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The Killing Season 1 Episode 5 - Super 8

Friday, 29 July 2011

Don't be fooled by the title of this episode Super 8.  It has nothing to do with the new movie that comes out here in UK cinemas next week, although it has been used here in a similar way as detectives hunting the killer of Rosie Larsen have managed to uncover some Super 8 video camera footage of Rosie, now all they need to know is who is shooting the film?

This week the show was mainly based around Bennett the high school teacher who is now in the frame as a suspect.  Holder and Linden went to see him and he faced some difficult questions, most of which he could give plausible answers for.  His only problem he has no one to confirm those alibi's for him as his wife was out of town the weekend Rosie was killed.  Bennett also works for a charity named All stars which is supported heavily by the Richmond Mayoral campaign, police were able to confirm with him last night that he has access to their campaign vehicles, although Bennett claims never to have driven one.

Speaking of the Richmond campaign, I'm really liking this side to the story.  The dirty politician willing to do anything to throw off his competitor and the good politician (Richmond) working hard on rooting out the mole in his camp.  In order to do that he staged the sacking of right hand man Jamie who is working on getting in to the current mayors camp.  Finally coming up with the goods this week we now know who the mole is.  He really plays a guy with a heart this Richmond you normally wouldn't trust people like him but he seems a pretty decent character, not willing to carry out his advisers demands of speaking to the Larsen family.

Remember a couple of weeks back I talked about the drug addict cop, yeah.  Well this week Holder was seen to be taking a rather large sum of money from some guy in a car, what's that for?  Is he dealing drugs?  We know he has worked undercover for years, maybe he has turned good cop gone bad.  Something is very strange about this guy, a good detective yes but he ain't shootin straight.

Just a side note Richmond's love affair lady Terry (Jamie Ann Allman), one sneaky b!t*h she is, right?  All over Councillor Richmond whilst sleeping with some top director in order that he helps out to make a campaign video to beat all others.  Back to the Investigation and It seems now that Stan Larsen wants something done about this quick, he has asked one of his co-workers to get him the names of people the police are looking at as possible suspects.

Police are still firmly focusing their efforts on Bennett, this guy is starting to crack a little I think.  They went to speak to his wife after they found out that she is one of his former students, he certainly seems to have a soft spot for them.  He even sent his wife little notes when still at school just as he has done with Rosie.  Cops searched the apartment whilst Bennett was out and found a stash of Ammonium Hydroxide.  They then got Rosie's body examined again and it was found to have Ammonium all over it as well as in her lungs.  Things really aren't looking to good for Bennett right now, maybe he has done this before.  Is it to obvious to be Bennett though?  I'm just throwing this one out here let me know what you think.  The Larsen's nanny, her name I'm not sure but I think she is Mitch Larsen's sister.  She knew they were away camping for the weekend without Rosie and she has access to the house.  Her name has not even come up in police conversation, is she telling all she knows?  After all it's always someone you wouldn't expect.

Being almost half way through this season now you expect that we may be starting to get somewhere, as the Danish show this is based on was a one series 20 episode show.  The killing has already been commissioned for a second season though with another 13 episodes so don't be expecting answers any time soon.
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