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The Killing Season 1 Episode 4 A Soundless Echo

Friday, 22 July 2011

Where do I start with with this drama.  Dark, chilling, creepy drug addict cops, drug addict suspects, clean cops, clean suspects.  Politicians out for their agenda and their agenda only double crossing and scheming even their own staff who of course return the favour.  Add into the mix Rosie Larsens parents and this depressing TV show leaves you wanting more and more every week.  New story twists and background starting to appear from main characters in the plot which in turn could throw us down an altogether different line.  I did warn on the second episode review that if it's laughs you are after, then this show is not for you but if you want something with a great story that keeps you guessing then you won't go far wrong with the Killing.

This episode saw the two main suspects so far at the police station, Kris was there being pressed hard by both Linden and Holder whilst Jasper turned up voluntarily with his lawyer.  The true story of what happened in the cage that night is now out, although as yet we the audience don't know the full story but from what I was able to gage the violence in the cage on that night was directed towards Sterling, Rosie's best friend.  Stan had to borrow some money from his estranged father, he had bought a house before all this happened as Rosie never had a back yard, the house was a surprise and now he finds himself in financial difficulty wanting to spare no expense on the funeral. 

I mentioned drug addict cops at the top, as yet I'm not sure Holder is a drug addict, he certainly looks like one and his suspect even referred to him having the same itch as him as well as his boss telling him to put on a suit as he was looking rougher than the person he was supposed to be interviewing.  This guy was initially the lightness in the show with his little funny one liners, that seems to have shifted now as the seriousness of the investigation continues.  Holder is pretty unorthodox in his methods, he has worked on the streets for years and all he knows is unorthodox, or bad cop as it's probably referred to more often.

A new side in Rosie's father Stan was coming out last night, he owns a local removal company and one of his employees offered to help him deal with Richmond, the councilman who's campaign car Rosie was found in.  Stan's reply was that he does not do stuff like that anymore, that immediately gets you thinking.  Ok this guy has not always been legit and maybe there is more of a story to come from that, especially now we have met his father who clearly is not a straight laced guy and their has obviously been a big falling out in the family over something, is anyone from that side involved in Rosie's murder?

The politician Darren Richmond, having secured his funding last week in order to win the vote of the unions was still on the lookout for money last night to bring back his wavering campaign, the guy clearly trusts no one in his camp his showdown last week saw Jamie fired from the campaign, or was he?  No he wasn't it was staged as Richmond knows he is not the real mole and Jamie is now working on getting into the opposition camp in order to help Richmond win his mayoral campaign.

Now onto the school teacher.  Bennett.  Rosie's mother had gone to the school to see the messages left on her daughters locker.  Bennett sits with her to tell her some of Rosie's quality's and shows her a poetry book which was her favourite, just as this is happening Lindon is at the Larsens house to do another search of Rosie's bedroom fearing that they had missed something, they have a hunch that she was seeing an older man.  Lindon then finds letters concealed in a globe, from what I could tell the letters resembled poetry (I'm not a fan) and they had Bennett's name at the bottom, theirs our new suspect.  Do you think he done it?

It was an all round solid episode with great acting as always and more twists to the story of who killed Rosie Larsen?, it's never boring and like I said above leaves you wanting to know more at the end of every episode.
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