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Dexter Season 5 Episode 7 - Circle Us

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another week and yet another solid episode of Dexter, last week is by far the best one I had seen so this week I was expecting it to slow back down again.  Luckily that's not what happened and I think this weeks episode was every bit as good just without the laughs.

A quick recap.  Dexter is now helping Lumen find and kill her tormentors, he knows this is a  dangerous move as he always works alone and doesn't have room for another.  Dexter was also busy doing his actual job this week, problem is his job and his serial killing are starting to roll into one putting Dexter under increasing pressure not just from himself but also Quinn who has Robocop looking into him and now Lumen.

Like I've said this was a great episode with the introduction of two guest stars who are surely going to play a major part in the story line for the next few weeks.  First up was Johnny Lee Miller, you know him right?  Angelina Jolie's ex.  Johnny plays Jordan Chase a motivational speaker who has made millions from books he has published, at first he seemed a pretty decent guy willing to help police with their investigation.  Also coming into the story this week was Cole Harmon (Chris Vance) last time I saw him he was in Sonar prison with Michael Schofield, we knew from the off that this guy was up to no good, he knew Boyd Fowler and was the one organising to have the dumped bodies removed from the lake.

That move didn't exactly go to plan when his truck was hit by a drunk driver spilling the bodies of the women all over the road.  Dexter is called to the scene and instantly knows all of this could lead back to him, he needs to find out who was driving that truck and quick, the situation is not helped when Lumen turns up to the crime scene and unbeknown to Dexter she is seen by Quinn who could possibly now be thinking Dexter offed his own wife.  He is informed by Stan Liddy (Robocop) that Lumen showed up in town 2 weeks before Dexter's wife was killed and it would seem that Dexter is now shacked up with her at his former Martial home.

Dexter managed to plant some evidence in the truck of Cole Harmon, pointing police in the direction of Boyd Fowler, they of course won't find him Dexter saw to that weeks ago but at least they have something to interest them whilst Dexter Perseus both Cole and Jordan.  Dexter and Lumen got access to Cole's house which nearly ended badly for Dexter being caught from behind only to be saved by Lumen.

The Santa Muerte killer saga came to an end last night, and proved to be nothing more than a little sideline the killer or supposed killer was shot in the club this week, although his brother escaped following a gun fight with cops so maybe it'll continue a little more. One thing for the scene in the club that's two weeks in a row the "C" word has been used in the show, if that was on a normal non satellite channel here in the UK then you would probably have a few rubber healers complaining.

I'm starting to miss Harry (Dexter's dad) he has not been in the show for a couple of weeks now and his scenes with Dexter are usually brilliant, I would think with all the killing Dexter has to do in the next few weeks that he should be making an appearance soon.  Also this week Dexter's son Harrison spent most of the episode asleep, that of course didn't ruin the episode he generally just brings the light hearted entertainment along.  Masuka and Angel where quite this week to, Angel is usually pretty funny but is on his best behaviour at the minute trying to save both his job and marriage.  Harrison featured at the end of the episode when Dexter decided to introduce him to Lumen, is Dexter starting to get feelings for her? or is he simply making his life easier giving Lumen something else to think about?  I personally hope it's the first option as i don't mind seeing more of Julia Stiles hopefully her part could roll over into season 6. 

No music info for you this week either unless you want a gun shot soundtrack, one thing I've noticed the last couple of weeks the title music goes on nearly as long as a James Bond movie, not that you mind once the show starts.  Like I said twice now another great episode and I think it's only going to get better and better from here.
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