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True Justice Starring Steven Seagal

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Now like me you probably wont have even heard of this show, and I have to be honest here.  Don't worry your not missing much.  The show enjoyed it's UK premiere last night on 5USA, a digital channel which should have set alarm bells ringing from the start.  Even if it was on Channel 5, 5USA's parent channel you really shouldn't be expecting to much.  Against my better judgment I decided that I would watch the show last night, thinking that Steven Seagal is in it surely it can't be that bad, ergh yeah it can.  In fact I think I would rather have watched Jo Frost Supernanny on Channel 4, at least there I may have learned something.

The show is a 13 part TV series which stars Seagal as Elijah Kane, the leader of a elite group of undercover cops.  The show clearly didn't even have producers convinced as they have toyed with the idea of releasing it as a 6 DVD movie set, with the first two (Deadly Crossing and Street Wars) already being released.

Based in Seattle, Washington I thought maybe the show had aired in the US months earlier, turns out.  No.  American TV networks would appear to have steered clear of this truly awful TV show.  Instead it enjoyed it's worldwide premiere on Nitro, a Spanish TV station (I didn't know that when I watched it).  Other than Seagal there are no famous actors in it, simply just bit part actors from obscure TV shows and afternoon TV movies, again alarm bells should be ringing that this hour of TV could well be a waste of my time.

Starting off last night saw some guy at what I think was a gas station in Seattle get blown away by someone with a shotgun with a witness managing to escape into the near by undergrowth.  The child scared to her wits decided to hang around there until the cops arrived, they pulled her out the bushes and low and behold she speaks Mandarin, how fortunate for the main character Seagal who has of course spent most of his life living in that part of the world.

Back at the station the child witness is being debriefed with an interpreter when she sees and cop and starts going mad, now I don't speak Mandarin but it doesn't take a genius to work out that she is clearly saying the cop she has just seen in the station is involved in the shooting that took place at the gas station.

You get to see the typical Seagal style, you know he keeps getting surrounded by bad guys kicks their asses whilst all his team stand and watch in amazement, yeah it's that bad.  I'm surprised they have made a 13 part show out of it to be honest, and if they do release any more DVD movies of it then I wouldn't recommend them.

The best part of the whole show was during the ad break, when the new Coors Light beer advert came on, the ad stars Jean Claude Van Damme an if you haven't seen it yet, then check it out in the video below it's definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time.

That Van Damme commercial has had more than 383 thousand hits on YouTube, probably more than True Justice enjoyed during it's season premiere and probably more than it will achieve during it's whole run.

The show is nothing more than a glorified daytime cop show with a little extra blood involved, no storyline to get your teeth into and actors so wooden they may as well have been standing still for an hour, so my verdict of True Justice on 5USA is simply.  Don't waste your time.
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