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Top TV Tonight: The Killing Channel 4

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tonight sees the two part opener to new US hit TV show The Killing, the US version of the show has been adapted from the Danish hit drama Forbrydelsen which was re vamped into English on BBC4 a while back now.

The series is set in Seattle, Washington (the second TV show based there that I've talked about today).  The story is based around the first 13 days of a police Investigation into the death of a local teenager Rosie Larsen who is found drowned in the trunk of a car.  The case is given to Detective Sarah Linden who is about to relocate to California with her son and Fiance, her plans are however put on hold as the investigation grows more and more complex.

Evidence eventually leads down a path towards Rosie's teacher Bennett Ahmed, however the police are not able to make anything stick.  Rosie's mother then talks her father into exacting revenge, he does so beating Bennett into a coma before coming to realise that he is in fact Innocent.

Leads twist and turn in what has been a massive hit in the US, and the UK audience should find it no different, I will be watching the two part opener tonight and will hopefully review it in the morning.  Not heard of it then check out the trailer below.

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