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Terra Nova Coming To Sky 1HD

Monday, 18 July 2011

I have been going to write about this show for a while now and I figured that since I have nothing else to put out today then this would be a good start, I'm hoping to fill the Monday void with a Movie review every week so watch this space.

Terra Nova is a new TV show from Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg, who is currently delighting our screens of FX with the show Falling Skies.  As with Falling Skies Spielberg has not ventured far from the movies we all know so well.  Tarra Nova is due to go out in the US on September 26th with a two hour premiere on Fox, the show will then come to Sky 1 in the UK for Autumn.  Take a look at the trailer below then we'll discuss it.

So as you have guessed the show begins in the year 2149 and the Human population is facing extinction due to a dwindling air quality.  Scientists discover a fracture in time which allows them to create a portal that enables time travel.  The idea is to settle the Human population 85 million years in the past, prehistoric Earth.  The show centers around the Shannon family who join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova a seemingly idyllic world.  The tenth pilgrimage however are not alone, the camp is set in the middle of carnivores Dinosaurs and they also have a splinter colony to contend with.

The show will star Jason O'Mara as Jim Shannon (Life On Mars, Monarch Of The Glen), Shelley Conn as Elizabeth Shannon (Mistresses, Strike Back, which is due a second season), Landon Liboiron as Josh Shannon (Degrasi: The Next Generation, Life Unexpected) and also Naomi Scott as Maddy Shannon (Life Bites).

The show of course draws comparisons to Spielberg's Jurassic Park movies the fourth of which is still being talked about but, for me the show also draws comparisons to lost, ok there not dead but you can see the similarity and he portal thing is kind of like Stargate only better.  If the trailer is anything to go by then the show looks set to be a smash hit in both the US and UK.
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