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Sirens Series 1 Episode 3 I.C.E

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

This show is really starting to turn out better than I expected, you may have noticed it's already crept into the most popular list and at the rate it's going won't be to long in taking over Luther. I have been getting a lot of visits and comments from people who are looking for the various songs that are played throughout this show, so in the interest of keeping everyone happy I'm going to make a note of all the songs I know and research the ones I don't to try and give you some answers.

Rookie technician Rachid found himself of the down side of the Up, Horny Down feeling this week as he attended an address and found a guy hanging up in his shower cubicle along with a suicide note.  This sets of Rachid on thinking that he can't be a bachelor for the rest of his life and decides he wants his lady friend to be a bit more permanent.  Next scene his lady friend pops up from his crotch area to ask him what's wrong as she has been doing it for twenty minutes now and her jaw is going numb, is it really that big?, lucky B......!

Simon was having a dilemma last night to, when he called his "in case of an emergency" number, or "I.C.E" number as they call it.  A guy answers and informs Simon it's not his phone as he stole it out someones bag the week before, that would be the person Simon was hoping to get in touch with.  Not a word is said to the guy, you know?  Like how dare you steal my friends phone for instance, he simply says to the guy "ok sir have a nice day", just then it switches to the guy sitting alone in his flat just about to ingest and overdose on Heroin.  It was funny but maybe you have to see it.

Rachid decides the best way forward for his girlfriend plans would be to invite Sarah (Tuppence Middleton) his lady friend around for what he informs her will be DVD first, sex later.  I'm not sure that's wise, I'm no expert but most would fall asleep during the DVD and that equals no sex, bad times.  Anyway things get a little to serious for Sarah who confirms that she doesn't even like Rachid and was only sleeping with him out of pity, now dumped he is severely down and finally cracks.

Throughout the whole episode he has been haunted by the image of the guy he cut down from the shower, so back at the hospital ER room he finally confirms he has been affected by what he saw, screaming at the guy he thinks is there "f@*k off, and leave me alone", that just so happens to be outside the shrinks office who hears him and offers him in for a chat and a good old cry.

Now like I said at the top I get a lot of people coming here looking for the music that is played in the background, so here goes with what music I knew and could find from last night;

My favourite song of the whole show is the title music, it's by a band or guy, I'm not sure. They or he are called Little Barrie, no I hadn't heard of them either the song is called Surf Hell.

The scene where the guys are in the ambulance, the music is by KT Tunstall and it's called come on get in.

The song at the beginning of the episode when Rachid finds the guy in the shower is by Magnetic Man Ft Katy B and it's called Perfect Stranger.

The song Gangster Trippin by Fatboy Slim was also in the show last night, the scene where Rachid was skateboarding in the back of the ambulance. 

The song near the end where the old guy is lying in the bead is called Winter Beats and is sung by I Break Horses.
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