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Ruben's Dexter Ep 1 Review

Friday, 1 July 2011

Since Marty missed the first episode of Season 5 (as well as Seasons 2, 3 and 4) I am summarizing episode 1 here. Read no further if you have don't want the ending of Season 4 given away (but except for episode 1 won't give away what happens in Season 5).

The first episode of Season 5 picks up where Season 4 left off: Dexter arriving home to find his wife, Rita, dead  (having left the show to play a superhero on a now cancelled TV series). Dexter's baby was left crying on the floor in a puddle of his wife's blood.  Thus Dexter's son experienced the same type of traumatic event that led to Dexter and his brother becoming serial killers.  The two older kids were not home at the time of the murder.

All indications to the viewer are that Rita was murdered by the Trinity killer of Season 4.  It was done in Trinity killer style, but differed slightly from his usual M.O.- enough to raise suspicion of being a copycat killing.  Both the FBI and fellow cops are very suspicious of Dexter, especially with his lack of emotion to the whole situation. It didn't help that Dexter said something like "I did this" when the police arrived at the murder scene. I think Dexter said that because it was his fault the Trinity killer got revenge.

Most of this episode was Dexter trying to figure out how he should act so others don't realize he is an unemotional psychopath.  We also get to see a bit too much of the boring drama unrelated to the Dexter serial killing. The boring stuff has always been a weakness of the show, but I guess you need some of that temper the good parts. This season the dull subplots are shaping up to be two different office troubled romances at the police station, Dexter looking for baysitters, and two older children being cranky grieving teenagers.

This was still a pretty good episode with Dexter committing two murders. The first was a flashback to Dexter's first date with Rita and how he managed to slip away during the date to get his victim.  The second murder was out of the ordinary for Dexter, since he did it with anger on the spur of the moment, and was not being careful about not getting caught. He didn't even know if the victim was a killer, but his behavior was so obnoxious that he must have had some felony offenses.

One last thing that viewers who missed Season 4 should be aware of: Kyle Butler. That is the
fake name Dexter used in Season 4 when he became friends with the Trinity killer and his family.  Dexter killed the Trinity killer, but everyone in his family and church has spent plenty of time with Dexter, but knows him as Kyle Butler. When the Trinity killer disappeared, so did Kyle Butler, and nobody knows where he is.

Well a big thank you to Ruben (top reader and commenter) for that one, and congratulations on being the first guest post here on the blog.  I don't know about you but after that I think Ruben ought to start a blog, what do you think?  Thanks again Ruben I'm really looking forward to episode 3 tonight.
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