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Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 4 Grace

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

This show really does just keep getting better and better, this episode has to be the best one I have seen so far, plenty of action and another great addition to the story which was touched upon briefly last week.

This week saw Pope (Colin Cunningham) released from his make shift jail cell in order to help the 2nd Mass fighters find some motorcycles.  The mission to save Ben was on hold whilst this was done and Pope managed to escape, petrol bombing a few skitters along the way causing problems for the fighters left at the garage.  They came under fire from the harnessed children and Tom (Noah Wyle) refused to allow his fighters to fire back at children, knowing it was the harness controlling them.

I said in the review of episode 2 when the 2nd Mass managed to capture Pope that I thought he would become a big part of the story, having escaped that may now hold off a while but I still think he has a major part to play here.  He is the one who figured out how to wound or kill the skitters meaning that Tom was able to take a prisoner of war last week.  The prisoner of course being a skitter.  We learned some new things about them this week, they are vulnerable as Humans would be, although the harness has been taken off one of the children successfully the skitter is still able to control them, weather they have to be a commanding skitter or not is yet to be seen.  The skitters also seem to communicate through radio waves, kind of like telepathy I suppose.  No mech's this week, it would seem that the mech's are just security for the skitters who are the real threat.

The skitters are also able to communicate through the harnessed children, so they must be able to understand what's said to them.  The main premise of this episode was making attempts to communicate with the visitors, who are they? why have they come here? what do they want? and indeed where have they come from?  As you guessed we didn't get a straight answer out of the captive but they did try a couple of different options.  Dr Anne (Moon Bloodgood) took the softly softly approach believing the creature to be scared whilst Dr Michael (Steven Werber) took a slightly harder approach showing the skitter one of his dead friends, as you can imagine that didn't go down to well causing the skitter to believe they were going to kill him, so is Dr Anne right?  Could it be frightened? and can their be peace?

We eventually saw a slightly softer side to commander Weaver (Will Patton).  I mentioned a week or so ago that this guy is one hard ass mutha, nothing has really changed in that respect but I think the toughness may just be starting to break a little.  Like I said above this show is really starting to get going and has the perfect recipe for TV, not only do we get to know the characters and their backgrounds but we also get the great action sequences and a show that leaves you wanting more week after week.
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