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Monday, 4 July 2011

It's time for some news on a new movie to look forward to now with the first trailer of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol coming out this week.  We are going to have to wait a while to see the finished version unfortunately as it's not released until December 26th in the UK, that's Boxing Day in case anyone was wondering and it's about time they released a good movie around Christmas as well as all the other movies they put out at that time of year.

The return of the mission Impossible series is highly anticipated and sees the return of main Character Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), and it is yet another J.J Abrams movie to look forward to this year and was also co produced by Tom Cruise as were the other movies in the franchise.

Most of the main characters are back for this one including Ving Rhames and Tom Wilkinson added into the mix this time is Jeremy Renner who plays Brandt, then you have Josh Holloway from hit TV show Lost he plays Trevor Hanaway and finally British comic come movie star Simon Pegg gets a part as Hunt's gadget guy Benji Dunn.

The plot terrorists decide to bomb the Kremlin causing the US Government to activate "Ghost Protocol".  Ethan Hunt and his Mission Impossible team are blamed for the attack and their office, the IMF is shut down.  The team are allowed to escape to work outside of their agency but are warned if anyone is to capture them then they will be charged as terrorists.  Hunt is then forced to team up with fellow IMF agent Brandt who knows more about Ethan Hunt and his past than what Hunt knows himself.

Now, I don't know what you think but that looks better than the first three movies.  It's been that long since I saw the first one all I can really remember is the big fish tank thing pouring onto the street and the other two movies, well I can remember Tom Cruise spinning 360 on a motorcycle and shooting someone to stop the Chimera virus, and then the third movie I don't remember much about that one at all other than Lawrence Fishburne was in it..

One thing is for sure this installment looks like it will be right up there with the first two movies and will no doubt be a hit worldwide.
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