being pursued by another teacher at the school.  Jaosn Segel plays Russell Gettis the gym teacher who is making advances towards Elizabeth.

A comedy movie which should prove a lot of fun I'm sure,  not so sure I would pay the cinema fee but will probably catch it on DVD.  That's the first of two to be going to see this weekend, I'll be back a little later in the day with this weeks second top release.
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