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Dexter Season 5 Episode 6 Eveything Is Illumenated

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Six episodes into the 5th season of Dexter now and I'm finally getting to grips with the different characters and the roles they play.  I've done some reading up on Dexter to help bring me up to speed as I haven't seen season 1 through to 4 (I'm working on that).  I've read some blogs who say they have had enough of this show and it should be brought to a close.  I disagree with that, I maybe haven't seen the other seasons but for me this show builds up and up and just keeps getting better.  Episode 6 did not let me down with that either, so with that in mind.

What is Dexter hiding?  PEEK ABOO, man that's funny this Harrison kid cracks me up, as a toddler he is more entertaining than some of the backing cast.  He started to talk this week and as usual Harrison's development was used to turn a murderous situation into something funny.  Just as Dexter is on the way out to kill his latest victim (or not) Lance Robinson, Harrison says "BYE, BYE" of course it sound more like "DIE, DIE".  Dexter's like WHAT?.

Quinn is still on Dexter's case this week also, hoping that there must be something he can get on the psycho blood spatter expert.  Unfortunately not even Robocop can get anything on this guy.  Dexter is squeaky clean, to squeaky clean for their likings.  Quinn's character has not really interested me me at all, you think they would get someone a bit smarter on the case.  Maybe he will come up with the goods by the end of the season, who knows?

It was a pretty murderous episode this one, not only was Dexter after his latest prey but Lumen had decided she would also go and confront her tormentors.  She managed to get a shot off at Dan Mendell (guest star Sean O'Bryan), unfortunately she only managed to injure him leaving Dexter to cut his evenings entertainment with Lance short in order to clean up her mess.  This guy Dan actually had me thinking at one point that he had done nothing wrong and Lumen had the wrong guy.  I was wrong of course and that's the first time I've seen Dexter snap anyones neck .  I then think I'm sitting watching Jackass and that Party Boy or Steve O have just jumped out of Dexter's trunk wrapped in cling film.  Any one else find that funny?

This of course all leads to Dexter almost getting caught, regular reader and commenter Ruben has said Dexter has had some close calls in the past and this surely has to be one of the closest, right?  As Debra is called away from a drugs bust to a possible homicide, the one Dexter has just committed or two he has just committed in fact. That's just after Lance has leaped out of his car and almost made it to where the cops where searching, how did Dexter get away with it this time?  Masuka that's how, this guy is hilarious like I said last week.  Just as the episode is wrapping up he is giving the cops a visual description on how these two guys come to end up dead.  Dexter was quite happy with that verdict, means he has no difficult questions to answer.

And don't kids who have just learned to talk call at the most inconvenient times.  Harrison's nanny calls Dexter to let him talk some more.  YEAH "BYE, BYE" daddy just got to get rid of a couple of bodies, see you in the morning.

That leads me onto this now, last week I gave you a sneak peak that gave nothing away about season 6.  Below is the new trailer released by Showtime with a look ahead of what's to look forward to in September.

As with all my TV show reviews now people are coming here looking for information on songs they have heard during the shows, so with that in mind I'll start and give you the soundtrack info for Dexter.  This episode featured DJ Marlboro and his song Som De Preto which was played in the nightclub during the drugs bust.
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