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Geordie Shore Episode 6

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Well that's it, at least for now anyway.  No more Geordie Shore for us to feast on every Tuesday night but don't worry they will be back!  The series finale showed Tuesday gone and went out on a real high with the usual tantrums, well usually drunken tantrums.  I apologize for the late post on it this week I've been a little busy and only managed to catch up last night.

I actually thought that Jay and Vikki were going to get together after this show, as you know they have been tashing palls all along.  Last week we saw them split up their room and go their separate ways, only to be back together again within a few hours.  I think Tuesdays final antics has well and truly finished the two of them, and to be honest I don't think they will even be going anywhere near to each other when it comes to the summer special, yes that's right there is going to be a summer special filmed in Magaluf, Majorca from what I've heard.

Holly is still in the house, and once again no one really seems to care that much, if I were her I probably wouldn't bother going to Majorca the guys clearly are not interested wither way.  In the final episode of the series she sat moping most of the time,  There is really nothing more to say than that other than she is not even a Geordie.

Sophie just got on with things as normal, that usually includes her getting drunk to the point that she can't stand up or make it to the bathroom, I know what your thinking! classy bird right?  Actually I don't mind her she seems to be a little more level headed than the other girls.

Greg and James have been pretty quiet really neither have done much in the bedroom department, although outside the show I'm pretty sure they have a notch or two on the bed post, again with these two there is nothing really to report.  They go out get drunk have a good time, proper Geordie's.

Now last but not least Charlotte and Gaz the two that have been hot and cold all series with Charlotte failing to realise that she is a banker, that's banker not the W version.  That basically means that if Gaz fails to pull any other girls whilst out on the town then he will go back to the Geordie Shore house and have Charlotte, last week she claimed to have "cleaned his pipe" again classy bird, right?  I'm sure I don't really need to go into details on what she was referring to.  They ended the show with what looked like Gaz admitting defeat and agreeing with Charlotte that maybe they could be an item, maybe they could share a room in Magaluf.

So there is the round up for this week, and don't worry any details about when the summer special will be aired will be here, so that means get clicking above and follow me here on the blog or at Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to the feed to make sure you miss nothing, cheers.
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