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Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 Practically Perfect

Saturday, 2 July 2011

The title of this episode says it all really, has Dexter slipped up and not covered his tracks I'll get to that soon but first lets check what else was going on last night.

You may remember yesterday we had the first guest post on the blog from regular reader and commenter Ruben, who provided us with a catch up from the end of season 4 and the first episode of season 5.  Personally I'm pleased he done that especially for me as some of the scenes and names mentioned in this episode made a lot more sense to me having read the review.

The show started with a recap of Dexter killing someone in a barn, I'm presuming that was the one Ruben was referring to when he mentioned about Dex committing a murder without any sort of forward planning and more of a spur of the moment type thing.  Also introduced in the recap was Kyle Butler the fake name Dexter used when he became friends with the trinity killer and his family.

Dexter started the third episode looking for a babysitter, that was quite amusing.  And is that the cutest kid on TV right now, seriously he could be in a remake of Jerry Maguire "The Human head weighs eight pounds", it's not really important I know but thought I would mention it.

Boyd Fowler now, you know the guy I referred to last week who cleans the roadkill from the highways.  We knew he was next on Dexter's hit list.  Dexter has found the perfect building all he needs to do is lure him there somehow.

The shrink also decided to pay a visit this week, clever as they are she seems to think that Dexter's son Harrison won't be affected by the trauma of seeing his mother murdered.  Dexter of course knows different he saw the same trauma at the age of 3 along with his brother and just look how he turned out.  Did anyone notice the side story of the head in the part surrounded by candles last week?  yeah, well that happened again this time to a local guy who is believed to have supplied some information to the police.

Dexter finally managed to run into Boyd again at a local coffee shop as if by accident.  Dexter introduced himself as Darryl Tucker, not his real name I'm sure.  This is where we see Dexter at the derelict building he will be using to kill Boyd, and that guy pops up again.  You know Lord Rayden from Mortal Kombat or maybe you know him as the guy from Sex and The City, is he Dexter's dead father?  Following that Dexter returns home to find the new babysitter and his son missing from the house, with what's happened all sorts are running through his mind then in they walk, she says to Dexter "I left you a note on the fridge" his reply "I'm not used to checking the fridge for notes, just messages from other serial killers".

Dexter then gets his opportunity to nail Boyd when he goes along to work with him for the day, he calls in a fake alligator road kill near to the derelict building he has set up.  Once there he attempts to get the needle into Boyd's neck only to be shot himself with a tranquiliser gun.  Boyd maybe knows more than he is letting on, they go to hospital and both promptly escape with Dexter returning to Boyd's house in what had to be one of the creepiest scenes I've seen.  This time is goes to plan and Dexter kills the guy only to be seen by a woman being held hostage in Boyd's closet, if you saw it then did you notice Dexter overall "NATURAL BORN GRILLER", quality a little humour thrown into a dramatic situation.

As we know, or as far as I know Dexter has never been suspected of anything during 5 seasons of the show but, it seems now that his sisters work partner maybe onto him.  He was sitting piecing together a photo fit alongside Dexter's picture and a look at next week shows his suspicion raised even further.

Without doubt this has been the best episode I have see so far and episode 4 looks like it will be even better, can't wait.
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