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Shameless US Episode 2

Friday, 1 July 2011

I said last week that I would give this show another go as from the first episode I really wasn't to sure what to think but like everything you should give it a second chance.  I'm pleased I did this episode was a lot better than the first and funnier to.  William H Macy really stepped up this week in his portrayl of Frank Gallagher and hopefully it is a sign of things to come.

Last nights episode saw Frank go missing, as we know he is just a layabout alcoholic who has never really been anywhere outside of Chicago.  Frank started the show visiting his local bar and got headbutted off the father of the a young girl who his son had been using shall we say, this forced Frank to go home and headbutt one of his sons.  Fiona's boyfriend reacted badly to this and went toe to toe with Frank only to be stopped by Fiona.  Not getting his own back he kidnapped Frank put him in the boot of his Bentley and drove him to Toronto in Canada.  The funniest bit of the whole headbutt incident in the bar was the fact that Frank had almost a full pint of beer, and guess what?  He didn't spill a drop, now that's a true alcoholic.

Frank ended up in a Canadian Jail

Frank returned to Chicago eventually hiding in a fake wall in the back of a camper van as he has no passport to cross the border, he went back to the bar and spoke with the guy who headbutted him leaving quickly hoping to get some action from the guys now single wife.  That worked out pretty well for frank and he got some action but maybe not what he was expecting.  The guys wife Sheila (Joan Cusak) turns out to be a bit of a nymphomaniac and has a rather large instrument that I can only imagine went up franks rear end as he was walking pretty funny, however he seems to like it and looks like he will be moving in with Sheila.

I don't know about America but here in England the first two shows have been on for an hour and a half a little to long if you ask me, an hour would suffice.  Good thing we have Sky+ (DVR in America) so we can forward all the ad breaks.  The series showed real promise last night and gave some great laughs, a taste of things to come would be Emily Rossum with her top off quite a bit, and also the Gallagher's next door neighbours, they are pretty raunchy to.  That's a little scoop from one of my readers Glen, Stateside who runs the blog 1Man365Movies, be sure to check it out.  I'll be back later today with this blogs first guest post written by regular reader and commenter Ruben who has provided a catch up from season 4 and the first episode from season 5 of Dexter.

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