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Monday, 25 July 2011

This is one of those State Of The Blogs posts but as everyone else calls it state of the blog I've gone with something else.  I wanted to put something out just to keep everyone up to date as to what's going on here, as always I ask that you give me your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ok first things first the template the blog currently uses will be staying this way, I like it.  It's easy to use and requires very little maintenance on my part.  Not only that but the posts are easy to read and they lay out well with both pictures and videos.  One more thing to change with the template are the buttons at the top (Movie Reviews, Movie News etc) If you read this blog often then you may have noticed that they don't work yet.  I am getting round to it and it should hopefully be rectified by the end of this week.

You also may have noticed that there was a featured video section on the right sidebar for the last week or so, that has gone now.  It looked ok I thought but the pages where taking to long to load on a feature that wasn't really required.  I may put something else there in relation to a featured artist or something, I haven't decided yet so it may well just stay the same.

Now onto the posting of articles or blogs, lately they have been getting pretty structured and I try to keep them to certain times.  As always that won't change I intend to post everyday, but what about you ask?  well below I have detailed it for you, again any suggestions on things you would like to see or not like to see are appreciated.

Monday - The Monday Movie Review

This started today and as always the movie won't necessarily be new but every Monday a movie review will be posted.  Movie reviews are quite hard to get traffic to as you can imagine, there are so many on the net but I enjoy doing it.

Tuesday - New Movie Trailers and Sirens

Two posts for you on a Tuesday and one of which is new, since removing the featured video section I thought maybe I could do a post with trailers of upcoming movies, the post will mainly be videos with a short of what the movie is and who stars.  Sirens is a TV show here in England which is massively popular and has been posted about on here for 4 weeks now.  There are only two episodes left and I will find something to put in it's place when it's finished.  (maybe it will be Dexter reviews form the previous seasons)

Wednesday - Falling Skies

As it has been for the last few weeks, Falling Skies will be reviewed every Wednesday if you don't watch it then get caught up and start leaving me some comments.

Thursday - Midweek Mix Tape

This is the post that was called Must Have Songs For Your iPod, which is popular viewing wise but does not get any comments.  So I have changed the name and will put the post out through the week keeping you up to date with all the latest music.

Friday - New Cinema Releases and The Killing

Two posts again on a Friday the first will be in the morning and notes all the new movie releases that week, the post went for a while but was a popular one for traffic so last Friday I started it again and it's up their with the most viewed of the week again.  In the evening a post will go out in relation to the Killing, the popular TV show has about 11 episodes left.

Saturday - Dexter

My favourite post and TV show at the minute, the review of Dexter will be out every Saturday, again it's quite a popular one hence I'm going to review the previous seasons through the week as and when I watch them.

Sunday - Must Have Songs For Your iPod (with a twist)

Not the regular post that's changed remember this will be in relation to a specific artist.  It starts this Sunday with the Foo Fighters. 

So that is how the post structure will work, as always if I hear something on a TV show, movies or music and feel the need to put something out about it, then I will put a post out.

The blog had it's second guest post the other day, that's something I intend to continue.  If you want to get something up here then go to the contact section and E-Mail me at the address there with your post, I'll publish it here and you will get whatever links you like in the post.

There are plenty of good shows to come.  Terra Nova and Alcatraz have been posted about here, I will be watching those and reviewing them also coming up soon is the X Factor, as I did with Britain's Got Talent I will review every show.  And Two And A Half Men returns soon with Ashton Kutcher so that should be worth a watch.

Finally, I just want to hear some thoughts on what I done with the movie review post today.  If you have read it then you will notice there is a scrolling Amazon feature with the DVD's that have been mentioned, I don't want the blog to be over promotional and put people off, so let me know does it look ok?  Or does it put you off? 
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