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Who's your Favourite Superhero?

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ok for today's post you are going to have to forgive me a little, this was supposed to be the new must have music post in relation to the Foo Fighters, unfortunately I haven't had time to do that yet as I was busy all day yesterday and have been recovering from Saturday Nights hangover today, I have now been trying to type this short ditty for 3 hours not because I didn't know what to write just other stuff to do.

The idea has just come to me today as I had nothing else to post, what if I run a poll for a week on who is your favourite superhero?  The idea sort of came after regular reader and commenter Ruben informed me that there is no way Captain America is the most famous American superhero.  I have done some rooting around to try and find who is but obviously everyone has a different idea on the subject.  The poll will run for a week like I said above, give people time to see Captain America.  The voting box is over on the right side where the popular posts section usually sits (that will be back following the poll) so go over and vote for your favourite.

Your choices: Captain America, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, Batman, The Hulk and X Men.

If I have missed any then be sure to let me know in the comments, especially if your choice is not there tell me.  The results will be put out next Sunday as to who your favourite is in another post.  This is the blogs first poll so help me out a little.

This is not the best post I know but I'm strapped for time and It's all I could put together, I'm back to work tomorrow though so may get some time then.  As normal the Monday movie review will be out tomorrow that's already done and it is on Iron Man who my vote has gone to in this poll.

Get hunting round the blog to all of the tabs at the top work now making it easier for you to navigate and the search box also works and remember don't forget to vote in the poll.
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