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Sirens Series 1 Episode 4 King Of The Jungle

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

This show is clearly very popular, whilst it was on TV last night ratings here on this site went through the roof, most people of course looking to find what the amazing soundtrack was that the producers have matched to various scenes.  So as always I'll give you an episode recap, a review and then go through the best tracks of the night with a link to the full track listing.

King Of The Jungle was the name of the episode and this refers to the alpha male stereotype.  Woodvine (the boss) is threatening to break the lads up and pair them up with different people, this prompts Stuart to try and excerpt his authority in the ambulance over the other guys whilst promising to Woodvine that they will tighten up on their targets.  Stuart is facing tough competition for the alpha male role from Rachid who has taken a liking to driving the ambulance which leads us to believe his credentials for learning to drive fast may not be legitimate ones.

This has to be the best episode yet, both the story and the laughs got you from start to finish last the battle of Rachid and Stuart was hilarious.  The opening scenes with the ambulance attending 3 diffrent scenarios.  Rachid thinking of some profound medical reason for the pain the patient was in whilst Stuart on the other hand was keeping it simple knowing it was a case of mis adventure.  The guy with the carrot up his ass, hilarious.  Rachid's reaction he didn't need to say anything just the look on his face, I needed to pick myself off the floor in order to watch the rest of the episode.

Brian Kellett the ambulance driver who this show is based on must be loving this show, to see his book and blog come to life in such a funny way, it is clearly entertaining and has been a massive hit for Channel 4, hopefully we will get a second series or more episodes to add to the first, there are only six remember so only two left.

Aplha male has been mentioned loads now and the theme continued with Ashley who has been hoping to go out with the cop for the last couple of weeks, I thought Ashley was the one most comfortable with himself being gay and all, turns out he's not.  He is in search of an alpha male to take control in the bedroom department.  They finally get to go out but Ashley makes a stereotype that is inappropriate in relation to the cops manhood and the date is cut short.

It was a good episode for Maxine to, her alpha male was a guy who she met through the Internet dating site she has been using.  There was a pretty awkward moment for the guy following the sex scene when Maxine asked how he would rate her out of 10, 6 and a half out of ten seemed to be a better mark then she was expecting.

All in all this episode has been the best one yet, definitely the funniest and the soundtrack was awesome to, speaking of the soundtrack lets go through that below.  It worth bearing in mind that some of the music is quite obscure and you'll be lucky if you find it on YouTube.

First Up was Little Barrie - Surf Hell, the title song and the best one on the show.  Like that one check out the list below with a video at the end.

Crystal Fighters - Follow (acoustic)
Noisia - Gutterpump
The Drums - Me And The Moon
Groove Armada - But I Feel Good
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats
Sylvester - You Make Me Feel Might Reel
The Clash - Rock The Cashbah

I'll leave you with this one for the week.  The end credits song, Hot Chip - Over and Over, take a look at the video below.

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