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Lady Gaga on the Paul O'Grady show

Sunday, 3 July 2011

I have had this one in the pipeline from a couple of Friday's back for you when Lady Gaga was invited to do a special on the POG show in England, she came over to perform and be interviewed.  As you know my regular reader and commenter Ruben gave me an idea a while back after asking me to take a look at the Black Eyed Peas performance at Superbowl 45, we all know how that went.  Ruben suggested that I review Cee Lo Green and Lady Gaga, Ive done the Cee Lo one so here goes with Gaga.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) is a 25 year old pop singer who is single handily changing the way in which pop music is viewed pushing it's boundaries of acceptance with every new release and costume that she wears.  Like most people I have always thought who is this crazy lady?  Wearing meat dresses, outrageous sunglasses and wigs.  I saw she was coming onto the Paul O'Grady show for a special, I would not normally watch the show but thought as I don't know a lot about this girl I'll give it a go, and I'm pleased I did.

Far away from the brash and bolshy young woman you see in the papers and magazines lies a truly great person, who comes across very intelligent.  She knows exactly what she wants and where she is going in life.  A nicer and more down to earth person you could not wish to meet.  All of her interview she paid massive homage to her millions of fans across the world, and being a victim of bullying in her younger years stands real proud to deliver a message to people of all ages to simply just rise above it and remember it it the bully who has the complex issue and not yourself.

(Above Lady Gaga performs Hair)

I have to say I was not expecting such a nice level headed down to earth girl when I switched the show on but man was I impressed with how well she presented herself and the people who work for and with her.  I am not the biggest fan of her music but can name some songs that I like, I have seen her perform live at the Royal Variety Show once and thought she had an amazing voice so I was looking forward to see what she had in store for us on the night.

(Gaga performs Bron This Way and Judas)

(Edge Of Glory Live)

Now I know other than when she is sitting at the piano there are times in the other songs where it is debatable weather she is singing live or not but, it is very enjoyable and these are some of the Gaga songs that you must have on your iPod or MP3 player
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