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Dexter Season 5 Episode 4 Beauty And The Beast

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Poised and ready I was for the 4th episode of Dexter this week following the ending to the 3rd episode last week, things really seemed to be hotting up with Dexter in a world of trouble which would appear to have no way out.  Can't remember then let's remind ourselves, he killed Boyd Fowler a fellow serial killer who dumps containers into a lake which contain the bodies of young women.  Dexter murdered him in his home only for the murder to be witnesses by one of Boyd's hostages.  The cop Quinn (Desmond Harrington) is getting suspicious of Dexter believing him to be Kyle Butler and in order to prove it he needs to get close to Jonah Mitchell who is living in protective custody with the FBI.

Last night I initally thought was a little disappointing but I've had a re think, it wasn't that bad really.  A lot of last nights plot was based around the backing story involving Quinn trying to gain access to witnesses who are in protective custody, he needs to show them the photo of Dexter and have them confirm they believe him to be Kyle Butler.  Quinn made attempts to get to the family through the FBI, however they were unwilling to help as Quinn refused to hand over the picture of Dexter wanting to do it himself.  He is now forced to follow the FBI and identify the safe house himself following the witnesses to a local store where he finally manages to speak to Jonah Mitchell, who does not confirm weather Dexter is Kyle Butler or not before they are interrupted by an FBI agent.

In the mean time Dexter has a dilemma on his hands, he has been out all night and left his son with his new babysitter, who is unfortunately not to understanding of the serial killers predicament.  Lumen, the girl who witnessed him kill Boyd Fowler is trying to escape believing that if she stays Dexter will kill her.  No matter how many assurances he offers up she trys a different trick.  Just a quick side note, I knew I recognised that girl, it's Julia Stiles from the Bourne movies in case your wondering.  Dexter now has a decision to make, with his father keeping thoughts in his head he's not sure weather to kill the witness or let her live. 

His father reminds him what's the first rule.  Dexter replies not to kill innocent people, he says no first rule is not to get caught and letting Lumen live will only lead to her going to police about Dexter.  In true form though Dexter turns around the situation following an escape attempt by Lumen he drives her to the lake where Boyd dumped the bodies of the other women, informing her that this is what would have happened to her if he had not stopped Boyd.  Dexter relays to her that his wife was killed by a man like Boyd and he wants no more innocent people to suffer, could that man like Boyd be Dexter himself? or do you think it was the the Trinity Killer from series 4?

Last night also saw Debra and her department hot on the heels of the Santa Muerte killer, who has been terrorising the town, beheading his victims and leaving the head as some sort of shrine or trophy.  They caught up with two possible suspects at a house that was well over capacity but were unable to apprehend anyone as Debra was face to face with one of the killers who was holding a sword to another mans throat.

What I initially thought was a bit of a boring episode actually turns out ok, and it certainly thickened up a couple of back burning story lines, as well as opening another one.  That is of course at the end of the episode when Lumen informed Dexter that Boyd was not the only man involved and what happened to her and lots of other women is not over.  Dexter will now surely make it his business to find out who the others are and attempt to kill them.
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